Thursday, December 5, 2019 @ 11:02 am.


Lord, I had this dream of two men that I know.  They both were bare chested.  The first man had his hairy chest showing, and the second man in my dream is pure clean, NO chest hair at all and smooth as a newborn baby’s butt, people would say.  Normally, this second man has just as much hair as the first man.  The thing I’m needing answers to and clarity about is why does the first man have three tattoos on his chest?  And why the images of the eagle with his wings spread out right in the middle of the other two?  I believe the other to be the Torah scroll on the left side and the two fishes on the right side.  And why NO hair on the second man?  I believe You gave me partial understanding already but more would be helpful.  I’m listening now and am very sorry I didn’t get up sooner when you gave it to me.


About 11:25 am.

I’m just getting set up to workout on the elliptical at the Fitness Center where I go everyday but Shabbat, and as I’m preparing myself to watch a Christian movie, the Lord starts to speak to my heart, and I’m thinking, Lord, I have no paper or pen/pencil, what shall I do?  So I quickly turn off my movie I chose and put up the note pad, and I started typing as I worked out.  I probably should’ve quit, but since I am a Kinetic learner, I could actually hear just as well or even better.

This is what the Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit,


SUCH ARROGANCE, MY PEOPLE AND MY CHURCH HAVE TODAY, they think they have the right to do whatsoever they wish to do and think I’m all right with it.  Well listen up this day and give ear unto My servant, My daughter, and know that she has heard from on High this day, while on her elliptical while working out this day where she lives.  Trust her, for she hears my still small voice of My Spirit who some say is no longer for you, My people, My church.  This is all ludicrous and appalling to Me, your CREATOR and LORD of HEAVEN and EARTH, this day.  MY WORD is TRUTH, and it is KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM to those who listen up and obey MY WORDS/TORAH, for they are life and breath to all that adhere to them and obey them and teach others to do likewise.


Be smart, My little lambs, and take wise council this pre-Shabbat day, and you will do well and grow strong and mature in Torah and in Me, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Amen.  Come before Me and Dance.  Bow down to Me, your King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this day.  Lay down before Me all your heavy burdens and leave them at the foot of My cross, and allow Me, your Lord/Savior, to carry them all for you to the finish line to where I AM this very day that you are breathing.


Yes, I am your breathing source, and I am the GREAT I AM, who made everything possible for you all to see and to enjoy.  Nothing was made without Me, for I existed before everything and everyone.  “I AM that I AM,” and there is NO ONE besides Me, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this Thursday, where you live and reside at. 


Open up your hearts and ears, and hear the Words of the Lord that I speak to you, and listen up for your time here on the earth as you know it is soon to be over and done with.  Don’t go telling Me you’ve heard this Oh, so many numerous times before, it doesn’t matter because I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.  Any other path or way is FALSE, My friends/people. 


Any other path or avenue only leads to death, My church believing folks, who think and believe to have it all figured out and have no worriesNot so, you are so very lost and blinded by your own foolish thinking, and you’re following your own hearts, and it is leading you down the wide road that leads to destruction and damnation.  I’m telling you the truth, so give ear and attend to My Words, My Holy unblemished words of Torah. 


I am this UNBLEMISHED TORAH made flesh to dwell here on earth with My chosen elect people to save and deliver you, just as My Servant Mosheh/Moses did for you by listening to Me and My Father who are ONE in the same.  We have not changed, nor will We ever, My people, if We can call you still that today.  Just as Noah was sent to warn you, My servants here are here to warn you of My soon arrival.

12:23 pm. 


Will you hear the Words that they are saying or will you be like the ones in Noah’s day, and even in Lot’s Day, and laugh and mock them, and not turn and REPENT and be baptized for the remission of your sins, My church, My people, who have gone and grown so far away from Me, this very day there in the land that I have chosen and predestine for you to be. 


Do you not care nor understand what is happening right before your very eyes, My people, My creation?  Don’t you see the danger signs all around you this very day in this land I created for you to live in and at?  The times are coming, says the Lord God of Israel, to turn from your idolatrous ways and give them up, and turn your hearts back toward Your Heavenly Father, Your Creator of Heaven and of Earth, this day, and I will repent of the thoughts that I have towards you, My sons and My daughters, who have prostituted yourselves before other gods of this earth you call home. 

These gods are nothing and never will be, so why can’t you see this already?  These earthly gods are made of stone and rubble, and they do not amount to anything.  These trees and such, that you call the christmas spirit, is not of Me, nor ever has been apart of Me, says the Lord Most High of Heaven and Earth, this day.  Put aside every idol, and every mention and thing of the ABOMINATIONS that you have taken up and put My Holy name to it. 

I AM APPALLED and I AM DISGUSTED with you who call Me Lord/Savior and continue to try and please your own deceitful hearts into believing I’m okay with this pollution that is in your everyday midst in the stories, houses, communities and even the houses of prayer where you say that I am at.  You, My church, are so far from what you used to be.  You used to love Me, your God, but now, you are getting so COLD, and I hardly know you anymore.  So rise up out of your graves and move your tombstones away, and come running back to Me, your Heavenly Father, and be Holy as I AM HOLY, this very day. 


I know you want an explanation of your dream you had, My child.  Where you saw two men, one on the left and one on the right.  The one man stood tall with a full hairy chest with three tattoos, while the other man resembled a man with NO hair and NO tattoos on his. 


The first man was a picture of Me and My Father God in Heaven, and the second man resembled the church today.  The first man had three tattoos resembling Me, in the fact that I am your ever present help in times of trouble.  I am the eagle that soars high in the sky and where you find your safety in My out-stretched wings of shelter.  I am also the picture of the Torah scroll.  In My Words, you also find strength and encouragement to do what needs to be done daily on your journey/walk with Me, your Holy God of the Universe.  The other tattoo was of Fish and Manna/bread.  For this is what I call the double portion, where you can come and feast upon Me and My Words in My LIVING TORAH, My flesh given as a ransom for all mankind to come.  Come and eat at the Lord’s table all of you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest this day.


The second man was a picture of the church/world today, who are lacking in My Torah, My Ways, and have decided to do things their own way, and not care about what God cares about.  For this man has decided that Christ is NO LONGER the same as He once was while walking the earth with His Chosen twelve apostles.  This is not the picture or the way that Christ Jesus wants us to envision Him today.

The first man is the picture of Christ Himself and the second man is what the church has become because of disobedience to God and His Word.  They have turned their backs on the whole Bible/Scripture, and it has opened the door for the Wolves in Sheep’s clothing to come in and deceive even the very elect of God’s children.  God says to beware and come out of the darkness, and run to the light of God Himself, and He will make all things bright and new once again in Jesus name. @2:04 pm.



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