“Open Your Heart, Come & Follow Me”

The following is a message God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
1:10 am

Lift up your voices and worship Me, says God Almighty   Come before Me, and dance and bow down and sing praise to Adonai your Father.  Make melodies with joyful praises and lift up your voices before the throne room of heaven and glorify your Father which is in heaven.  Cast all your cares upon Me for I know the intents and desires  and thoughts of your heart, and I say, leave them all with Me for I care for you, My child.  Remember, I am more than enough, and I have the whole world in My hand, and there isn’t anything I say that is too difficult for My Father and Myself to handle.

Children, call upon your Father for I love you and desire for you all to love Me back.  Wooing Me, daughter, is such a good, good thing for you to do.  I love it when you put Me first and not last.  This shows Me, your Adonai, your Lord, that I AM the most important thing in your life.  My love is strong for you, My daughter, and My heart is wide open upon you this morning.  Draw close to Me, and I will love you and pour out blessings that you cannot withstand.  You are great, My child and My hands are wide open and calling for you to come and dine and sit around My table and dine with Me.

Open up your heart, My child.  Come thirsty and hungry, so that I might fill you full to overflowing and running over.  I AM so blessed that you have listened to My Holy Spirit, that still small voice poking at the innermost being of your heart, drawing you, seeking after you, and making contact with you.  You are not so easily persuaded, but you have won over the evil that was coming after you and attacking you, and I AM aware of the danger you were in and am so happy and blessed that the devil, the evil one, who is trying his darndest to take you and pull you from My very hands, did not succeed.

BEWARE, BE STRONG, for your Adversary, the Devil, comes about to steal, kill, and destroy.  He comes one pick, knab, and click at a time, but they are getting worse.  He is very scared, but he is cunning in his ways.  Be on the lookout because he is trying to take you and your husband to places where you will fall and come to the end of your life, but just remember, says the Lord God of Israel, Behold, I have you in the palms of My hands and I say there is nothing that he can do that will destroy you and your husband, if you keep your eyes and heart in tune with My Holy Spirit and follow Me and trust Me with your whole hearts, mind and soul.

Follow Me always.  Never turn back, never look back, for My ways are higher than your ways, and they are so much greater than anything ever the Devil or his imps could ever possibly do with you or your family.  Trust Me, share My love with the lost and dying world.  Be My followers and spread My words and tell My people Israel that I love them with such an amazing Godly love that only God Almighty through His Ruach, His Spirit, could ever possibly do.  They are precious to Me like I have said before, more precious than silver and gold and precious jewels.

I say follow My Torah, My Scripture.  Teach all of My sayings, and follow and obey My Sabbath, and keep My Shabbat for I say unto you, until heaven and earth pass away, not one of my laws or commandments has passed away.  I call upon you to spread this word I tell you this day to the whole world, and do not leave one yodh or tittle out, for I say this with My very own words of life and breath.  I say this because I love My people Israel so very much, and I cannot and won’t let any more of My people perish for lack of understanding.

What they went through was horrific and Satan tried his hardest to wipe them away from the face of the earth, but greater am I than he that is in the world, and so My will be done as it is heaven.  I say this to you because I know and can trust you and your husband to do this for your Father which is in heaven.

Sell everything, and go and do what pleases your Heavenly Father.  Leave everything, and come be My emissaries, My disciples, My holy anointed servants, called by your Father in heaven this day for such a time as this.  Be strong in the Lord and in all His might.  Join Me, says the Lord God, and I will make you fishers of men to the nations of the world, first to the Jews and then to the Greeks.  (1:58 am, Tuesday morning)


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“I Will Take Care of You,” Says God

abandonThe following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Wed., March 9, 2016
4:28 am

Trust Me, My daughter, and know I will take care of you, says God.  I have not called you to do something for Me that I will not protect you.  I will be there with you giving you the strength and the courage to do exactly what I have sent you there to accomplish.  My time is very important, and what you and your husband have to do is also very important and critical, so don’t allow fear and doubt to cloud your mind.  Go and do what I have for you to do and then come back.  Rest assured that you will be called upon to do another great and marvelous work for Me and My kingdom.  Do not be afraid, My child, and speak, for great is the Lord and greatly I AM to be praised.  (4:36 am)


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“Prepare: I AM Coming Back Very Soon” (Part 2)

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Sat., March 7, 2016
12:41 am

The Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, and all the world shall behold Him.  Look up, My beloved children of the Most High God, and let Me tell you of all the things I have yet to do before that great day happens.  For My glory will outshine the sun and my Righteousness will be poured out among the nations.

Arise, My beloved ones, and seek Me and know Me like never before because I come quickly, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.  I delight in the worship of My people and that is so very important to Me, says God Almighty.  Bow down to Me, sing praises to the Most High God, for where your praises ring out, there I shall be in your midst and I will meet you there, for I am a Holy God, and I cannot dwell or live among that of unholy vessels.  My children rise up and sing praises in the courts and shout out loud and play and sing and dance before Me with gladness of heart.

Know Me and let Me bless you and show you great things that only I can do.  Come before Me, My beloved Bride, and bring your light sticks and candles with you, so that your path will be lit for My long-awaited coming.  I know that you have been waiting for a very long time, but the day has been shortened, and it won’t be for much longer.  Hold tight, My beloved ones, I love you so much.  The road is narrow in which you will find My day approaching, so be very conscious and alert.  There will be many who will lose hope and follow the wide road that leads to death.  Don’t let that road be for you, for that road is a very popular road/path and will not be the choice you want to make, for it leads to destruction and doom, My children.

Prepare yourselves.  Tell My children, My creation, to seek Me and search til they find My light of knowing what is right and true because Hell is real, and so is the brimstone that will burn for all of eternity.  Shape up and take My words seriously, My people, don’t think that I have just wrote stories for a good book.  They are real and Hell wasn’t originally made for My creation but for Satan and his demons alone, but then the fall of man happened, and there was nothing more I could do because of the free will/ choice My Father and I gave to our creation.

We did give them a way of escape, but man still does have free choice, whether or not to believe in My Son, Yeshua/Jesus, and so such of you are so stubborn and stiff-necked, and don’t want to believe what My very words in My Torah say, you would rather die in your sins than to trust in the only One who can bring and give to you eternal life.  I wish that all of you would believe in the one and only Son of the Father, but I know it won’t happen, because some of you just want to be your own gods and live life to the fullness, and seek and gain all sorts of riches in this world and could care less about storing up for yourselves riches into your eternal home in heaven with your Heavenly Father and Me/Jesus/Yeshua.  I AM the resurrection and the life, he who comes to Me shall live and abide with Me and My Father forever.

Forever, My child, is forever, and it means just what it says.  Don’t worry or fret about what you do not know, My dear beloved ones.  Just trust and obey everything in the Torah that I have spoken and told you through My prophets and apostles.  My Word is truth, and My ways have been thoroughly talked about.  Don’t let people plant wrong ideas into your head and make you doubt.  That is Satan trying to deceive as many as he can before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.  I love you.  Keep moving forward and don’t look back, for straight and narrow is the way to heaven, and wide and broad to the paths of gloom and destruction with fire and brimstone.  Choose life over death, My children, and I am coming back for a church and a Bride without spot or blemish.  Amen.  (1:15 am)

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“Prepare: I AM Coming Back Very Soon” (Part 1)

Wed., March 3, 2016
4:14 am

I have called you out and chosen you for such a time as this, says the Lord.  I am preparing you and Chris, and am sending you to go and tell My people the good news about Me and My Torah.  I know you say, they are one and the same, and you would be right.  I say this because I have not changed My mind.  I am coming back for a people who are looking for Me, says the Lord.  I am the Only begotten Son of My Father, and He loves Me, and He also loves each one of you and doesn’t want for any of you to fall to the wayside and be left behind.  Turn your hearts to Me, and follow and seek after Me and My righteousness because that is when you will find Me, says the Lord God.  I seek for a people that will love Me and live for Me with their whole heart, and not have to be told what to do or how to do it.

For I am a Jealous God, and I choose to be served by you as you call out to Me for daily help and survival.  You ask Me for things on a regular basis like I’m some genie in a bottle at your beckoning call.  I don’t mind you asking Me for things as long as you are doing what My Torah, My very Word, is telling and showing you what to do.  The problem is most of you are just “naming it and claiming it,” and that blanks Me off, and I am fed up to the top with all of you, to tell you the truth.  Just follow Me and you will not fall to the wayside or curb, and you will find My gift of everlasting life and the fountain that will never run dry, says the Lord God Almighty.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  If anyone or any man seek and follows after Me, he will find it and will not be left in this world when I return for My Bride.  I love each and every one of you.  Don’t fret and don’t worry if you’re going to be left behind for others, says the Lord God Almighty.  You are My children, if you hear My voice and obey and seek after My righteousness and hold tightly to My Torah, My commandments.  So choose life today, and don’t forget anything that is written in My Holy Book.  Yes, My Sabbath is one of My holy days that I have set up from the very beginning, and how dare anyone of you to throw it to the curb because you think it isn’t important any longer.  How foolish some of you are today and have been for such a long time.

My dying on the cross didn’t do away with My Torah or any of the things you so think that it did.  I came to bring you life and life more abundantly.  I did this so you could have a place and a home with Me and My Father for all of eternity because We love you so very much and want for you and your families to have a relationship with Us.  I made a promise with your father, Abraham, when I walked through the pieces while I put him in a deep sleep, and I kept My end of the bargain.  Like I keep all of My promises to a thousand generations.  I took care of the sin issues on the cross.  I did not do away with My very own words I spoke at the very beginning of creation which was and is Myself, and I didn’t do away with the words I spoke to Mosheh up on the mountain top and had written on the tablets of stone with My very own finger.  How stupid such nonsense you people have become.

I am running out of patience with you all.  I need for you and your husband to tell My people what I am sharing with you all here today that I have not changed.  I am the same today as I was over 2,000 years ago and longer, and I will continue to be the same loving God, quickening each and every one, up until the very end of days when I will return to catch My Bride away and receive her unto Myself, as I had planned from before time.

I love My Bride, and My Bride loves and woos Me back and is not ashamed of Me or My Father, which has sent Me.  My very Holy Spirit is the One who is quickening you and who is wooing after you to wake you up and to chat with Me.  This same Holy Spirit is why I left My disciples to go back with My Father in heaven, so that we could still have a relationship one with another.  My Holy Spirit makes it possible for Me to be everywhere with you and all of My Bride, and have communication with each of you at the very same time.

My Father and I are here and present for all of you, and we love our creation, but we see so much ugliness, like we had seen in Sodom and Gomorrah and in the time of Noah.  We are hurt by all of this filth and destruction, and We are counting on all of you to make the right choices and tell our creation that I AM is coming back very soon, and to get their hearts and lives prepared for the Great Day of our Return.

I love each of you, My children/people.  Don’t stumble and don’t fall away because of the bad that is happening and going to happen.  Just stay calm and let My Shalom Peace rest upon each of you for in so doing, you will reap a harvest of life everlasting with Me and My Father in heaven for all of eternity.

I AM the resurrection and the life, all those who seek and run after Me will find Me and find joy everlasting and a River of Living Water that will never run dry.  You are My beloved children, keep doing what pleases My Father, and you will see greater things than you ever thought were possible.  I have everything waiting for you that you would ever dream possible and so very much more than your tiny little minds can fathom.  I don’t say this to be mean, says the Lord, but your minds really don’t know what is really important because you have limited capabilities right now.  Once again, I say keep strong and stand tall, for behold I come more quickly than you can even think or can understand right now. (4:53 am)


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“Follow Me, Live Out My Torah” (Part 2)

Wed., March 2, 2016
3:16 am

Cast all your cares upon Me, and I will take care of you, My daughter of the Torah.  I love you so very much.  I long for our talks with one another.  You are not wooing Me back.  You are falling back into your old ways.  I love you, My daughter, and I need for you to open up your heart to Me and allow for Me to bless you with a blessing that will surpass all that you have ever encountered before.  I know that you have been encountering some things that are not pleasant, but hold fast to Me and I will take care of you, but you need to keep your faith strong.

You are going to have to buckle down and keep trusting Me, and not fall apart when hard times arise.  You are going through trials to build you up and to see what you are made of.  Don’t falter and don’t sway, because greater am I that is in you than He that is in the world.  The devil comes but for to steal, kill and to destroy, but I come to bring and to give you life and life more abundantly, says God Almighty.  Don’t feel depressed and don’t get down on yourself, you are My child, and I love you so very much, and I will take care of you, says God. You are not ever alone.  I will and am always taking care of you for you are precious to Me, and I will never leave you alone.  How much more valuable you are to Me.  If I take care of the sparrows and cares whether one of them falls to the ground, how much more will I keep you in the palms of My hand?

Don’t worry about what people will say or do unto you.  Just know that you are important to Me, and I have big plans for you so get on board and let Me take you and your husband on a trip/ride of your lives.  I know you keep asking how, and I keep telling you to trust Me and leave it in My hands because I hold the whole world in My hands, says the Lord God of Israel.  Why do you not trust Me?  Why do you keep limiting Me?  I know you don’t understand the multitudes of what I am asking of you, but that’s okay.  In My timing, you will see what and how I will work this all out for you.  It doesn’t make sense to you right now, but keep believing Me, keep preparing and keep your eyes focused on Me, says the Lord God, and I will bring to pass all that I have told you before.

Know that you are wise and you are strong, and just remember that I need for you to pray and woo after Me like never before.  Times won’t be getting any better, My child.  You will need to stop procrastinating and start to proceed with what I have taught you to do.  Life isn’t getting any better but will just progress to getting worse.  Trust Me, get My Words down in your heart and do it fast.  I love you, My child, My children, of the Most High God.  I am not playing around.  I mean business and I need for you to mean business too.  I need for you to spread My Words like never before.  Behold, I come quickly, and many are out there that are lost to Me, and if not told of Me will never know what a Good, Good Father I am.

My heart longs for them like never before.  Don’t get Me wrong.  I have always loved My creation, but the time is almost here, and I know that their hearts are far from Me, and I want for them to hear about Me from you and your husband.  Tell Me that I can trust you to be obedient, My children.  You can do this.  I have total faith in you both.  Don’t doubt yourselves.  Believe that I am with you and that I will never leave you alone.  I come quickly, says the Lord, and many that say that they are mine will be turned away because of their misconceptions of Me and My Torah.  Keep following Me and keep following My Torah.  Keep My words and follow them because they are life and breath to those that do.

I have not come to demolish any one of My sayings in the Torah.  They are Me.  Why would I destroy Myself?  That is nonsense.  They have Me so confused.  They don’t have ears to hear or eyes to see because they are blinded by their own foolishness.  If they would only pray to Me and ask Me to give them wisdom to know what is right and true and lasting and to have good judgment and self-control, I would be so happy to give them the understanding so that none should perish but have everlasting life.  The problem is that they are too much into themselves and what they can gain from Me to see the error of their ways.  They are too much into this for what they can gain “the grab and go” message that they have become so blinded and cannot see where they have gone astray.  In the meantime, they are leading millions away from Me and My heart aches.  I have given each and every one free choice to decide what they want to believe, so this is out of My hands.

Pray hard, My children, that their eyes may be open to this false doctrine of man, so that they won’t miss out on the best of eternity with Me and My Father in heaven.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken their hearts and come to them quickly because the time is just about here.  I love you, stay faithful and obey like never before.  You did well in waking up and wooing after Me, says God.  I am always right with you.  Trust Me, even when you do not feel or sense My Presence in your life.  These are only tests to prove your love for Me.  Grow, My daughter, and stay faithful, and you will live to see marvelous things I have stored up for you in My plans for your life.  Silver and gold you might not have, but such as I have give I thee in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get up and walk.

Thank you, Father, for our visit this morning.  I’m sorry I broke My promise to you.  Please forgive me, Lord.  I repent and will do better in Your Son, Yeshua’s/Jesus’ name, Amen.  I love You, my Lord.  Your daughter of the Torah, Karen. (4:08 am)


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“Follow Me, Live Out My Torah” (Part 1)

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Thursday, February 11, 2016

God is urging me to stand up and to stand tall, for this is the time and this is the hour that God is trying to get His people saved and into His Kingdom.  He needs us, He needs me, to open up our hearts and love them and tell them that His Torah, His commandments, are still just as important today as they were at the time which He spoke them to Mosheh/Moses on top of Mt. Sinai.  He is telling me what He has told me is still just as important as what He is telling me NOW but even more so.

God says, “Get up, stop sitting and wasting time.  The simple things don’t matter; it’s the big stuff I care about.  It is My Torah and My commandments, which a lot of folks are trying so hard to do away with.  They are blinded by Satan, so that they won’t see what I have for them.  Because as soon as the blinders come off My people’s eyes, they will come running back to Me, seeking My face like never before.  First, though, they have to have something that they are going to get from you, My daughter and My son.  They are going to get their love for the Torah from you because I have put that desire into you and into Chris, your husband.

I am taking you from your comfort zone and placing you where My people can see you and see what I have told you to do.  I want for you to live out My Torah, My commandments, before them.  I want for you to tell them not another message, but the same one as before when I have woken you up for such a time as this.  Do not be afraid that your tongue will get tied and that you will not be able to communicate with them.  That is the Deceiver, Satan, and all His imps trying to keep you from carrying out My words to My chosen people, Israel.  I tell you the truth, My words do not, and will not, be destroyed by people who do not covet My Torah, which gave them life everlasting through believing in Yeshua/Jesus My Son.

I am sick and tired of the church today and all of these TV evangelists who spread such lies about Me, says God.  They take My Word and use it to benefit their pockets, and it will benefit and prosper them for a time, but there is coming a day that this will be a BIG eye opener for many millions.

This is serious stuff teaching My people, My chosen ones, Jew and Gentile alike, who have accepted My Torah, My commandments, and have held on to all of My statutes and do what My Word from the beginning of creation has said when I spoke the world into reality.  I created Adam from the dust of the ground, and from Adam I brought forth Eve, which was already a part of him.  He said, “Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh,” because she was already there with him, but not in the way other creatures were  They had a partner they could gaze at and be with.

I know this is a lot to behold, and I know you have a good head on your shoulders and trust in your husband to help give you advice when you feel others are trying to persuade you with other doctrines.  Through one man, Adam, sin came into the world, and through one man’s, Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah’s, death, took all sin away from the world, so that people might believe and have eternal life with Him in His kingdom forever and ever, Amen.   You all started with Adam, and you will finish with Yeshua/Jesus, My Son, My One and Only Begotten Son, who was, who is, and who shall always be, says God Almighty.

Know Me, says God, it’s all you need, and ever will need, as long as you keep My words, My commandments, and My love for you at the center parts of your hearts.  Don’t sway or doubt or become double-minded because that is what the Enemy and his imps want for you to do.  Keep your eyes center and front on Me, says God Almighty.  Trust Me, obey Me, and follow everything I have said in the past writings.  Read them over and over again, and memorize what I’ve told you about how difficult and hard it will be, but take hold of My unfailing hands and look to Me like the eagles, and you will see My salvation come to pass for My people Israel and all the children of the world who have put their hope and trust in Me, says God.  Amen.  (1:22 am, Thursday morning)


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“Seek Me, Follow Me, Trust Me”

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Sat., Nov. 28, 2015
4:17 am

Forgive, says your Lord God, or else I will choose to not forgive you.  Obey Me, and I will bless you.  Choose not to obey Me, then curses shall come upon you and your household.  Why do you choose to be so stubborn and childish?  Why would you rather choose to be foolish than to be blessed by your Father in heaven?  Hogwash, you say, you love Me, but you act like the devil and live in disobedience.  Come to Me, and I will lift you up high among the clouds, and we will soar like the eagles in peace and in harmony, says God Almighty.  Trust Me, I know what I am talking about; I cannot lie.

You are My beloved child, My children.  Come unto Me and rest, and I will fill you with My joy that shall never run out, says the Lord.  I have all that you shall ever need or want for.  For My Father and I are the ones who provided it for you to have.  You have not because you haven’t asked, so ask, and it shall overflow in your life and into everyone around you, says God Almighty, your King and your Savior.  Trust Me, Know that I have come to give all My children everlasting life.  All that is required is that they humble themselves, and ask the One who created them, and My Father and I would love to give them our Free Gift.

We love to give our children good gifts.  We also will fill you with our Holy Spirit for the asking too.  He is not hard to find.  You just have to seek and wait, and then obey and trust that your loving Father in heaven will not give you a stone, but a good gift of the Holy Spirit, who will help you and guide you into all truth and knowledge.  The Holy Spirit is not weird or spooky, but He is a gentleman and won’t force Himself on you if you don’t want Him.  I left My disciples, so that He could come upon you and come in you too be your Helper whenever that you need Him to be.  He comes to bring to your mind all the things you need to remember when you can’t recall it yourself.

But remember, you have to be reading My Manual, the Torah/Scriptures, and studying it too, says God, because this is the one clause that is necessary for My Holy Spirit to have.  He will be your Helper, not your genie in a bottle.  You have to do your part and then He will do His part, says your loving Heavenly Father, and King of Kings and Lord of Lords, your El Shaddai, Yeshua Himself.   Come on, don’t be lazy people and want everyone, including God Almighty, to do everything for you.

This wasn’t the relationship that was on My mind when I created the world and then you, My people.  I had such a dream that would literally blow your minds away, but then sin came to this world and everything changed.  I love you.  Come before Me with thanksgiving and with praise.  Know Me, says God, and you will find that there is nothing too difficult for My Father and I to do or perform in your life.  It’s all about the obedience and the trust.  Love Me and you will keep My commandments and My Torah.  Follow Me, says God, and all these things that I and My Father promised you in the Manual, the Torah/Scriptures, will come to pass, and you shall have them all.

Just seek Me, follow Me, trust Me, obey Me, for they that do find that what I have said is not too difficult to do.  They have been put there for a purpose, a reason for you to do.  Trust Me and My Father God, for we both have your best interest at heart.  Allow and accept our gift of the Holy Spirit because We all three work together.  Without the Holy Spirit in you, We cannot work to make you like Ourselves.  We need to all be one as We are, so walk in the light as We are in the light, and we will be one together, My children.  Go now and rest in Me, and we shall become friends like so many people sing about.  I love you so much, God.  (8:34 am)


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Sounding Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ