Sunday, February 24, 2019 @ 6 am.

The Lord Jesus wakes me up to Ezekiel 20, and says WOE.  Now that I am up, then the Lord says unto HIS church and people, who still do not take heed to His Words and Keep HIS COMMANDMENTS/SCRIPTURES, for they are all living in rebellion and treading in deep waters just like you heard about the church back where you just came from just recently.  Yes, My daughter you have received My GRACE and My UNCONDITIONAL FAVOR of the LORD.  You and your husband were faithful stewards of MY HOLY SCRIPTURES and because of that staying faithful to all MY COMMANDMENTS and TEACHINGS and showing others also to do them.  You have been given much reward in My eyes/sight.  You have been faithful in the small things and will be given trust to do bigger things, My faithful servants of My Heavenly Kingdom.  Watch, Prepare, and Keep strong this very day for greater things are on the way.  For TRUST and OBEDIENCE go hand in hand and can’t be left unattended to.  Open up your hearts for greater lessons are up the road, be wise and discerning.