Saturday, June 29, 2019 @10:00 am.

I was laying in my bed again after being up for awhile, when I had just finished reading my book that my daughter Abby had bought me for Mother’s Day 2019.  The title of the book is called Love Like You Never Been Hurt, by Jentezen Franklin. I had returned to my bed to pray for my son and my family when I apparently fell back into sleep and had another dream.


In this dream I was being pulled out of my bed by the devil himself.  Although I could not see him, I could very much feel him grabbing my legs and pulling me from the bed I was just laying comfortably on just moments before.


It was the most horrific thing I have ever, ever experienced in my entire lifetime.  It was as if NO ONE could see me or hear me.  Now I understand what had just happened just seconds, even minutes, ago to me.  When I was in my bed, this demon creature which was spiritual, because I could not see him was pulling me so very hard.  It was my spiritual being that was being removed from my body which was apparently still lying in my bed.  But mind you, it felt like I was in my physical body when I landed on the floor of my bedroom, which isn’t yet my bedroom, but will be soon in just a little over a month from now.


When I realized that this wasn’t a prank or joke from my husband or daughter, I immediately understood that I was being attacked by evil forces out there in the spiritual world, and I knew that I needed to be strong and stand tall/firm.  There was nothing in my strength that I could do.  It was as if I had been paralyzed by the devil’s power over me, and I could just barely get enough words out of my mouth to proclaim the WORDS of GOD over myself and my loved ones.


But at this moment, after I was dragged out of my bed and onto the floor, and out the door and down the hall way to our living area, I was not able to do anything except plead the blood of Jesus, and tell satan he was a liar and he wasn’t going to have my family or me.


I called out for my husband, Chris, but my voice was not like it was before.  It too was like my vocal cords were almost gone, and I had to force the words I knew how to say/speak to get their attention.  I could see Abby while being pulled down the hall, but she could not see me nor hear me.  It was as if I were dead, and then I saw my husband at the table, but he also could not see or hear me barely calling out to him.

It was as if I was in the movies where they take you back in time and they give you a playback of your life, like in the story of Scrooge, to give you a re-do, but the other people around you can’t see you or hear you, but you can see and hear them.  I didn’t give up, though,  I was persistent and kept fighting and rebuking the devil and his demons, who were apparently holding on strong to me and had me pinned to the floor.


I remember pleading the blood of Jesus and telling satan he was a liar and that he couldn’t ever have me, nor anyone of my children or family. I told him in what voice I had at the time, which wasn’t much, but I wasn’t a quitter and would fight till the very end when Jesus came for us all.  This was, I believe, an out of body experience where I had fought a battle with the devil and won.  Thank you, Father God, for holding me and never letting me go, amen.


P.S. Was I scared? Yes, I was, but I knew that I couldn’t allow the devil to destroy what God has redeemed and restored by His precious blood for me.  I know I couldn’t lose this battle/war.  I had to stand my ground and continue to fight, even if I lost everything, including my voice.  I had thought about that too in the short few seconds or minutes that transpired.  I thought to myself, Take advantage of what you have left and use it with your all/everything because we aren’t promised anything.  Every ounce of breathe I could muster up, I called out the Word of God to combat the spiritual forces that were attacking me in my mind.  When I did all this, the enemy satan lost, and he had to release me from his slimy finger grips, and I woke up to write this all down to the best of my ability.


I now understand and somewhat relate to those people maybe who are in a comma or who can’t speak.  What it is they may be dealing with, but they can’t express it, because of their physical disabilities.  I am in such a different place now since having this experience happen to me.  I would say, Never ever stop praying for your loved ones. This world we live in is very REAL, and we have our difficulties that we have to live with on a daily basis, but there’s someone much greater than all of it.  His name is JESUS/YESHUA. He wants to know you first hand, and trust me, He will never ever leave you nor forsake you.  He’s got your back, whichever way you are facing. He won’t leave you alone.

I do have a much higher respect for individuals now who are in their bodies and have trouble communicating.  They are trying to communicate,  but there are hindrances making everything so much harder for them.  We must be patient and more loving than what we would normally be.  I feel and believe God allowed me to have this dream to show me what it would feel like when we are no longer able to control the situations in our lives and be put in a situation where we would have to trust God with our everything.  I’m telling you today, all I had was my mind to combat the enemy, my voice was almost taken from me, but I was alive, not dead, amen.


Lord Jesus, what would the Holy Spirit want for me to take and receive from this, this morning on your Shabbat Day?  I feel I already understand, but if there is more, please elaborate for me.  Thank you, in Jesus name, amen.  @ 11:34 am.


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