Thursday, March 21, 2019 @ 8:11 am.

God wakes me up to “Not everything is good for you.”


My respond and prayer back was, “Okay, I know this already, so why wake me up to tell me what I already know, my God, my Adonai?  What did I eat or do yesterday that made you tell me this?  I had been fasting, I know, to get closer to YOU, and because it was PURIM, I had decided to stop for the day to celebrate with my husband and daughter and the Congregation we were attending that evening. We had even gone as far as getting our free cone from Dairy Queen before the party of PURIM started. I know that You, GOD, like festivities because You have given to us seven of them in Your Torah, and if You count Purim and Hanukkah, there are nine of them.”


At first, when I posted this LOVE LETTER, I didn’t see the connection between these two postings, even though they were given to me on the same day, after I had prayed and asked for understanding.  Then as I pondered and prayed over this sentence “Not everything is good for you,” I realized that God was telling me that even though Purim is a Great Time to re-focus and remember what had happened long ago, and how Esther/Hadassah was a picture of Me (Christ Jesus) and was able to save her people from being exterminated and wiped off the face of the earth.

Through this, God is saying and was trying to show me that OUR RELATIONSHIP needs to be even more important than anything, even any party or festival.  That I need to remember to continue to stay faithful to Him, even when the people in your life around you are seeming to enjoy themselves and party it all up.  The moral of this now has become very clear to me, and I pray that you can all see it as well and can learn as I have come to appreciate the love of my Heavenly Father and King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very day, April 1, 2019.

Thursday, March 21, 2019 @ 1:32 pm.

I was dozing off while reading my book, Lionness Arising.  My eyes were getting, oh so tired, and then God, through His Holy Spirit, says,


I have not called you to do something hard but not something simple either, but to just do what My WILL is for each and everyone of you here this day.  I have called you to do My purpose, My plan, to get what I want done, but for all the world to know and to see this very day, right where I have called each of you to be everywhere, where you are located and live, for such a time as this.


Yes, you are all celebrating My PURIM where you are living.  You are doing a great thing celebrating and making melodies to the freedom that was brought to My Jewish people from all over the world in their day.  I AM so very happy that I have people, still even today, who get excited about this FREEDOM, this very VICTORY, that My children were given to set them free from the bondage and slavery in such a time as that which was back in Shushan where Queen Hadassah/Esther lived at in that time and space.  There was such a time of peace, but then much hardship for them like they never knew. How would you all feel if everytime you went out to do something that you feared for your life and livelihood?


That was what it was like for them, the Jews, back in the reign of King Ahasuerus/ Xerxes before Queen Esther was brought into the King’s Chambers that very day.  Yes, I AM not mentioned anywhere in this, for so many reasons.  I have not even the slightest mention of My Holy name to let you know that I am still quite apparent, even if I am not.  I don’t have to be mentioned to know that I exist, My people, My children.  I exist, even when I don’t appear that I do.  Just the mere thought of Me makes ME brighter and higher than any other god that you served or call yours today on the earth that I created with My own hands.  You cannot  keep Me, your Heavenly Father, out of anything.


I am in everything, whether My name is in it or not.  I am implanted and infiltrated in all things/everything.  You cannot hide Me or remove Me, however hard you may try, it won’t work.  For I am all powerful and My very existence is more than you could ever fathom or make up. I AM that I AM is all that matters, My beloved children/creation.  I hold all things, for everything is in the very palms of My hands.  There is absolutely nothing that doesn’t exist that I haven’t already made available to you to see today.  For nothing exists, unless first I make it to exist.  Yes, I know that this is hard for your small human brains to comprehend, but that is understandable.


For I created everything out of nothing, and without Me, there wouldn’t be any of you this Day.  This is how loving and kind I am, My children of My great Big Universe.  Why does it take such great trouble just to get and draw your attention to Me this very day?  Why does it take such hard work for you to see just how important I am to you, My child/My children?  Why does everything take your time that is supposed to be with Me, your Heavenly Father, that you say that you love and want to have fellowship with.  Where has your love gone to, that you claim to say you have for Me, My child/children?

Do you ever really wonder what it is that you really feel for Me, or are you just getting by okay without putting Me in the driver’s seat anymore?  Are you comfortable just waiting for Me to wake you up and start the conversation going?  Why has our love come closer to running out?  Does this even concern you just a little bit, or is it starting to be the “new normal” for you, because it is not okay with Me, your Heavenly Father, who loves you, Oh, so very much.


I have so much planned for you and I.  I have so much to tell you, My daughters and My sons of My Torah/Scripture.  Aren’t you even just a little bit interested in what I have been doing and preparing for each one of you while I have been gone away from you?  Oh, I miss you all so very much, and Oh, how I long for you to miss Me as well.  My Church, My Bride, won’t you come a little bit closer and set down with Me and tell Me why it is you have decided to let our friendship fall asleep/aside?  Come sit down and bow down before Me, your Creator, your God, and tell Me why it is you decided to throw in the towel, and do things your own way, since I left you back after seeing you the last time before you watched Me ascend back to My Father in Heaven?


I did not leave you alone, but I sent to you My Helper, the Holy Spirit, just as I promised that I would do.  Why do you not accept My Helper?  Why won’t you believe that He is of service to you?  You, My church, My people, need Him so very much.  You cannot do and live life in these days and times without Him to help guide and lead you into all Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge and Understanding.  The enemy satan, the devil, is out to kill and destroy each and everyone of you, My little lambs/children.  He is not your friend but your enemy.  Why can’t you see this?  I will tell you why it is because you have rejected My Holy Torah, My very Words, spoken to you through My Prophet Moses up on Mount Sinai that day in the Wilderness where you convinced his only brother Aharon/Aaron to help make you a golden god to worship Me, the God of the Universe.


Didn’t I already tell you not to do, or make unto yourselves, anything to worship as idols?  Didn’t I just free you from the slavery of bondage of Egypt, and bring you in and through the RED SEA, by My Holy outstretched arms of My Prophet, Moses, and his brother, Aaron.  Why can’t you grasp ahold of this and see how much that I do love and care for each and everyone of you this very day of PURIM that you’re celebrating for the deliverance of My Jewish people today; My very Israel, whom you are all supposed to be a part of, if you have accepted Me as you’re Lord God and King of the Universe.


You claim to be one of Mine, so don’t you think it’s time that you start acting like one of Mine as well, My people/My children, who have been bought with a very High Price with My very own blood that was shed upon the cross of Calvary, for you and for all mankind’s sins, sicknesses and diseases?  What more do I need to do for you to understand how very much that I love each of you this very day/night, My beloved ones of My Father up in Heaven?  Where you’re all going to be at before My returning to this earth where you are at and living here today, My footstool?


Don’t forget to do and keep all that I have told you to do before.  REPENT and BE BAPTIZED, for the remission of your sins and receive My Holy Spirit with Fire, like in the Upper Room on that Day of Pentecost, Shavuot.  This is all important, and needs to be done, My church/My people.  Don’t listen to those who will convince you otherwise.  The enemy satan knows that when you do, you will be changed and be able to do all that is written in My Book you have at home on the shelves and night stands.  Don’t delay or hold back any longer, for the Day of My Returning is close at hand, says the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.   2:35 pm.


Wow, Lord, this makes Me REPENT and ask for your forgiveness once again.  I’m so humbled by your visitation to Me, your servant girl.  This book that I’m reading just before this was absolutely an eye opener to see the Lioness Arising in My very soul.  Help me, God, to not let the fire die down, but let the Lioness in Me burn always for You, Lord, always and forevermore.

I cannot wait for your coming in the clouds, My God.  Help me to not ever get stagnate in my love for you, but keep me strong and alive and alert at all times.  Help me to see the good in people, and help wherever there is a need wherever that may be.  Give me a love for all of our people near and far all over the world, God.  Thank you for dying for me, and rising from the dead, but even better for ascending to God, our Father, and sending back to us/me your Holy Spirit with Fire, so that I can experience what your disciples did while with you and even greater, amen.   @ 2:42 pm.



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