Wednesday, January 8, 2020 @ 4:18 am.

I woke up from dreaming, and I asked the Lord what it was that He wanted for me to receive from it, and this is what He spoke:


We are ONE, We are ‘ECHAD, you can not divide either one of us up.  For We are like two peas in a pod, for the Holy Spirit is an intricate part of Us.  Just as He lives in and through you who put your faith, trust and hope in Us, Your God of all time and space, here today where you live in the valley.


I am in charge, and anyone who thinks themselves to be in charge are entirely wrong and the truth is not in them ever.  I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  The One and Only Way to the Father is and by Me alone. I am this Light that illuminates the morning skies, and the Light that we are seeing at night.  There is nothing that I am not apart of, for I AM and consist of all things good and not bad, for I am GOD, and that is who I am, My people, creation.


For I have spoken the world into existence, and I am forever upholding it with My right hand.  Nothing is too hard for the Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this early morning where you live and work, My people/children of My Living Torah/Scriptures.  I Love you all so very much and desire to be loved back accordingly.  For I created you, for such a time as this, My people, to bring glory and honor to Me, Your Heavenly Father in Heaven.


The times and seasons you are living in this day are no accident or coincidence.  They are happening on purpose to bring My Kingdom into play.  The signs and times are coming to fulfill prophecy and to bring My Kingdom down to Earth, My Footstool.  Nothing will come in the way or stop this from happening, no matter how much you pray against it or for it.  It will come because it has been promised by My prophets of old.  My times and seasons are right on track and will happen as I have told them that they would, My people, who are struggling to know what to do.  I say, Do not fear nor doubt My Words in My Holy Tanach/Scripture/Book, for what they say of Me in there is TRUE indeed and will come to pass/fruition very soon indeed.


When you hear of wars and rumor of wars, know that the times are soon to be here and My returning is around the corner.  Be prepared and know that I love you and want you to not be alarmed, but be prepared and have your armor on and your lamp stands filled with My Holy anointing oil, so that they can continue to keep lit in the wee hours of the night without going or burning out.  For the Son of Man will be coming to those who are prepared and have their lights shining brightly for all the world to see, Amen.

For those who aren’t preparing for My Second Coming, it would’ve been better if they had never been born, says God Almighty.  It would’ve been better if they had a Millstone tied around their head and been thrown into the deepest pit then to burn for all of eternity there with the devil and all of his imps/demons that turned their backs on their One True God of the Universe.  I tell you the truth, not one stone will be left standing upon another before My Great Day of returning to My Holy City in Jerusalem.  I know that this is hard to all take in My people, My creation, My loved ones of My Holy Tanach/Scriptures, but it is the truth, My Truth, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this day, My day, that I created for you to live in and at.


Why do you doubt that I am Good and Holy, My people, who say that you love Me?  I am Good and Holy, and there is NO ONE besides Me in all the world who is greater than I AM, My Father, says God, who created you and Me this day.  I AM that I AM is the name I told Moses/Mosheh that day on the mountain top so long ago after I called him to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let My people go to worship Me and to serve Me, their Holy God, but he refused to let My people go, and I poured out My Wrath upon them and killed all of them that would not listen to My servant/prophet Moses, along with his brother, Aaron/Aharon, and sister, Mary/Miriam.


My love has always been for you, My people, My chosen-elite ones.  Just as Moses had to trust Me, so must you TRUST ME to provide a way out in the midst of the storm that is brewing up ahead, so to speak.  Do not be alarmed, but TRUST ME, your God, to protect you and keep you safe, just as I kept My children protected from Pharaoh during the hard times of the plagues that I put upon the Egyptians in Egypt for out of disobedience to Me, their Holy God of Israel.


I AM HOLY, My people/children, as I expect for each and everyone who claims and chooses to be MINE needs to be.  I didn’t call you to be a perfect people, but a peculiar people, and to be My kingdom of priests and a holy nation set aside unto Me, their King of kings and Lord of Lords, this day.  Nothing is too hard for Your God to do, so don’t set limitations on Me, for I know the end from the beginning and everything in-between, says God Almighty, Prince of Peace, and soon awaiting King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this beautiful sunshiny day that you will soon enjoy and be blessed by there in your valley.


I am coming soon, so take alert and prepare like I am, for out of nowhere you will hear My voice and the shout of the Archangel blowing My trumpet/shofar, and all of humanity will see Me riding on My white horse, calling you unto Myself in the twinkling of an eye, and you will all be with Me, Your ‘El Shaddai, Your More than Enough, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this bright, shining day that I made just for you and your families/loved ones, Amen, @ 5:15 am.



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