Saturday, February 11,2023 @ 4:05am

G-d’s Sabbath was made for you

My Sabbaths was made for you, My people/children, not the other way around, so stop your being so foolish and stubborn, and start keeping them, all of them, not just the ones that tickle your toes.

When You Reject Sabbath, You Reject G-d

My Sabbath was made for man, not the other way around, so stop pushing Me away and start accepting Me, for who I am this Holy Shabbat/Sabbath Day in your cities where you are living this beautiful day/morning, My children/people all around the world where you are living for such a time as this.

G-d and His Word are One (‘Echad)

Don’t think that I came to do away with Myself or change one iota of Myself from My Law/Commandments. Absolutely not so, My people/creation. So stop your foolishness and arbitrary ways right now before you die and go straight to hell and burn for all of eternity with satan and all of his demons/imps.

You Do Not Know as Much as You Think You Do

You think you know it all, trust Me, you surely don’t have a clue what you will be missing out on by your stupid choices you are choosing this Shabbat Day in your land where you make your home and living.

You Do Not Have a Clue About G-d’s Kingdom or G-d’s Gospel

You haven’t a clue about My Kingdom that I came to bring to you, My church /Ecclesia.  You haven’t a clue about what is My Kingdom or about My Gospel.  You say you do, but you are so very lost and so far gone, that you can’t even see it anymore. You just want what you want and don’t care about anyone else – but your stupid selves. You think you can pick and choose which parts of Scripture is for you today while the rest of it just remains closed due to your lack of knowledge of My Word for you, My so- called church of today. You lack knowledge even after reading what you think is for you today, My so-called true believers, which are so lost from knowing the truth, but you are so blind and illiterate of the book that you say you believe and is the infallible Word of G-D Himself.

You are Headed to Hell UNLESS You Change

You, My people, so definitely need a makeover, so to speak. You need to get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness from all of your adulterous ways before you take your last breath, My children, or you won’t see My face accept on Judgment Day when I will say, “I never knew you, depart from Me, you workers of iniquity.” You are lawless, uncaring people, who think and take My Grace for granted and have done wickedness in My eyes. Oh, you foolish people who think you can do whatever you like and still be one of My children. Oh, you haven’t any idea what you have done to Me, your
G-D, your El Shaddai, Your King of kings and L-RD of lords this day. You have blasphemed My name and dragged it through the dirt more times than you can count by saying.  “That you can’t help but to sin every day,” and “that G-D knows My heart and He knows what I’m going through.”

Leave Your Old Life Behind

Really people, do you think He really cares that you are struggling to give up your old life and want to continue carrying your old baggage for security?  I don’t think so. Yeshua says to follow Him. When you follow Christ Jesus, you are to leave your old life behind, not bring it along? You are to start new and afresh with the one who died for you on the cross, amen.

You Cannot Be His Disciple, if You Do Not Leave It Behind

If you aren’t ready to leave it all at the foot of the cross and follow Him wherever He leads you to go, then you aren’t worthy to be in His Kingdom, My friends and family, or as it is written in Luke, if you do not leave it all, you cannot be His disciple.

The Bible says if you aren’t willing to leave mother, father, brother, sister. etc., for Him, you aren’t material for His Kingdom here or ever. You can’t have anything or anyone coming in between you and the L-RD Jesus/Yeshua/Joshua. You must be worthy to enter His Kingdom. You must be imitators of Yeshua to be one of His disciples/emissaries. You must daily pick up your own crosses to enter into His kingdom to be His sons and daughters, amen. You must be willing to sacrifice your own lives to become one of His children, His living stones. You must crucify yourselves daily to be worthy to be called One of His children. You must daily pay the cost as He did, My family and friends. You need to stop taking for granted that you will make it up into His Kingdom by just being good and accepting everyone who doesn’t believe what you do, but who is trying hard to, but is not willing to give it their all/best.

Repent – Start Following G-d’s Torah

You have to stop making excuses why we can’t follow TORAH. Our excuses will not help us at the end of our lifetime here on this earth we know it to be. We need to be smart enough to say, “Enough,” and start doing what is right, but not in our own eyes, but in G-D’S eyes, because He is what matters when we stand before Him on Judgement Day, not our family members, not our drinking buddies or our club members or church goers who never miss a Sunday service, no none of this will matter one bit at that moment, which will be the only thing that does is your relationship with Him. Our relationship with the Father God is what will be the only thing that will count. Do we know each other or do we not? This is what will matter, My family and friends. Did we take Him seriously? Did we put Him first? Did we give Him, Our Creator, our whole hearts or did we pick and choose what we wanted from the Bible, like a buffet? I tell you today that it’s not worth going to hell for anything or anyone.

My Own Final Thoughts

I choose and I pray that you too choose to listen up and do what your Creator G-D tells you to do in His Whole Word /Scripture /Tanach. Know that He didn’t send His only begotten son, Yeshua/Jesus/Joshua, into our world to fulfill what He promised to Abraham for you or I to change His Word to say only bits and pieces apply for us today.  No, that is absolutely nonsense, ridiculous, bull-wash, blasphemy. Trust G-D’S whole Word from beginning to the end. There is no Old and New Testament, just One Holy Covenant from One Holy G-D who loves you and I so much that He sent His only begotten son back for each one of us to bring Restoration to the whole house of Israel to be His Bride, amen. It’s not hard to understand, everyone, if you would just read the beginning of the book instead of the end first. It’s not complicated, it just takes Trusting Faithfulness and Obedience to love the One who first loved us, amen. Shalom, Shalom. 5:35am.

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