Wednesday, November 18, 2020 @ 6 am.


I’m dreaming and I’m in a hospital, and it is really quiet and empty from what I can see.  Chris and Abby are with me, and I’m hooked up to an IV.  There is this nurse that is telling me that she has to take me out of the hall where she got my IV in, and she says that they will have to leave me by myself because they are not allowed to go behind the doors with me. 

I immediately said that its not going to happen, and that I will remove the IV if they don’t stay with me.  She isn’t happy but neither am I at this point.  She finally tells us all to go behind this door and to wait.  When we do, it is very dark and there is this bed to the left, and so we all sit down on it.  There is a blanket, and I’m so cold that Chris wraps it around me since the gown they gave me to put on was not keeping me warm.  As we were sitting there, Abby asked her dad what was all the tubes and tunnels for, and he said for quick sending of the various testings.  I see in the  distance some people coming out of a door to the right, and I hear them whispering something, and then I wake up to the Holy Spirit saying this.  



STOP your testing and know that I am your L-RD G-D who has saved you and has redeemed you from the curse of the law  that has trapped you and had put you into bondage of slavery, just like the Egyptians had put My people Israel into slavery for 215 years so long ago.  This law of bondage is the law of sin and death, My people. 


My chosen ones who keep saying that you are Mine, but keep choosing to say that My Law, which is Me, “has been done away with when I said that it was finished on My Cross, and that the veil that was torn from top to bottom was evidence and proof of this is to be true.”  NONE of this is true, My CHURCH, My BRIDE ISRAEL, NOT TRUE at all. How ludicrous all of this is to say that My Father had Me, His Son, die just so that He could discontinue all that I am for naught/nothing.  To rid Himself from what make Him Holy, Pure and Righteous. 

Absolutely nonsense in a nut shell.  Yes, I said it, you are a bunch of nuts walking around acting like you have it all figured out, but you are nothing more than just crazy lunatics, like people today wearing masks and camouflaging what is really going on behind the scenes, like in your dream where you were in the dark behind the scenes like they put you and your family all alone to mask what they were really planning on doing to you once you have been separated. 


People, wise up, and start making yourselves some of your high condensed coffee that will “put some hair on your chest,” like your father used to say growing up, because times as you have known them to be are over and not coming back anytime soon as you think it is.  People are going to go crazy and become even more afraid, and then fear is going to Master them because I am not their Savior, L-RD/ Master, and I am sure not their KING. 


I too was just a cover up for them to persuade, and try to convince them as well as others, that what they were and still are doing is right, but it is most certainly NOT right, but SIN and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS/ LAWLESSNESS downright to the T.  There is no hiding it any longer, so people stop living your life in lies any longer because I see right through them, for I am G-D Almighty, King of Kings and L-RD of L-rds, today and everyday.  

STOP these lies you’re telling yourselves, that you’re okay and that I, 
G-D, no longer see your sins but only Jesus’ blood that washes over all the bad that you’re continuing to do since you supposedly gave your heart to Me over a decade or so before, or even just yesterday and just can’t help yourselves. 

Hogwash, My friends, if I can even call you that still.  My reason for leaving you all was so My Helper, the Holy Spirit, would come back and fill you up and give you this power to empower you and to give you the power needed to defeat all the power of the enemy, satan, that would be targeted at you to condemn you to hell where he is soon going for his unfaithfulness to Me and My Father in Heaven.  


I am the Good Shepherd and I love all My dear sheep/lambs, and I pray that they in return will love Me back with such love as a husband loves his new bride and a mother her new born child.  How I long for the day that We will all be together once again reunited in such glorious measures that no one would be able to describe with their natural abilities, unless you have seen it first hand as I have Yeshua/ Jesus. 

Come to Me, Run to Me your El Shaddai, your King of kings and L-RD of L-rds this day, and we will create a relationship that will last for an Eternity, and forever and forever, amen. @6:44 am. 


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