Tuesday, October 1, 2019 @ 4:25 am.

I’m dreaming, but I awaken to what I thought was Chris, my husband, snoring next to me in bed.  Problem is that it wasn’t him because when I got up to use the bathroom, the living room light was on, and he was sitting on the couch writing something in his notebook.  Wow, God! Why is it that You wanted to talk with me, Your daughter, on this early morning of the second part of Rosh HaShanah?  Lord, what is it You want me to write down?  Here is my dream.


We were going to this event or festival, the Blowing of the Shofars, and it was really something, but there was a girl/woman in a wheel chair from our church who wanted to go, but I didn’t want to take her, but they said, She really wanted to go, so I did.  I remember that I had to wheel her down this long black tar road to get to all the action of the day, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get down without her chair getting away from me, and then I hit a hole in the road, and I got stuck.  She was fine, but I couldn’t get out for the life of me.  When I did manage to get out, I saw someone I knew up above on this tall ordeal like swings flying in the air, and so I told the girl in the wheelchair, “I’ll be right back,” and when I made it to my destination, I’m looking down at her wheelchair. At first, she is just sitting where I left her, but then the next time I see her, she is standing up and walking around.

You can imagine what I was thinking.  I stopped everything I was just about to do, and I tore off and to run down to the place where she is now, by the swinging doors.  People around her just said she got up out of her chair and said, She just had to walk, and so she did.  We brought her a walker, but she didn’t want to use it, but took a cushion and was just about to sit on the floor with it when I got to her.  She was all happy and smiles.  I had asked her when this had started, and she said a while back when someone had prayed for her.  I didn’t know what to think with all the excitement of the night.  We had just heard so many shofars blasting off, and one young woman next to me on the balcony wearing mermaid flipper for her feet was blowing, and then she stepped off the balcony and they had to call an ambulance, and this other guy I saw blowing his afterwards went to the side room and had laid prostrate on the floor just praying and seeking GOD.  I knew I should be as well, but there was so much to do and I didn’t know where to start.  Lord, please help me, Your daughter, to take time out to REST, thank You for giving me Your peace, amen @4:45 am.

I remember after being in this hole I was trying to climb out, but when I got to the top, I still wasn’t able too. I was so frustrated and upset, but then I was able to see another way around somehow, and I had made it after calling on God, amen.  What a dream this was, praise You, Jesus, for healing and answering prayers.

When the ambulance people came, I wanted to show them where to go, but I had this friend’s daughter in the wheel chair keeping me from doing what I really wanted to do.  She was keeping me down because I really wanted to be doing my own thing.  Lord Jesus, thank you for showing me that I was only looking out to please Me and not being a help to my neighbor.  You take what we watch and use it for our good.  But Lord, show me more.  If it would’ve been another girl I know, I would’ve done anything. Why Lord are You showing me this?

@ 5:25 am

I’m in bed again, and the Lord says,


Why do you doubt Me?  Why is it that you don’t believe Me and still doubt that I am able to heal the sick and open up the blinded eyes?  Why is it that you still don’t believe that the crippled can walk and that I can cast out the demons out of the possessed men and women?  Did I not do all of these before?  Why do some of you still not believe Me to be who I am today, this your October 1, of 2019, or on My calendar TISHRI 2.

My people, My brethren, stop doubting the signs and the times that you are all in, for they foreshadow the things to come.  I have already fulfilled and made ready My Spring Feast, so prepare yourselves for the Day of the LORD that is soon to be here, just like I have forewarned you years before when I have sent you to My HOLY CITY of JERUSALEM to show you and prepare you for what’s coming up and around the corner.


It wasn’t for naught, My son and My daughter.  It was to prepare you and to show you both about Me and My love for each of you this very day.  Open up your hearts like never before and show MY love to My people all over the world wherever you may go.  Some will accept Me, while others will only reject you as they have already.  Never stop trying, for there are many out there who are still hungering and thirsty for Me, but yet don’t know Me as you both know Me, My children of My Torah.


Keep spreading My Good News to few who want to receive Me as their King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very day.  Don’t ever stop preaching My message of My Kingdom, My son Chris, for My Kingdom is WHO I AM and without Me, there is NO KINGDOM to preach.  Open up your hands and mouth and allow Me, your KING/LORD to fill you up to overflowing.  Allow Me, your KING, to heal and restore everything that the enemy is trying to steal and take back from you what I have healed and restored once before.  I AM the LORD that healed you, My son, and I AM the same God and have not changed my mind concerning neither one of you, My children.


Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if anyone should open the door, I will come into you and sup with you, and you with Me.   All that is needed is that you open the door so that I can come in.  For it has to be your choice to let Me in.  I’m waiting, My child, but you have to make the first move towards Me.  I love you so much and want not even one to miss out on ETERNITY with Me and My Heavenly Father up above.  Yes, My sweet children, Our God in Heaven is waiting for the day in which We can all again be together in One accord, worshiping and praising Him as One happy family gathered around the throne.


I will come quickly, so be prepared like I’ve said many times before.  Remember, a day to the Lord is a thousand years, so don’t faint but keep watch, so that you won’t be left behind, My dearly beloved children of the Most High God of Heaven and Earth today, God. @ 5:47 am



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