God’s Call for Intimacy

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Mon., September 21, 2015

My people, I love you.  Sing praises and make harmony among yourselves.  Lift up your voices and praise Me for I desire the praises of My people.  Glorify Me, and I will glorify you before My Father in heaven.  Come before Me, adore Me.  I desire for a people to praise Me and to love Me.  Pour out your heart before Me and give to Me the praise that I so desire.  Spread out your hands and I will bless you and give you the desire of your heart, but first seek Me with all your heart, and keep My statutes and commandments, for they are the very heart and breath of God.  I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.  I cry out to you because I love you and want for My Bride to love Me and woo Me back.

This is the relationship that I wanted from the very beginning of time in the garden.  Don’t look unto yourself for satisfaction, but unto Me because I am the One who can place all peace into your hearts.  I say again, love Me, not just any kind of love, but the kind of love that sticks closer than a brother, the kind of love that doesn’t give up and vanishes at the sight of trouble or conflict.  Draw close to Me, My children, because I am your God and that’s how I love you.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Press on unto Me, and come before My Presence with thanksgiving, and I will meet you there.  Bow before Me, and take off your shoes because the ground where you stand is Holy Ground, says the Lord.  For only those who come to Me with a pure heart and open hands will I receive.

I am coming soon.  Watch and be alert for My coming, so that none of you will be left to face the world to come.  Amen, says the Lord God.

Seek Me early and you will find Me.  Arise out of your slumber, and I will give you the peace that surpasses all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  When you know Me, you will know what true wisdom is.  True wisdom is to know what is truly right and lasting.  You will have good judgment and common sense won’t be far from you but right there for you to see.  Reach out, My children.  I say again and give to Me your time and make Me to be the King of your heart, mind and soul.  Raise My flag over your heart and cover yourself in My love, and there you will find rest and joy unspeakable and full of glory to the uttermost, where it is flowing over like a river.  Peace I give unto you, like nothing you have ever seen before.  I am Peace.  You can never get too much of Me to where you can’t draw from Me anymore.  I am the River of Life.  Come to Me and you’ll never thirst again.  Eat of Me for I am the Living Bread which came down from My Father in heaven.  I was the manna in the wilderness.  I was the water that flowed from the rock.

Trust Me, obey Me, and you will see Me in My fullness and glory.  Oh, children of the Most High God, just taste of Me and you will see that I am good, and I seek for you to have a relationship with Me.  Be faithful to Me and obey that which I told your Fathers before you, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  I keep My Word which are My promises to a thousand generations.  I cannot lie.


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To the Women at Dry Gulch

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Sat., September 12, 2015
Morning Service

You are beautiful, My children.  I love you, My people.  Trust Me tonight; open your hearts to Me.  Know that I am God, and that I love you with a mighty love.  You are not forgotten.  You are on My heart, My children.  You are all so lovely and precious to Me.  Never forget My love, My daughters.  You are all My daughters, so trust Me.  I know you love Me, so put your trust in Me and be not afraid.  You are My delight and I have you in the palms of My hands.  You are more precious to Me than silver and gold.  Trust Me and know that I believe you are beautiful and precious, dear daughters, to Me.  Seek Me and you will find Me, and you will find rest.  Remember, I love you.  Run after Me with arms open wide.  I am here just waiting for you, My children, with the Lord God Almighty.


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God’s Healing Rest

God is still able to perform miracles today as he did back 2000 years ago when he walked among his disciples. This God I’m talking about is no respecter of persons. What He did for them He will also do for you and I. It’s a matter of trust and obedience to the one who created us. It’s a matter of believing and receiving that God is big enough and strong enough to handle all of our life difficulties and struggles. Last night I went to bed feeling mighty alone and wore out. Wondering what have I done to have caused such a feeling to arise up within me in such a small amount of time. So I prayed and sought God, and He responded with such love and mercy that it brought me to tears. He said, “Child of my Torah, you have done nothing wrong. You have just been going through another test and trial. I haven’t forsaken you like you have believed but have just been letting you love me on your own while I have stepped back and let you grow up and mature in my Word.”

The biggest point that I have received this morning from my daily talk with Yeshua/Jesus is that if we want to continually hear God’s voice clearly and understand His Word that He is telling His people, we need to not only read and study, but we also need to get plenty of rest and sleep to have our brains function properly to keep the lines of communication open and working. Our brains are no different than any other organ in our body.  If we neglect to take care of it,  it will soon start to fall apart and need some help.  All of our organs need to be working and functioning in order for us to be able to do God’s work . We can’t just expect for God to do a miracle every time something in our lives fall apart and break down.  He could but God is Sovereign and has given us a brain, and with that brain, He expects for us to use it.  LOL, God isn’t our genie in a bottle when things go bad. We say a little pray and wham there it is. You go and say a quick prayer and “abracadabra,” here you go child of God. Yes sometimes we get a quick manifestation, but it usually doesn’t happen or work that way.

When I realized that my emotions were starting to get the best of me, I quickly started to contemplate why and then I heard that still small voice once again saying, “What have you stopped doing that you were doing,” and quickly I ponder on that voice and suddenly I felt the presence of Yeshua/Jesus rest on me and said, “I’ve missed your early visits with me daughter.”  I remembered the Holy Spirit telling me that He would meet with me anywhere I wanted to meet with Him,  so I did exactly what I remembered to do,  and yes,  God is a gentleman and He always keeps His promises. So this morning after getting a good night’s rest and doing what I had remembered to do, God’s Holy Spirit met with me with comforting words of encouragement and reassurance that I had not done anything wrong, and He told me to keep following after HIs Torah and to not stray off the straight and narrow road. Too much of the world takes us on a path that leads to destructive behaviors and makes sin look pleasing to the eyes. What this spoke to me was that God is a God of love and He is looking and desiring for his children to woo after Him and imitate Him and to seek Him as He seeks after us.

God is a very jealous God and He does not take lightly to us having or putting anything before Him in our lives. We sometimes don’t think we do but He sees otherwise. It desperately breaks HIs heart when we don’t walk in the light that He has shown us to walk in.  Thank you Yeshua/Jesus for not doing away with your Torah but giving us a new understanding on how much you really do love each one of us. The problem is that not everyone is as willing as the next person and that makes you sad. Lord,  help us prepare our hearts and our lives to respond to your Holy Spirit to where we are willing to be active vessels used by you, Father God.  We need to choose you, Lord, each and every day of our lives, so that when we reach for the hem of your garment, we will be able to receive the healing you have for us.  Help us, Lord, to never forget how much you have taught us and to never give up on how important it is to seek you in our own secret place in our homes or wherever we make our abode. Thanks, Abba Father, for giving us your son Yeshua/Jesus to bring us eternal life for such a time as this.  I appreciate your kindness and your mercy, Lord Jesus, and I just want to thank you for your ultimate gift of your Son, Yeshua our Messiah.

Father, you give each and everyone the same opportunity to receive your love, grace, and mercy given by Yeshua/Jesus to become a son or daughter of your Torah. Yeshua/Jesus is the Living breathing Torah and everyone who comes thirsty and hungry is able to drink from your living well that never shall run dry.  Let’s all seek and find that living water today so that we may start this new year off right.  There isn’t a better gift you can give yourself or anyone else this year.  Jesus Christ is the ultimate gift that keeps giving.  He is always with us and never ever leaves us, nor forsakes us. Even when times get rough and our edges become ruffled, God is still there and listening to us. We need to keep our eyes and ears in tune with the small still voice of the Holy Spirit whispering in our ears, “Draw close to me and I will make you fishers of men. Child, don’t give up.  Time is but a vapor, and I am coming soon.  I love you, Amen.”


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My Old Life Ends – My New Life Begins


I just would like to give an open invitation to anyone who is looking for a home church. You might try The Rock Assembly of God in Oklahoma City, OK. If you are having any kind of problems in your life where you feel there is no way out, you feel like there isn’t any hope or life left .You’re feeling like your bones/ flesh have dried up. Where you’ve tried everything you possibly thought you could do on your own efforts, without any relief or results.

My Testimony

I’ve been there. Heard a very heartfelt message one day last Dec/Jan. Where are pastor Darrell Sanderlin was preaching about how there are many people in the church today just living on their past memories and warming the pews, to put their time in for the week. I began to ponder this and said wouldn’t that be nice, to be able to have memories to fall back onto. But, sad to say that wasn’t me. I had been through so much in my 52 years of life that I felt so hopeless, tired from everything life had thrown my way and at the times I just didn’t have another ounce of fight left in me. I contemplated things now that I’m not proud to admit but through God’s grace, God’s love and mercy. He brought people from right inside my church family to finally listen and take the time to pray with me.

At first I refused the help because I felt they didn’t mean it they were just trying to blow me off like everyone else had done. I found out that God was actually doing a new thing in our church body and that I could trust and allow myself to open up and give it another shot. They started talking with me like I was somebody special and worth their time. This has not ever happened to me in this way before. People have tried to make attempts but I never felt them to be the real deal, so I would shut down. I don’t blame anyone or hold any resentment or bitterness towards anyone that knows me from there, or any church that I’ve attended over the years, that brought me to this place in my life. I wasn’t the same person that I am today by a long shot. I tried to stay as far away from people that I could so they wouldn’t get to know me so that I wouldn’t have to speak. Yes there were times that I would open up and share but felt that I wasn’t special enough or strong enough to hold a conversation worth having with anyone. I know this was just the enemy trying to keep me bound by his chains and shackles of bondage and legalism but I really believed I had nothing valuable to share that anybody would want to hear.

The reason for sharing this today is to not draw attention to myself but to the One Man who changed everything for me and to me. His name is, JESUS CHRIST the SON of GOD. He came to my bedroom one night/morning and answered my life long prayer and when I surrender my life totally 100% . After, I had asked my husband a very important question. What is wrong with me. His response was , what I perceive God to be telling me throughout our almost 34 years together, is this…I believe that you are a Kinetic Learner. It was like a light bulb went off in my head and then it all made sense. I wasn’t crazy, I wasn’t stupid, I wasn’t losing my mind. At that moment, with much prayer, fasting and trusting/obedience. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit all over me and also felt the hand of GOD slap me right in my frontal lobe of my forehead. It was like fire resting and burning all at the same time. It didn’t hurt like pain where you want to take medicine for. It was totally different. I knew what God was doing because He told me. Since that visit in my bed, back in Jan/Feb I haven’t been the same. I am forever changed by God’s love and mercy. I know a man named Jesus Christ who can and meet each and everyone of these life threatening issues, that I have listed and posted. I could list more, but I feel you get the point at least for now.

God’s Desire

God wants all of His people Jew and Gentile to be one as He and His Father in heaven are one. God doesn’t want there to be division in His body of believers. God’s heart is breaking for His children to come into relationship with Him and to start becoming more involved in the part of wooing after Him . God loves it when His children woo after Him and draw nigh unto Him and seek/humble themselves in worship and adoration before the very throne room of God. God loves it when we focus all of our attention on him who created the Heavens and the Earth .

In the beginning of Genesis, God himself spoke the very world as we see it into existence and each and every word is the very life and breath of Yeshua/Jesus himself. Yeshua/Jesus is the living breathing Word of God. The Word says, ”if you have seen me you have seen my Father which is in Heaven , because I came from Him.” Jesus said, “ I AM the living bread sent down from Heaven. Drink of Me and I will make you never thirst again.” What an amazing Heavenly Father we have that loves us this much. God, wants and desires to give us all good gifts from above. God’s desire and heart is that all HIs children ask and seek Him for all His gifts of the Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit too. God says to seek all his gifts for they are ALL good and come from above. There is still so much that has been left out, but I trust you will all see my heart and what I am trying to share with each one of you today.

My Change of Heart

I never in a million years ever wanted to be a pastor’s wife and I had told my sweetheart from the very beginning even before we made Covenant with each other with the giving of rings to show our love for one another. I also made him promise to allow me to have 10 children. Why 10 just thought that was a good number that I could keep track of my both my hands, lol Well if you include my grandchildren I’m almost there. We have 4 beautiful children and 5 beautiful grandchildren as of today. So I still have 3 children who haven’t blessed us with any yet but life is just beginning and I’m still believe that there isn’t anything too difficult for my Great Big GOD to do.

Our Goodbye Today

Today, while at the Rock Assembly of God, our Pastor Darrell Sanderlin allowed us to speak to the congregation for a short brief moment to tell them what God was doing and calling us into. My husband, Chris Verschage shared how God has called us to go to Israel and because of that we were gonna be leaving the church but wanted to do it the right way. We wanted to tell everyone how much they meant to us and to our family. Being part of the Rock for little over 10 years is big for us. We hadn’t been anywhere this long ever in our marriage. We are leaving because we perceive to know and understand that God has called us to go to Israel to tell HIs people and the Nations of the World that He Loves them and hasn’t changed His mind about the Commandments/Torah. Also God wants for us to tell them that He is coming back for His bride who will be spotless and blemish free. One who seeks after Righteousness as well as Holiness. He created you and I so He isn’t finished working in us either. Remember it’s not how we start that matters, but how we finish our RACE that counts. Yes both are important but the latter one means everything.

My Question

Who is with me and wants to hear our Father in Heaven say, well done my good and faithful servants come into the presence of my Father and rule and reign Forever and Ever, Amen.


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