I wrote this back on March 18, 2017

ISRAEL needs our prayers, but so does all of the world.  This is very sad to hear.  Breaks my heart to know that God’s people, all of God’s creation, whether they know Him or not, would do such an evil act of murder to the unborn child. If the children are not going to be able to give their voice, then we as Christian’s need to help the young mothers choose to do the right thing, instead of the easy supposedly quick fix which it never really is. What it does is make the girl/woman feel bad and devastated later on what she has actually done after the act has been committed.I realize that there is a man involved but the man/boy should also be held responsible too. The problem is they either end up leaving or paying for the procedure of murder to take place. I know I’m not very popular right now but God hasn’t called me to be. He has told me to tell His children how much that He loves them and is coming back real soon.

You say when I don’t know but God says soon, so prepare yourselves and get ready for the King of Kings will be coming back and we don’t want to be doing things that dishonors our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God isn’t concerned with our titles or positions but He is concerned with our behavior and in our lifestyle we are living. God is a Holy God and He only can live in that which is Holy and Righteous. How can we say we love God if the ones calling themselves Christians are living the same lifestyle of most of the world is today. This is very very sad when this is happening in Israel God’s Holy City.

I’ve been there and it is the most Awesome place I’ve ever been too or seen. Quite different from what I had anticipated from what others had told me from their tour experiences. Living there for three months was quite the trip of a lifetime. Didn’t go there to be tourist but to be a walking living example of what Christ had told us to be. Telling and sharing the love of our Father to the nations of the world. Trust me there were so many different nations represented there when we were, what an honor it was to be in the center of the world and not only see but hear all the different languages. Oh how it might have sounded at the bottom of the mountain where God had spoken to the children of Israel that day when they yell out to Moses to go back up the mountain and speak to God for us. God said that was a good idea because where their hearts were at they would’ve been exterminated by God’s Holiness.

If that would’ve happened there would’ve been no Jesus/Yeshua and we would’ve all eventually died in our sins. God wanted to start all over with Moses but Moses interceded for us, thank you Moses for going to God and making an Atonement for us. Wow! isn’t God the most loving Father to give His children the grace and mercy for those that wanted to come to the Lords side. We call ourselves a Christian nation, we need to start praying like never before to save the voice of the babies who are being murder as I type this. You and I were given a chance to live, do the same for the one you’re carrying right now or someone you know who is carrying a child within her who doesn’t feel like she can do this for one reason or another. Yes, it may be a hard decision but aren’t you glad that you had been given the opportunity to have a chance to be who you are today.

Maybe you don’t care, just maybe you wish you didn’t survive but you did and now you do have a choice. Be thankful that your parents whoever they might be gave you a chance to be who you are today. Maybe it was the hardest decision they had to make and it wasn’t easy for them to do, but they did because someone helped them and told them it would be okay and that somehow, somewhere they would be able to make it work. Maybe they just kept you and gave birth to you so that some couple who couldn’t bare children for some reason or another couldn’t conceive and have the child of their dreams. I don’t know the reasonings behind all the things I have mentioned here because I have never been in anyone of your shoes. What I do know is that my parents chose to have me and I’m so very grateful for their decision even though my mother had polio and it wasn’t easy for her to have me or any of my four siblings. Yes we were conceived out of love and I know there are those who weren’t but that isn’t the baby’s fault nor is it necessarily the mother’s fault either. Sometimes bad things happen to good people but it doesn’t mean that it can’t turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

People are people and a lot of us do make unwise decisions at times. God has a way of turning our bad decisions into something very beautiful if we will just give Him the opportunity or opportunities to do so. It just take one unique person to talk to another unique person and give that one person just a little bit of hope, a dream of what could develop if just given a chance to dream, blessings and shalom. I know we live in a flawed world but as flawed and messed up as it is we can make a huge difference by just being kind to the ones who have to make such a huge decision. Just show a little kindness your love can go a long long way. Be the person you want other to treat you like. God is a faithful Father and He’ll never turn anyone away just go to Him and make your request known unto Him. He’s waiting patiently at your hearts door. Just take a second and open up your heart to Him.

This is one of those life decisions that you’ll never ever regret. If you’re seeking peace and contentment try and give the ONE who has all the answers to this universe a try. I know that when I’m in a store and they have samples of something if I like it enough I will go back and ask for another. This is like my Father. Once you open up that door and take a glimpse in you never will again want to shut that door, because it is like nothing ever you seen before. It just keeps drawing you back for more. The Word of God is enticing and it’s like an onion. You can peel it over and over again and always find something new and bright behind the next page. I once was told in one of my pieces of writing that God had me write down. He referred to one of my favorite games as a child, Hide n seek. God likes to hide His mysteries from us in His Word so that we will seek Him out in His Scriptures/Word. God loves it when we give Him His special time early in the mornings. God is a jealous God and He seeks to have a relationship with each of us. I know that this is long but God is wanting for His children to get on board and help prepare for His coming that is just around the corner. How long do you say, That only God knows. He just keeps saying over and over to prepare your hearts and get your lamp oil prepare so that when that Great day comes you won’t be left behind.

For God is waiting for His bride to come back home are you there yet? For those that have had an abortion in their past. God loves you and HIS heart yearns for you. He is ready to heal you and to forgive you. No reason for you to feel condemned because God is willing and waiting to wrap His arms of love around you this very night/day. Just ask Him open up to God and He will wash you white as snow just like His Word says in John 3:16-17

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