Feb. 29, 2020, 7 am

I woke up from dreaming about a boy and a girl disobeying me, and going past the wall with their friends, or so-called friends.  When I went after them, the boy basically said to me to my face that he didn’t care what I thought about him, that he would do as he pleased.  He didn’t care that I was going to ground him and that it wouldn’t make a difference, because he was his own person and what I thought and said didn’t matter a hill of beans anymore.  People around us were just looking at us, but I didn’t care because I cared about him and wanted him to be safe.

Then the Lord said to me,


Wake up and write down on paper that I, the Lord, do care what happens to each one of you, My chosen but lost children of My Torah.  How long will you stray from My loving arms that I wrap around you, like My holy talliths that you and your husband wears on My holy Sabbath Day where you live and reside.

Don’t you know how much you mean to your Heavenly Father up above.  I poured out all of My love for you that day so long ago while hanging on My cross for each one of you.  Why don’t you get that?  Why don’t My people even care?  Doesn’t anything I say anymore even count or mean a hill of beans to you, My children, My people?  Don’t you even care where you are going to end up when you close your eyes and take your very last breath?


You know that I am real, so stop asking and questioning your Heavenly Father, your Creator, any longer.  Oh, you say you believe, but your actions prove otherwise.  How much longer will you continue to deny Me, your Heavenly Father, before you turn back to Me and repent of all of your sins that you have committed and against Me and My Heavenly Father, your King of kings and Lord of lords this very Shabbat/ Sabbath Day, where I have for you to rest and commune with Me, your God,  who loves you, oh so very much indeed.


My sons and My daughters, don’t you know that My time is soon to be here/ arriving? It is of the utmost precedence that you start reading and studying My Torah, My written Word, My Tanakh, My Scriptures, from beginning to the end, for they all speak of Me, and tell you exactly what it is that I have commanded for you to do because of how much I love each and every one of you here today and will always.


I have never stopped loving you, nor will I ever, My dear children/child.  My love for you isn’t wishy-washy like some Valentine’s Day that some of you still celebrate and live for.  Stop living for the holidays that the world finds pleasure in, and start living and preparing for what really does matter, My Kingdom.


My Kingdom is the highest precedence and is what matters most, My dearly beloved ones who are Mine and only Mine.  My kingdom is coming soon.  Are you ready to meet Me, your King, or are you still running around chasing everything that makes you happy, only to find that true happiness only relies on a true one on one relationship with Me, your Creator, and Lord of lords and King of kings, this day.


How long, My child, will you run before you slow down and smell the coffee brewing to get your attention to what I seek for you to inquire? Your affections are for another, but I long for you, My sons and daughters, to run back to Me with outstretched hands and arms back into My loving grip where I can shield you and cover you up in My Heavenly Tallith of love unconditionally where the enemy can no longer harm you from all his darts he’s using to try and kill, steal, and destroy you from My Presence, My children.


Don’t be stubborn and disrespectful any longer, My children, if I can even call you that anymore because you have drifted so very far from Me, your God, and I desire to hear and answer the cries of your mothers and fathers today.  Some of you have been wandering for years as My children in Egypt had, and it is time to call it quits and come back home to Me, your Creator and God who made you for such a time as this to help bring My kingdom here.  Won’t you hear My wooing of My Holy Spirit drawing you out of your Egypt this day that I have made for you to rest and commune with Me?  Or will you allow your worldly flesh to continue to reside in you and take you in paths of destruction to places where I can only bring you up from?

The choice is yours indeed, My people, who I have loved before even the foundation of the world was created, but I plead with you to choose Me over all the feelings that are flooding your minds today.  Those feelings, child, won’t last forever, for they are put there just to please your flesh for a moment, and then they will be gone, just like the last time.


Start living for Me, your God, the one thing that you can be sure of that will not pass away but will last for all of eternity, because I am eternity.  I am this everlasting life, if you will trust and believe in Me and in He who has sent Me to you in the first place.  Eternal life is a gift, My people.  Eternal Life is not some place you go to when you die.  No, it is I, My friends, My people, My children.  Eternal life is Me, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ).  When you believe in Me and who I AM, you have your resting place in Me and I in you.


If you turn from Me and deny Me, then I, in turn, will deny you as well.  And on that day, I will tell you, “I never knew you, you evil, wretched person.  Depart from Me all you evil doers, and go to your dwelling place created for Satan and all his angels.  Hell wasn’t created for man, but because of sins and free choice; unfortunately, that is what happens to My creation who chooses to not serve and worship their One True God of the universe.


I have sent My reapers, My fishers, to hunt you out and to save you from the bad men and women, but you would not listen nor hear them, so they have come and took you from Me to kill you.  There is also coming another Day where this too shall happen, so beware and listen very closely before you see a repeat.

It is not My desire to see any one perish, but like I said before, you do have free will or choice, so choose well, your very life depends on it.  This day is not far off, My people, for as a thousand years are to Me as a day, this day could just be your last one here on the earth that you know it to be, My child, My son and daughters.  Stop playing with your life, it is too precious and valuable to Me, your Creator.  8:04 am


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