Tuesday, September 1, 2020 @ 12:44 pm.

Heavenly Father,

Our All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Holy, Awesome G-D of the Universe here today, I come before You.  I want to humbly lift up each and everyone of my family members and friends here on FaceBook watching and listening to me this early afternoon.  Lord, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ our Messiah (Yeshua HaMashiach) asking You to heal, restore, strengthen Your people, L-rd, who love You and desire to serve You with their whole entire souls/beings.  L-RD, You know how hard and difficult life has been for people lately, and You see and hear all of the craziness that our world we live in has gotten and become.

L-RD, people are needing to have answers to the questions of why this and why that is happening, and I keep hearing You say to trust You and to be obedient to You, and to Your Holy Word/ Scriptures/Tanakh.  I hear You,
L-RD, telling us Your creation, children, people of all tribes, nations here this day to REPENT and to do our first works over, and to cleanse ourselves and to make ourselves pure and holy before You, our Righteous, Holy, Omnipotent G-D, who was and who is and is to come, and who has created all things for our pleasure.

I thank You, Heavenly Father, G-D, for giving us Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus, as our Savior/Redeemer.  I thank You for hearing us, for healing us, and for  showing us Your faithfulness as we show You our faithfulness, and as we trust You and obey You by keeping and applying Your Word and Instructions to our daily lives here where we sit and stand in Your Presence here this day.  L-RD, we humble ourselves before You, while seeking Your face, Your grace and Your mercy because we need You and know that You are good, holy and righteous and true.

L-RD, Your Truth is everlasting, and Your mercies are new every morning, so show us Your lovingkindness, Your chesed, which endures forever and ever.  You, Oh L-RD, are the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and NO ONE can ever enter into Your HOLY CITY, Your KINGDOM, by any other way or door besides You, dear gracious, Heavenly Father.  L-RD, help us, Your children, Your Ekklesia, Your church, to receive You as You are this very day.  Help us, Your church, Your Bride, Israel, to acknowledge You for who You are and nothing less, my G-D.

L-RD, I bow down before You and seek Your face because I love You, and I love Your people, Israel, Your ONE TRUE BRIDE, which we have been engrafted into because we have accepted your gift and You have given us the right to call You, Abba, Daddy.  And we have accepted by faith Your One and Only Son, Yeshua HaMashiach, our Messiah/Saviour.  G-D, purify our hearts, L-RD, and renew us by Your precious Holy blood that You shed upon Your cross for all of humanity.  Open up our eyes to see You without blinders on and give us clear vision of 20/20 in this first day of September.

G-D, I praise You and bless Your Holy name for giving us Your Holy Spirit to comfort us and to bring to us each Your shalom (peace) and rest this very day.  Help us, L-RD Jesus, to trust You completely.  Help us to see You wholeheartedly 24/7.  Help us to pray and seek for the peace of Jerusalem, and pray that all people would come to the saving knowledge of who Your Son Yeshua really is this very day.  Help us to not give up or give in to the attacks that come against us.  Put Your hand of protection upon us and guide us and lead us to places where we will be in shelter from all harm and danger brought upon us by the adversary, the devil, and his imps/workers.

Help us, L-RD, to not take Your name in vain but help us to not desecrate Your Holy name or to blaspheme it as well. Help us to be vigilant, strong and courageous.  Help us to be Your hand and Your feet to all peoples, nations, and sects all around and across the world.  Help us to not pollute Your holy name or blaspheme it by doing things that Your Holy Scriptures/ Tanakh says not to do or to say.

Help us to live in accordance to everything that is written in Your Word/Bible and to do and keep ourselves pure and Holy and without blemish, spot or wrinkle, so that we will be like the five (5) Virgins that were ready in the parable You spoke about in the Bible as a teaching lesson for us now.  Help us to want to do as Your Word teaches us to do and to continue to be obedient sons and daughters in Your Kingdom here on the earth that You placed us to live.

L-RD, as we continue to live here on this earth you created for us to be and to live, help us to serve You as well as others that come into our paths/lives. Help us, L-RD, to remember all that Your Word teaches us to do, as well as to say and continue to be obedient sons and daughters of Your Kingdom here on this earth and the one soon to come as You keep saying and telling us that it is.

Our Father, as we continue to live and breathe, help us to not faint or grow weary but to stand firm and tall in Your presence and continue daily to fight the good fight of faith to the finish line.  Help us to be Your ambassadors/emissaries to those all around us to grow Your Kingdom, as we continue to prepare as the good five faithful virgins did in not allowing their oil lamps to burn out or go dry.

Help us to continue to fight the good fight of faith to continue the race that Paul describes and talks about in his epistles/books and let it help us in our daily lives to become braver students of Your Torah/Scriptures in Your Holy Tanakh.  Help us, dear, gracious L-RD, to do what Your Word teaches and describes for us to do on a daily basis and not to deter from it, but let us eat it just as you told Ezekiel to eat the scroll in Ezekiel 3:1,3 by making it an intricate part of our daily lives.  L-RD show me, show us, how to be more observant to You and to obey You with our everything from here on out until your coming to catch away us, Your bride.

Help me, Help all of us, to stay faithful, trustworthy parts of Your Bride, who is without spot or blemish of any kind from here on out, so that the enemy cannot steal, kill or destroy us or our families anymore/any longer than he has already done.  Help us to stand tall and upright, and to be proud to be called Your sons and daughters of Your Kingdom.  Help us to take ownership and citizenship of Your Kingdom and be Happy and Blessed from here on out and forevermore.  Help us to rise up high with the eagles and to soar where no weapons may be able to penetrate us or harm us because You, oh L-RD, are higher and greater than them all, amen.

I pray Psalms 91 over each of us all and pray that we will all have a blessed week filled with G-D’S shalom blessings of peace that surpass all understanding in Yeshua HaMashiach’s name.  We love You, L-RD G-D, and we praise and worship You for hearing and answering all of our prayers that we come before You asking.

We know that if we REPENT and ask for Your forgiveness that You will hear us and answer our prayers in accordance to Your WILL, which is Your WORD/ SCRIPTURES.  You have told us to ask, so here we are asking and seeking You boldly with our whole hearts this day/evening/morning/night. We know that You only give to us, Your children, who ask good things and not bad things.  So we come seeking and knowing Your word, and asking for Your healing power/shadow to sweep over us and our families and friends all around the world, and to say thank You for giving us Your Only Begotten Son which is a gift that we can only receive, if we truly humble ourselves and live our lives pleasing to You, Oh, gracious Heavenly Father.

Help us to live holy lives acceptable to You in everything we say and do to be this light that shines so brightly that the world around us can see. Help our lives to be an offering to You, L-RD, so that we may draw others to You, and that they may also be able to come and have a relationship with You and spend eternity with You as well. This is my prayer, please L-RD, use me to help others know not just about You but to have a real tangible experience/relationship with You as well, amen.

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