Tuesday, January 26, 2021

To be HOLY is to be “set apart, distinct, different and other than.” So the very definition of HOLY tells us that we as believers in Yeshua/Jesus we can live a HOLY life pleasing to G-D. It isn’t too hard or to far from us to do or to accomplish, amen. We just have to be obedient as well as His sons and daughters of HIS KINGDOM and to follow HIS COMMANDMENTS, amen .

All HIS Commandments are necessary for us to continue this race we are running in. You cannot delete even one and expect to finish the race well, NO. We must be faithful students as well as children of the Most High
G-D of the Universe, amen. His Commandments are and we’re given to us to teach us and to show us how to Love Him and have an intimate relationship with Him in order to grow us and to bless us in our relationship with Him, amen.

They weren’t ever meant to harm us or make us feel unworthy of His love towards us but to show us our need for HIM and to guide us into a deeper relationship with Him in our walk with Him on a daily basis. When we don’t allow the Word of G -D the access to mold and change us into a new creation, we are telling G-D that HE isn’t important enough for us and that we don’t need HIM because we have it all figured out without HIM.

This displeases G-D and makes HIM sad, because HE wants to have first place in our lives in all areas, not just the places where we give HIM rule as reign, amen. G-D has told me over and over again that He is a jealous
G-D and that He is not pleased to be shared with other gods, nor will HE honor you or bless you who do it.

HE is HOLY, my friends and family, and I urge you to seek HIM and ponder what it is I have typed out here and pray about your decisions that you make in your daily lives each and every day. I so urge everyone, including myself, to re examine ourselves and see what we are doing for our KING of kings and L-RD OF l-rds this very day, and then to make the necessary changes to improve our relationship with Almighty G-D.

I know that I will be praying for you, as well as my entire family and FB family. I trust that you, as well as your families, are doing well, and that the shalom peace of G-D rest on each one of you this late afternoon/ evening, depending upon where you live in the world. Love and Prayers.

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