Sunday, June 7, 2020 @ 6:37 am.

It’s amazing how history repeats itself, even in our own lives.  I got into a discussion about head coverings with someone that provoked a lot of negative memories for me since those memories were tied to a Christian cult that I had been a part of in the late 1970’s before I met my husband, and shortly after we were married.  Unfortunately, the discussion ended up getting rather heated, so I then left the discussion.


When I woke up today to do my morning workout, I decided to go on a morning jog/walk. I had a particular path I had planned to take, but as I started out on my journey, I had decided to change it up a bit.  As I was jogging, I had decided that I would just continue and not walk. As I came to this hill in front of me, I had to make the decision, “Do I now walk or do I master this and continue to push through the pain and beat the obstacles that are trying to beat me down?” I chose to overcome them all, and pushed through and I made it to the very top of the hill and beyond.

Then to make it even more dramatic, I turned around and chose to continue my morning exercise by jogging the rest of the way back home. As I did this, I was still listening to my music on my IPod. The funny thing is that I ended up bringing my old one with me this time because it was charged and the other one was not.  On this particular one, I was very limited to what I could listen to, so I just started playing it from where it was.


As I was on the very last mile back to my home, a song came on to my hearing, and then I heard the Lord in His still small voice speak and say this to me.

“He says that Everything we do, we need to do it unto Him and not unto man.” (Colossians 3:23)

This hit me by surprise and shock, because I wasn’t expecting it.


When I was continuing on in my early morning workout, the Lord also impressed upon me that I’m not the same person as I used to be at Open Door as a young adult. The reasons that I had done things there are not for the same reasons that I do things now.

My Child, why is it so hard for you to understand this? Why is this just so complicated to acknowledge and get past? You know that I have great plans for you to prosper you and to give you My shalom peace, my daughter of My Torah, My Holy Words, this very day that I have placed you where you are living. 

Hold fast to the confession of your faith/heart and don’t waiver to and fro, for that is exactly what the enemy loves to get people to do.  There is nothing wrong in covering your heads as long as the purpose has Me, Your God, as the first concern and not man.  When man is involved, is your main focus, then it is always wrong, but when you are doing it to honor Your Holy, Omnipotent God of Heaven and of Earth, there is absolutely everything Okay with it.  When there is peace that surpasseth all understanding, then you know that I am in it. 

As the Lord pointed out to me, I have changed, so the reasons that I had done things in the past are not for the same reasons that I do things now.  My focus has changed.  He then said,

When you have My shalom peace, you know that I am with you and will never ever let you go, My daughter of My Torah.  There is nothing ever to fear, but fear itself. 

He reminded me that then and now are two different entire stories, and I can not continue to live life in the past, but need to move further in the present life with Him and all that He has for me and my family.

Don’t allow fear or doubt to trap you or ensnare you into believing that this person’s church is a cult just because of your past life at OPEN DOOR FAITH ASSEMBLY.  Allow My peace, My Shalom, to cover you and wrap you up, My dear child of the Most High God of Heaven and of Earth, this very day.  Hold on to Me, My Daughter, and allow Me, Your God, to hold you in My Heavenly arms of love and forgiveness and to bring you to new heights with Me, Your heavenly, loving God of All times.  Allow My love to encompass and embrace you and to hold you, My dear precious, little lamb.  Hold tightly to My hem of My garments, and I will shelter you and cover you in My heavenly wings of love this very day that you’re living in. 

I can’t allow what I did then to reflect or define who I am now in my walk with Him. What I did then and what I do now are two different things.


Why I did the things then was to fit in with the crowd and to be liked by those around me – to be accepted.  The Lord showed me that this was the wrong motive to have, and it was to impress man, not God (Him). This was not the right motive to have in worshipping Him or being in His presence.  It would’ve been better to not have worn the head covering at all, then to put on the outer appearance that I was doing something out of my heart but really was not.  I was just wearing a mask, so to speak, to fit in with everyone.

We need not to be wearing a mask and masquerading around to be someone we are not, because this is what the devil the enemy does, and we do not want to be reflecting him, but God, amen.  At the time, I hadn’t the clue what these people were doing by covering their head in scarves and doilies. All I saw was that if you wanted to fit in and be part of the group, you did as they did, and then they saw you as one of them.  And then you were considered worthy to be in their crowd and they spoke with you too.

I was very young and didn’t have very many friends, so this was something I did to fit into the crowd of friends that my brother and I attended church with.  I was a believer and just recently filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and I wanted to live for Christ Jesus the best that I knew how too.  I saw these people as good role models of what Christ Jesus would be like and I wanted to be like them too.


I felt like there was something that they all had, and I wanted it and I found out it was the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues that I had soon received at home in the upper room in my house.

Funny thing is when I was twelve, I had encountered an experience at the alter with my mother speaking and receiving this, but she, nor the pastor of the church, told me anything about it. When I was fifteen and attending this church, Open Door, they too spoke in this unknown language, and it intrigued me to where one day I asked my brother Brian about it.  He was with me that day when I received the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that Jesus/Yeshua left earth to return to His Father so that He could send to us this precious gift of the Holy Spirit and with Fire.


I realize now after so many years of not attending this church that what I had practiced there in wearing my head covering wasn’t what God had planned for me.  It was what I had allowed man to place on me out of fear of not fitting in.  If I had done it with the right intentions of God being the one that I was doing it for out of love for Him, then it wouldn’t have been legalism, but out of due respect of honoring Him and only Him in my worship and praise to Him my Heavenly Father/King.

What I see now is that there isn’t a law set in stone to say we as women of God have to cover our heads in service or worship to God our King/Savior, but out of Love to God, we get to honor God and to please Him because of what He has done for us on the cross and in making a way of Atonement for us to save us and to redeem us by His blood of His sacrifice for us, amen.

We are not obligated to wear a covering over our heads because our hair is our covering and crown that God has placed on us. But because we love God and want to serve and please Him, we can choose to cover our heads out of respect and appreciation of what He has done for us and for all mankind here today.  We aren’t looked or frowned upon by God by not wearing it, but it does please Him when He sees one of His children trying to please and honor Him with all of their mind and with all of their soul, amen.


We aren’t winning any brownie points by covering our heads, but what we are doing is showing to God that we acknowledge Him to be higher than us and to be our Creator/ husband/Bridegroom. It isn’t really anything to do with our earthly husband, except for the fact that he represents Jesus, our Bridegroom, and by honoring Jesus, we are honoring our Heavenly Father in Heaven. When we realize that our Heavenly Father and Christ Jesus are the only Ones that we are to be worshipping and giving the honor and respect needed for our relationship with God, then in everything that we do from here on out will reflect what each of us will do in our marriage to our husband here on this earth where we live today.


If we truly believe in God, our Heavenly Father up above, then we will do whatever it takes to please Him and to honor Him and obey Him in word and in deed. We need to know that what we do in life as a woman of God needs to be first and foremost out of love for God, and then everything we do from there will line up perfectly in our marriage and life here on this earth with our husband as well.

So as women of God, if we want to have a great marriage to the man of our dreams, then we as women first need to be spending quality, and yes, even quantity, time in study of the Word of God and in prayer daily and consistency to keep pure and holy/righteous before God, and to be the example of what Christ Jesus would have us be to the nations and families all around us. We are not called to be robots, but living lights and examples of Jesus. His living hands and feet to the nations, world around us so that we can win souls and lives for Him, each and every day.


The Lord would say to trust Him in everything that we do, so that we would be the living, walking, breathing example of what Christ would have for us to be, each and every day that were alive. We are to be humble servants of the Most High God and allow Him to purify us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and to make us Holy as He is Holy, amen.


We are not to allow man to dictate what we are to do and not to do, says God Almighty KIng of kings and Lord of lords, No absolutely not, but to obey God’s Word, all of it from cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelation. We are to uphold it and to treat it with all due respect and not to violate any of HIS COMMANDMENTS from the greatest to the smallest one.

  • All of God’s Words are “yes and amen” to those who are called by His Name, amen.
  • We are to reverence God’s Holy name and not to profane it, amen.
  • We are to uplift His name and to bring glory and honor to it, amen.
  • We are to do and to teach others to keep them and not to profane or belittle them. Amen.

God’s Word is Holy and Righteous, and we are to not deter from teaching others to uphold them and to do them in any way, shape or form.  The Word of God/Bible tell us to Keep and to Remember the Sabbath Day and to keep it Holy.  So we are to do this because it is most Holy to our God of Heaven and of Earth this day.  He has told us from the very beginning of time, so why do we as His creation/children think we can change what He has instilled/engraved in stone and now written upon our very hearts?


I don’t know about you, my family and friends, but what I do know is that our God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the very same God in the New Testament of our Bible’s today, and if He has spoken it to them, He is also speaking it to us, His children/people today as well.  He is not a respecter of people.  He is the same God yesterday, today and forever Hebrews 13:8 amen. God loves you, and so do I, shalom and peace be upon each and everyone of you this day.  1:20pm.


God then changed the topic and spoke in regards to the world we find ourselves today, and to the coming days ahead:

My Word and My Ways are for all people, great and small.  There is nothing that I won’t and wouldn’t do for anyone who would just call out to Me, their Holy Omnipotent, Omnipresent God of all times in this world that you live in and the One to come very soon indeed.  


My daughters and My sons, hold on to Me, and allow/let Me show you just what I want for you all to know for such a time as this today. 

    • Hold on to Me, grasp a hold of Me like you’ve never done before, and
    • rise up higher on eagles wings as you’ve never risen before, and
    • see the glory of My Presence so much greater than you have ever experienced or encountered before the world began. 

Hold tight to Me, for I want to show you great and greater things than you have ever thought possible, My children.  You do not need to be afraid for the arrow that flieth by day or the terror that flieth by night, for greater am I than he that is in the world.  For I hold all the keys, My friends, for I have overcome the world and everything in it.  For nothing by any means shall hurt you or anyone in your entire family, and even your friends, says the Lord God Almighty, King of kings and Lord of lords, this very day in your speaking/listening.


Hold fast to the confession of your faith and let nothing stand between you and Me and My Kingdom.  You are to continue being faithful in all things and areas of your life, and there is no need to fear what man may say unto you, My dear little lambs of My glorious Kingdom, that is so soon to be displayed for all humanity to see and to behold.  My times and ways are not yours to see just yet but soon, My children/people, but very soon, I say again.


What is important to Me, My people, is that you all prepare your hearts fo My Great Day.  Keep the fires of My Menorah burning brighter each and every moment/ second in your hearts and in your lives.  Do not let any bitterness , envy, strife, anger, hatred, or any kind of evil speaking/actions or doing live on the inside of your beings/souls.  Where there is any sorts of these impurities/sins, I am not welcome and am not present.  Cast all of them away and repent of them all and be cleansed by My Word and of My living running waters of baptism, My children.  For where I am, you may also be, My beloved little lambs of My Kingdom, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of lords, this very day that I have made for you to walk and live in. 


I am a Holy God, and I must be worshiped and praised, My people.  All days are holy, but not all days have been set apart unto Me to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth.  My Sabbath Day was created for you to Worship Me, Your Holy God.  To reconnect with Me after a long week of work and creating.  It is who I am, My chosen elite ones of My Holy Kingdom, that I am building for you all.  My Kingdom is just about here.  Are you, My chosen people Israel ready for Me, Your King, to take My place on My Son David’s Throne there in Jerusalem, where I have placed My name? 


Don’t be afraid for I have overcome the world, and My time is soon to be here as I have promised so very long ago to My servants/disciples which I walked and talked with along every street there up and down Jerusalem while living among you.  I am so excited to be able to return and be there amongst you all once again as I was before.  Continue to see and call out to Me in the quietness of your prayers and see if I will not answer you and bring everything into fruition just as I have told you from the very beginning with your Father’s Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and even with every other prophet or priest who has heard Me and seen Me in times past, and even unto this very day that I return to see and receive My Bride unto Myself, God.  10:29 am.



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