God’s Message to the Abandoned, Abused, Raped, Molested or Anything Else

Friday, July 26, 2019 @ 3:10 am.  Prep Day for the Shabbat.


While in my bed, the Lord started having me speak in my unknown prayer language as I was praying for protection and help in my dream.   In my dream I was at this party in my home, and all of a sudden, it started to storm.  At first it was just a little rain, but then the rain started to come through our rafters of our roof and into the living room where I was talking with a dear friend from church who had made several trips to Israel.  Right before this storm started, she was just talking nonchalantly with me. and she said her and her partner, who was another female friend, were just getting along just fine and everything was so good between the both of them.  I was in shock and disbelief how could this be? She was such a Godly lady, for goodness sake, how could she be in such a relationship?  I was beside myself.

Just before this I had another dream which was strange as well. The dream was about two ladies making out. One was wanting to but the other one was trying to get all down with it in the moving vehicle until there was flashing lights of a police car. The police were not after them, but on a chase and mission somewhere else.  Funny thing is that this vehicle that had these two females in it ended up going to the police station for a party that was supposed to be going on for one of their friends.  While there, one of the people had to use the bathroom, but there was only one since it was a police station. Because there were only men there, we had to go in the men’s room, so I locked the door behind me so no one else could get in.  Soon as I was done, I washed my hands and unlocked the door feeling very self conscious about walking out of a man’s bathroom.

As soon as I opened the door, a man and his daughter had gone inside.  Then I was in this room where the other lady was sitting on the floor exchanging shoes with a police officer.  I thought that to be weird as well.  Maybe it was helping the homeless day or something, but either way this lady got a better pair of shoes.  And when this was done, I was in this kitchen like of a church, and we were finishing up some kind of banquet they had had.  I was asked to put something away, but I didn’t know where the place was so I guess that I just left it there and went to what I found out later was my house.  And that is where I was talking to this lady, and I do know her name, but I am choosing to leave it out at this time because I’m sure she represents someone entirely different from her.

Okay, the LORD says,


It is a SIN and an ABOMINATION for two woman or two men or vise versa to sleep together and have sex with each other.  However and whichever way you choose to do it does matter to Me, your GOD/CREATOR.  It is always a sin.


This transgender nonsense is just a cover up of your deep inward emotions of childhood trauma that has occurred to you, and you are responding likewise to get others to respond to you and give you the attention needed now that wasn’t given to you when it did occur.  This is normal behavior after someone has experienced such aggressiveness from their perpetrator abuser.


You, My child/children, were innocent victims and were helpless.  You were so innocent and small and trusted these men or women who were seeking you out for their own selfish, evil wicked desires for their own pleasures.  These perpetrators were victims or abused themselves, and they had never received the help themselves and were only carrying on now and hurting you as well as other individuals.


My children, it is not your fault.  It is not you they are really after but Me, their God. They are blaming Me, like you now are blaming Me for not being there to protect you and to keep you safe from all the horrific things that were done to you behind closed doors.  They were the ones who had hurt them and are not listening to Me, their Holy God of the Universe.  They keep tuning Me out and denying that I even exist, so they can in some strange, queer way rationalize that if they can’t hear Me, that everything will be okay and dainty, but it’s not.  It wasn’t okay when it happened to them when they were small and without power to defend themselves, and it’s not okay now to you, My dear beloved ones, when it happened to you when you were small and defenseless either, My sons and My daughters of My Torah.


The devil, My children, is very real indeed, and he is out to manipulate, kill and destroy all of My precious little ones before they can even get a chance to be Mine.  Trust Me, My children, that I have tried to protect you, but even though I AM GOD, I am limited to My Word as well.  I have given each of you free will to choose right from wrong, and these evil persons are not choosing well, as each of you who have been victims aren’t either, and are blaming Me now by saying that I’m just a lie and am not true and never ever existed because if I did, none of these bad, horrific things that happened wouldn’t have.  Like I have already said, bad things happen because hurting people who don’t call out to their Holy God and don’t take refuge in My sheltering arms/wings hurt other people, and the cycle continues and never stops.


There is only one way to stop this craziness and that is to acknowledge it from the start and seek out Me, your Creator God.  Repenting of all of your sins, caused by you whether you’re aware of them or not, because you are all born sinners, whether you know it or not because of what Adam and Eve did at the very beginning of time in the garden.  I know to some this doesn’t make sense, but it is what it is, says God, so just accept it and move forward.


Just know that when I created Adam and Eve, that is what I wanted for you to be like.  Adam and Eve were created in My image and likeness, and that is My heart for you today as well.  Male and Female I created them to be, so that they could continue to make offspring also in My very image, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lord this very early morning there in Phoenix, Arizona, where it always a beautiful day, says God.


Don’t you know, My people, that I am what makes your day beautiful and a delight?  I am the One who takes what man breaks and destroys and causes it to turn around for all your good, to those who seek Me FIRST in the morning and/or before you rest your head and shoulders upon your pillows at night as well, as all of the other hours in between.


There is absolutely nothing too hard or too risky that I am not able or capable of doing to bring healing and restoration to all My sons and daughters who have been abandoned, abused, raped, molested or anything else that is common to mankind this very day.  Man is falling and doing all sorts of weird and craziness these days.  There isn’t anything that they hadn’t done in times past, but they are all coming out because of the government that you’re living in today.  They are out for retaliation and they don’t care how or who they hurt getting in their way trying.


They need help but they feel it is easier just doing it by themselves since they been told by the devil and those who hurt them that if God was really who HE says that HE is, HE would of helped them and kept them from getting hurt in the first place.  This is how satan and his followers work.  Always trying to lay the blame on their ALL POWERFUL loving God of Heaven and of Earth today and for always.  They and the devil forget to tell them and fill them in on that I (God) have given each and everyone the choice to do good or to do bad, and that these evil doers/people chose to do evil instead of doing good and godly actions.

They chose to please their flesh instead of listening to their conscious, the still small voice of My Holy Spirit wooing them to do what is good over that which is bad and evil.  And in so doing, that is why My little ones who haven’t a voice yet get hurt and aren’t able to speak for themselves until much later when sometimes they aren’t believed by even their own parents or those in authority.  They become victims all over again and don’t know who they can trust, so they keep silent and turn inward and suppress it until what you see happening all over the world.  A messed up bunch of hurting people trying to change their identity thinking that they can make their lives something better than what it was or is today.

Any help is better than no help, but what they don’t realize yet is the one who they blame is the one they need to be running to for HELP, just like in your dream this morning when I woke you up by praying in your HEAVENLY LANGUAGE to ME, your GOD, who gave it to you when you asked ME when you were 15 years of age, with your brother Brian in your upper room experience in your house on 1416 North Logan Street, in Lansing, Michigan, so very long ago.  Just like you received ME then keep seeking ME now everyday, and you shall see a change in your life as well as your families’ lives, and each individuals’ lives you are trusting ME to answer.


I am as close as you allow Me, your Heavenly Father of Heaven and Earth, is allowed to be.  Call out to ME for HELP, and I will come and rescue you from your perpetrator, your abuser, your demons that won’t let you go.  Just call out to ME right now, and let ME, your God, show you how much I do love you and care about you, My sons and My daughters of My Holy Tanakh/Scriptures.  For I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. He who comes to ME will never be turned away, for I AM the LIVING BREAD that came down from Heaven, not the kind that came in Moses’ day that fell and stunk, if not eaten at the right times.  NO, that was for a lesson to show you how to live and to learn from to bring you to My Day.  My Day came and you, as well as others, rejected ME, but I say to you to trust ME, for who My TORAH says that I AM, and let ME be your God this day and for always, God, amen  @ 4:38 am., Friday

5:20 am


God says, “that just like in my dream, I had the people in it who were not the ones involved in these sinful actions but were used to get my attention to pray and to write down what it was God wanted to get across to HIS people this day.”  He (God) wants for us to be aware of HIM at all times, even when we lie down and when we rise up.  He says that it’s always important that we listen to His still small voice of our conscious when it is telling us it doesn’t feel right, and we shouldn’t be doing this.  This is a good thing always to do for ourselves because it is what keeps us safe from the enemy and his attacks upon us. We should take heed when this voice of God says this doesn’t feel right: “stop this, don’t go there.”  These are ways the Father speaks to us and keeps us from harm’s way, my friends and family.  Always listen and do that which the Father speaks and we will learn to listen and hear HIS voice much louder and clearer than before, amen.  5:28 am.



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