Monday, June 3, 2019 @ 7:06 am.


When I woke up, I heard the Lord say, “Just because something is free, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.”   In my dream, there was this guy who looked like the minister who married us, and there was something strange about him that I didn’t recognize at first. I was looking for a job dealing with typing and things in that field, but when I went in, I found out that he expected for me to just be this pretty little thing to make him look good to those around him.   But I let him know right then that what he intended was not for me, so I wouldn’t be doing anything for him, or to him, that was not talked about at the interview.   I was married and loved my husband, and I wouldn’t cheat on him just to keep this position with the company.

As I was leaving the building, my dad came walking up to me.   I told him what just happened to me, and he was surprised that I didn’t quit on the spot.  Then I was with Chris in the car and going to where my job was going to be.  We were in this kitchen area where I see my sister and her family.  I thought this was a coincidence but a good one, because I knew that they would enjoy having breakfast before leaving for their trip as well.  I’m still not sure why we were all there at the same time.

Then we get outside, and lo and behold, tables filled with pancakes and the works, and salad bowls with all kinds of toppings, but the one salad that drew my attention the most was the red raddish.  Now in my dream, I’m seeing my brother Gary and his family, and I’m not sure if he had eaten before we got there, but by the time I sat down, everyone except my sister and me were left pretty much, so I go to the table that is the farthest by the street, and I pulled out my chair, and then I woke up.

I’m not sure why my sister waited and no one else did.  It isn’t like them.  I don’t think that this job will be panning out for me after all since I won’t be typing and doing the things that are associated with typing.


The Lord revealed to me the meaning of this dream.   All because someone or something looks one way on the outside, it doesn’t mean that is how they are on the inside of the glass.  First, you have to spend time with them before you can see a person’s true character.  Only after seeing their true character can you tell if they are “a good apple” or one in which there is a bruise, or even has a long slimy worm that is not worth your time and effort.  Then the Lord said:


I tell you all the truth, get to know Me, so that you can see how different I am from your adversary, the devil, who only gets one thing in his mind, just like the man in your dream.  It’s not always easy to see at first glance, but a person’s true character always seems to be revealed when you are all alone with them, as you were with this man whom you thought was just there giving you an opportunity to get a job and help your family in this financially hard time.

Your Father here represented Me trying to tell you not to play with fire and to run away, but you were so set on this job and your original plans that were set up, and by golly, you weren’t going to let any one stop you from doing it. You were determined to set this man straight for the life of you.   Now the people and the food in the dream were only enticers to keep trying to make this job worth it.

They were the revenues offered to keep you wanting what you should have said “No” to in the first place.  The devil, just like this man, knows just how to lure us away from what the Lord Jesus has for each and everyone of us, who will follow and listen to the Holy Spirit wooing after us, and that keeps us on the narrow path set before us, which is to follow TORAH and remain faithful to Christ and all of His Words in our Bibles that remain true for all time.


Don’t allow the enemy to spice up things and throw sweets at you to get your attention off of the finer things that I have prepared for you, My child/ children. He is most cunning in all of his ways, and he is trying to sugarcoat everything to get you out of My hands and into his slimy stinking fingers, until you’re no longer a threat to him or anyone around you.  He doesn’t have any good agenda towards you this day other than seeing you fall down and die and go straight to hell, for one day, he knows that is where he will be too to spend all of eternity, along with every angel that turned their backs on the One True God, the Creator of the Universe, and everything in it, including you, your family, and everyone else from the very beginning with Adam and Eve in your Bibles.

Just as this man in your dream was out to deceive you, he was also out to deceive others besides you in this life, to pretend to be this great school teacher and pastor. Everybody just loved him and thought he was so cool, and they wanted to hang out with him, but people like him, My sons and daughters, are not a good apple, but they are only pretending to get you all alone and trapped to where you can’t get away.

Your Father was right, and he was watching out for you, but you chose to go and do and see for yourself. Your Father never left you, but he was there still watching over you to make sure that it would never, ever happen again, and it didn’t, My sons and My daughters.


“For Justice and Judgment is Mine,” says the God of Israel, “for I will repay evil for evil.  For nothing ever gets passed Me, your God of the Heavens and the Earth, My Footstool.  Oh it may look as if people are getting off the hook, but that is where you are all wrong.  Yes, there is a thing which is called “grace,” but it is just for a very short time period.  This is why people who believe they are Mine are being deceived today into believing that what they’re doing,  such as living together, having illicit sex, and doing drugs in order to get “higher than a kite in the sky” are getting off the hook.  Also, another group who has been deceived are those who have decided to push back the covers and come out with all this stuff, such as to say, they aren’t the person that they were born or created to be, and that just maybe God has made a mistake.  I want you to know that is all hogwash and nonsense, people.


When I created you, as well as everybody and everything, I concluded that it was very good indeed.  Isn’t that what My Word says in Genesis?  I haven’t made any mistakes, My chosen elite few that haven’t yet fallen from the truth of My Word.  Be very careful that you too don’t get too proudful or arrogant to think that you too couldn’t be deceived as well.  So be on your guard, My children, from all around the globe, who are searching and seeking for the truth of who I Am and of My Kingdom, that’s coming to your earth very soon indeed.


The enemy is out there seeking whom he may devour like ravaging hungry wolves. Be on your guard at all times.  Keep your armor on at all times, and keep My Words in your mouth sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing of your soul.  Keep yourselves on top of your game, and don’t allow anyone in before you pray and seek Me first in prayer and supplication, My children, who say you love Me with an unending love that will never run cold or die.


I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, My sons and daughters of My Kingdom.  What I say is LAW, for I am your KING, and what I say goes, just like what would happen in any other KINGDOM ruled by a King, but the only difference now is that I’M the final King, and I get to make all the Final RULES, because I have been waiting for such a very long time.  All those other Kings and Kingdoms were just pictures of what was coming up ahead.  Some were good, but there were a whole lot of them that were bad, and not good at all.  The good ones represented Me, and those that were not represented the devil himself.  There has always been a struggle with good and evil from before I created you, My people.


This is why satan and his imps were thrown and cast out of heaven for all of eternity to rule and reign in the air.  They have been nothing but problem after problem, but they have been defeated by the blood that I shed upon My cross over 2,000 years ago, and the only destination that he and all his little trolls have is hell and damnation and woe.


Yes, the lake of fire and brimstone for all of eternity while they burn, rot, stink and smell, and all the while, they will not be able to stop any of the torment for ever and ever.  Feeling the burning and uttermost disappointments, but also having no way out from under the influence that got them there in the first place.  All the blaming of others won’t matter, because once they are convicted of the crime of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, there is never a way out.


I say today, REPENT before it’s too late.  Teshuvah, turn around and stop your sinful life style that you’ve been living, and read and do all that Moses commanded and wrote down on top of Mt. Sinai that day so long ago.  Read and Study to show yourself approved, My people, My Children, who say you are Mine today.   You have gone astray, every single one of you, this day.  Repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins, and be filled with My Holy Spirit to help guide you all into My truth, and not what you think is truth this very day.  I Am the Way, the Only Way, to the Father up in Heaven, My children.  Stop your trying to figure out what you cannot comprehend, and just trust Me, your Good God, to only give you the finest things in My Book.


Seek Me and you shall find Me, Knock and the door will be opened unto you.  For if you ask the Father in JESUS’ name, there won’t be anything withheld from you, My children/child.  Ask and it shall be given unto you, pressed down and shaken together and to overflowing.


But you must believe in your heart, and not doubt, is the prerequisite for it to come into fruition here to where your eyes can see it as it is. You have been given the mustard seed kind of faith. When you trust and believe, that I can do anything for you without doubting and fearing what lays ahead of you, that is when and where the miraculous/miracles happen, and then you have been transformed into a new creation in Me, Christ Jesus your Lord and Saviour, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, today My children, who have been called by My name, above every ruler and principalities under the sun.


Be wise, My little lambs/sheep, who have gone your own ways.  It’s not too late for you to come back to Me, your El Shaddai, your more than enough.  I AM that I AM; that is My name, and that is what I told Moses when He sought Me to say and ask, “What do I say to them when they ask me who told Me all this?”  Now what is it you want from Me, your God, tonight/today from wherever you are this day around the world?

I, your Heavenly Father, love you more each and every day, from the first time I laid My hands upon you, and formed you in your mother’s womb.  That was a very long time ago, but My love for anyone of you has not changed, nor will it, for I do not ever change, but I stay the same forever and for always.  My Word says that I am the same yesterday, today and Forever (Hebrews 13:8). Forever is an extremely long time that never ends; it is infinite, which means there is no ending, but it is ever going.  This is who I am.  Just believe and doubt not, for Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, amen. 9:30 am.

9:40 am


For those who do not repent, and turn back their hearts towards their Heavenly Father, will not see My Kingdom, nor will they be part of My Kingdom in this world or the World to come.   They will not share in the things of My Kingdom, nor will they walk on My streets of gold, nor will they even see My Pearly Gates that go into My Beautiful City up on top of the hills in My Beulah Land, in My great City of David of My King/Son.


For those who do Repent, My Law has all been established and set in stone from the very beginning of time, and it is now forever written on your hearts of flesh, so that you can do them, as well as keep them. They are no longer far from you, to where you can not reach them, My children, who say that you can’t keep them, for it is too hard.   For I have heard your hearts’ cry, and I listened and answered them.

Give heed unto Me, your Divine, Holy Righteous God, and do and keep all that Moses has given to you that day so long ago.  My Covenant is forever, My dearly beloved Bride. Our Ketubah (wedding covenant) is an everlasting marriage between you and Me.  We made an agreement and signed the contract at the bottom of the mountain so long ago.  I have kept My vows, My children, who I have redeemed and made free by the blood that I shed for you all on Mount Calvary on top of that hill, that day between the two thieves: one who was repentive and the other was not.


Just as I told the one who was repentive that day, “Today you shall be with Me in paradise,” so shall you be as well, if you follow Me and keep all of My Commandments that I told you to keep that day so long ago under the covering of My prayer shawl, my Chuppah, that was covering My people by the clouds hanging over them that day while I was speaking to them, but they were afraid, like so many of you are this day.


There isn’t anything to be afraid of but fear itself, My chosen set aside ones, for such a time as this.  I have loved you then, and I will love you for as long as forever is. There is no changing My mind, so stop changing yours, and stop profaning My Holy name, and stop prostituting yourselves and cheating on Me with other gods, that you say are better than Me.


I am not happy with you and your positions on things.   Therefore, REPENT and do your first works over this day, before I return to you as a thief in the night and catch you off guard.  “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive,” My little lambs of My TORAH.

My wish for all of you is to Repent of all your evil doings, and to run back to Me, your Heavenly Father, before this great day of the Lord happens, and it catches you off guard.  Oh, it will be a great falling away, like you have never yet seen, My people, who think you have it all figured out.  Do not think yourselves wise in your own intellect, but instead, get down on your knees and get dirty, and start searching out My Scriptures from beginning to end, for the answers to life is in them, for I AM the the way, the truth, and the life written in them, for such a time as this, for the whole wide world to get to know Me, not just about Me, God.


You are to shine your light on top of the mountain peaks/ the lighthouse that shines brighter for all men to see from all over.  You are the candle sticks that are glowing on your Holy Days/Sabbaths, and set aside for Me to illuminate My presence in your homes and meeting places, as you worship Me, your Eternal God, who reigns and is seated on High on the right hand of God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day and for all time.

I AM He who loves you and wants for you to love Me back.  I AM HE who desires a RELATIONSHIP with you like I had in the garden with Adam and Eve before the fall when sin entered in and destroyed what we wanted for you and all mankind to have with us.


My son, Abraham, saw My day and rejoiced, because he knew that everything would one day turn out to be like it once had been before sin entered the world.  When God promised him and Sarah a child in their old age, and that their seed would be like the stars in the sky and the sand of the sea.  This all happened and it still is, My children. My Son was sent to keep My promise to Abraham, your Father, that day so long ago when we put him into a deep sleep, like we also did with Adam, when we took the woman from his side, and created him a companion to be like himself, a mate to be with him and to bring life about.  This life is what God made happen to make us into His likeness and image.  By this procreation of life, we are reflecting His image as we see happening by producing offspring.

This is why satan is not happy about the marriage of a man of a woman.  This is because it reminds him of what he had done by trying to over rule God’s authority and power.  When two people, male and female, come together and consummate their relationship with one another, and they are able to produce another life in the image of themselves, which is how we were made in the likeness of our Creator God, that makes satan very angry and even more hateful.  His intent at that point is to try everything he can to distort and to pervert the image of God, that God had intended for one man and one woman to conceive and give birth to a baby like themselves in the image of God.  God is Holy and desires for all of us to be Holy as well.

The problem is we live now in a fallen state/world that is so distorted with every evil wicked thing you can imagine.  So until we see how ugly and sinful we truly are can we truly be forgiven by our Creator God, and therefore have the hope of a better future in heaven one day when we die and go to be with Him.

This is one of the reasons JESUS had to come and do what He did upon the cross so long ago.  The other reasons are to fulfill what He spoke when He made Covenant with Abraham, like I mentioned earlier.  Because of all the disobedience that transpired from Abraham to the time before JESUS’ arrival.  God had to keep His promise and give up His only Son to die such a cruel death upon an ugly cross to keep His vow to Abraham and all of his descendants from his time onward forever. So this is why it is so important that JESUS was the promised redeemer for us. That is why not only his birth but also his death were important, but if not for His resurrection on the third day, He wouldn’t have been able to be our SALVATION that the prophets of old had spoke about, and who wrote about it for us to know about Him.


So to say that the one who came to save us and to redeem us is no longer important enough to read and to spend time studying about in order to show yourselves approved, just because the veil was split from top to bottom, is nonsense and ridiculous and retarded.  My coming didn’t have anything to do with My Father’s Laws, My so-called church of today. Woe unto you, who think this way.  My coming was because of My promise and Covenant with My friend and prophet/ servant Abraham and Moses, who I used to bring you all back to Myself by giving you My instructions and My Manual to teach you My heart, what I like and dislike.


What good Father doesn’t want his own children to love him and to trust him.  It is the same with Me, your Loving, Heavenly Father, who wants to bestow upon you My Chesed, or Lovingkindness, to a thousand generations and more if need be.
Just as forgiveness is as I told Peter.  Not 7 times 7, but 70 times 7.   The point taken is to always forgive, so that your Heavenly Father will also forgive you and those whom you love.

Never doubt that I am really your Friend, or that I can’t be trusted. That is the enemy trying to steal you away from Me, your God/Creator.  Keep your eyes on the mark set before you, and continue on this Journey that you have started by receiving Me, by believing and not doubting that I am the Christ, the Son of the One and Only True God of the Universe.  Take this first step, and keep going, and don’t ever stop following Me, until you see Me face to face, and I will say, “Well done, you good and faithful ones who chose to follow Me.”  11:19 am.


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