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For I want for you all to be obedient, My people, My children, of the most Holy God of the entire universe this very day where you are, My daughters and My sons of my beautiful TORAH, that I’ve commanded for you to keep and to feast on, for it’s to remind you and all mankind of what an awesome God that I am for delivering My chosen people out of slavery and setting them free by My outstretched arms of healing and protection, says the Lord God of ISRAEL, this very day called Shavuot/Pentecost.


This day is so very special to Us, your God.  It is where We tried so long ago with Moses to have a relationship with you, but you refused to have anything to do with Us, your Holy acceptable God of the entire universe.  I have called you by name, but you didn’t want to answer and obey My voice for out of fear that you might die, but look, you are still here proclaiming My name to the nations of the world for a thousand generations, My people, whom I have called and have spread to all four corners of the world, so to speak, My beloved ISRAEL, My apple of My eye.

Come before Me, My royal priesthood, and dance before Me, and make melodies before My Holy throne, there where you are this very early day wherever you are My children.  I love it when you praise Me, your Heavenly Father.  I have such good plans to prosper you and to bring you much hope and good things, My children, My people, My creation from before the world existed, I knew each one of you.  I had a certain destiny for each and every one, and I saw it and was pleased, and said that it was good, very good, indeed.

You have the right to choose, which path you will take, for it is your free choice to make. Oh, that you would choose the best path, My Beloved Ones of My exuberant Torah, My living, breathing Words, given to My servant Moses that day, so long ago, up on Mount Sinai when I took him up under My very wings and covered him in the cleft of the rock, so to speak. I have desired to be your God and you, My people, for all time, but you rejected Me, your Holy God, every one of you, and I wasn’t able to give to you My spirit as I had hoped and wanted to.

Oh how, it saddens Me, your Holy God, and life went on, because My servant Moses came back up and petitioned on your behalf, as He did on other occasions, as well to a stubborn, rebellious and hard, stiffed-neck people, who should have trusted Me to have led them up and out of Egypt with My mighty outstretched arms of love that day when I opened up the Red Sea for you to walk through onto dry ground.  You, and all mankind, who wanted to come along for the journey of a lifetime, just as I brought you and your husband to My promised land there in My holy city of Jerusalem that day, not so long ago to tell and share with My chosen elite, that I am the same God of their fathers: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This was to remind them all that I haven’t changed, and that We will never, ever change until Our two witnesses, called heaven and earth, disappear and are no longer here to take record of our goodness and mercy to a thousand generations, My people. 


We love you so much and are coming back very soon, and We want everyone to know of Us and about Us. Our message that We have for you isn’t hard, nor is it hard to find, nor to do.  For it is right in front of you and on your very hearts now, if you have a relationship with Us, your Heavenly Father, God.  We have made it durable, as well as feasible, to a people who say that it is too hard and too far away to keep it.  We took it from being on stone tablets and put it into the flesh of each of your hearts, if you are one of Our born-again children, who have been called by Our name and received Us as your own.  Take up your cross daily, and come and do all that I have commanded for you to do, and keep from beginning to the end, My beautiful, beloved children of the Most High God of the universe, this early morning, where you are at, My daughter and My son of My very Torah/Scriptures.


I tell you and speak to you, because I can trust you to tell My people/children the truth, as I tell it to you this day, there in Phoenix, where I have chosen you to be, for such a time as this, to bring healing and restoration of things that were things to come, for such a time as this, to bring closure, healing and health to a people who need Me more than they’ll ever know possible.  I have such great hope that you will do all and everything I have spoken and told you to do, My daughter, for I trust you as I have trusted you all along.


Never fear, never doubt that I am with you each and every step of the way, leading you and guiding you in times past.  Just remember that it is My will that is being done, not yours, so be obedient and push away all fear and disbelief, to know that I am with you in all of your doing to help bring My Kingdom here once again, for a people who do not yet know Me as you know Me, your Holy, Loving God.  Speak and say all that I have told you to speak and say, and nothing more, My daughter and My son.  For out of the abundance of your mouth speak what I tell you to speak, and everything will work out for My glory and righteousness, this very day right where you are My children.


Woe unto those who reject you and say that you are not Mine, for greater is the one inside of you than he that is in the world. Take My spirit with you, and everything will work out for the good to those that love Me and My Father up in Heaven.  Remember I am with you to bring healing and wholeness to this family that says that they love Me, their God. No weapons formed against you shall prosper or do you harm, for thus says the Lord God of ISRAEL this very day here, where I have brought you, for such a time of healing and restoration, says God almighty, King of kings and Lord of Lords, amen 2:31 am.


This secret has been hid long enough and this hurting needs to stop.  Judgment is Mine, says the Lord, as well as blessings. I have come to give new life abundantly; will you choose it or pass it on by?  You get to choose, My people, this day.  I love you and your families, and want to bring healing to you, if you choose Me and My word this day. 3:45 am Shavuot/Pentecost 2019.

I want to give you freedom, says the Lord God, no more secrets and no more hiding; it needs to come out for restoration to take place in our lives. By JESUS stripes, we are all healed, amen. 3:48 am


4:16 am
For I will repay evil for evil, says the Lord God. What is done in secret, in the dark, will come out into the Light, says the Lord God of Israel, this very day.  Don’t ever think or believe you can get away from Me, your God.  You may think you are getting one over on Me, but thus says your Creator,  King of Kings and Lord of Lords, not a chance in a bloody moon.  I make and call the shots, not you or any one else, but Me alone.


I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, no one comes to the Father unless I draw him or her.  So stop thinking, you can do anything in and of yourselves, My children, who have such finite small intellects.  You have so much still to learn, My children, who think yourselves to be all that and then some.  Oh, you have been made in Our likeness; yes, but you are quite limited in your everyday capacities.

Open up your hearts unto Me, your God, and I shall fill you up to overflowing. so that you can learn and feed upon our Words and become the sons and daughters that we want for you to become, for such a time as this, My dearly beloved church/ekklesia.  You are the light on the candle stick that I refer to over and over again.  The light that is always to be lit in My Holy Temple that never shall be blown out.  I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, he that believes in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live, says the Lord God of Israel.


I Am the Rose of Sharon and the Bright Morning Star of My son, David.  I come to bring life and life more abundantly to those who are lost and dying, and who have no hope in themselves.  You can do nothing in and of yourselves, My precious little lambs of My TORAH.  Look and run after Me, and everything will turn out for your good to those who put their faith and trust in Me, their God of Heaven and of Earth, My footstool.  Oh, how I adore you all, My children, who seek after Me and trust Me to do all that My Word says to do, from the beginning to the end.


For all Scripture is profitable for sound doctrine and for reproof to those who love Me and put their faith in Me to the finish line.  This is a race worth fighting for so fight well and stay focused and persevere My people/children, for the Day of the Lord is just around the corner and it isn’t far off as you may all think it is.


The enemy is lurking to and fro, seeking whom he may devour.  Don’t respond to his calling, but turn him aside and run after Me, your God of all days.  The time for My returning will be like none other.  For be on your guard, be prepared and ready, so that you aren’t caught off guard, as a thief in the night and not ready.  I love you, My Church and My Bride, don’t stop looking for Me and My Father up in Heaven.  We are coming to a Church/Bride who has prepared and made herself ready. 4:47 am

She has adorned, cleansed, and purified herself to meet Me, her loving Abba, Daddy, one day soon. 4:54 am


8:39 am
I want to help you, but first you have to believe that I’m out to be of help for you, My child/children.  Open up your hearts to Me, before it’s too late for Me to help you and your families mend from all the hurts of your past and from your present wounds.  Stop blaming everything on the ones who love you, and who are there to help you, My child/children.  Oh that you could see from My point of view, then you would know that nothing is too difficult for Me, your God, to fix and to heal.   Just wrap your heads around what has happened, and trust Me, your awesome God/ Creator, to do for you this miracle that you have been waiting your whole life to see take place, right before your eyes, said God, who is looking for a few chosen ones to set the record straight, and to help fix the broken pieces that were not His fault in the first place, amen.


Sometimes, bad things happen to good people; it’s just the way it happens, and I do come and turn things for the good, but it does take awhile unfortunately, because there are repercussions for our actions, whether good or bad done to us.  You have to trust Us, your God, and stay in it for the long haul, not just think it will not take time. For it took time to happen, so it will also take time to get out of the mess that people have gotten you so tangled into.   It helps, if people bring their secrets out of the darkness and into the light.  The enemy likes for you to hide what your perpetrator has done, so nobody knows what is wrong with you. That is why he turns over the blame on you, so you won’t tell anyone.


Satan is out to destroy the family and to not have the family close.  He is out to break up the family first and foremost, even to the extent of death. Don’t be afraid, and fear not, My child/children, for you are very valuable to Me, and I can do much more than you ever thought was possible,  Just reach out to Me, who has loved you for a very long time, and let me show you My healing balm that can do wonders/ miracles, God.  9:02 am


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