Sunday, January 13, 2019 @ 9:26 am.

God starts wooing after Me, and I start to procrastinate by still laying on my comfy bed.  The Holy Spirit keeps bringing thoughts and words to my intellect, and I keep thinking, but Lord, I’m tired and want to sleep more.   And that’s when I hear the loving words of My Heavenly Father, telling me that He wants for us all to meet and congregate under His Heavenly TALLIT.  I see that HE is getting impatient with me.


He says that He loves you and I so very much.  He (God) calls us His sons and His daughters.  He says, that it is not too hard or out of our reach to keep and to obey all of His commandments, if we would just follow Him, as Jesus told his disciples to do while He was with them.  He (God) says to not get all bound up by everything around us,  and keep our eyes, ears, and mind set on the goal/mark set before us, the Lord Jesus, and we too should be able to withstand all of the fiery darts of the evil one satan, also called Lucifer.  Gods says,

That you are all more than conquerors, who keep your eyes focused on the One who paid it all for you on the cross of Calvary.  And as He (Jesus) paid the debt that He did not owe, you can claim what He did for you all, and one day, be where He is for all of eternity.

We need to be followers of Yeshua [Jesus] and do what He did and act like He acted, and be His Talmidim/ His very students. We need to study and learn as He learned.  We need to be kicking up the dust of our feet, and having students behind us getting covered in the dust as we’re walking this faith road to the other side.  We need to be imitating our Master, Lord and Savior, and King of the Universe every single day.  Teaching others how to love the Father, as the Father is unconditionally loving us, His Children and Bride.  We are to be illuminating the love of Yeshua/Jesus to the world, so they, too, will see how much the Father loves them and wants for them to love Him back.


How will they know, if you don’t tell them, My people, My Chosen elect few, who say with your mouths that I AM Your KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, this very beautiful morning in Phoenix, where you, My son and daughter, live at with your daughter, who I have chosen to bring you to live with.


Oh, I know that it is humbling, but trust Me that I have great plans for you both and for her.  God’s ways are not your ways, My children.  I hold the whole world in the palms of My hands, so know that I also have you right where you are needed for this period/season of your lives.  I know that it may feel uncertain and unsure, but trust your Heavenly Father to guide and lead you into all truth, knowledge and wisdom, for such a time as this, as My sweet Esther said in her book in your Bibles there, where you are this very day.

Hold on tight for great and better days are up ahead for the both of you.  Keep trusting, keep believing, and your whole house shall be saved and made whole once again.  Never fear, never doubt, for thus says the Lord God of Israel.  Doubt and fear shall never enter into My Kingdom, says God Almighty.


I AM very strict when it comes to obeying ME and Keeping My Word/ Commandments, My people, My children.  You have NO RIGHT to tell, My Creation that I have done away with anyone of them.  They are MY HEART and what I AM LIKE.  They were never written down to SAVE you, with His Mighty Hand.

These Commandments that you call “legalism” are My very HEART and they are WHO I AM, and want for you all to be like.  I’ve said and told you over and over again to IMITATE ME and MY WAYS, and I tell you again if you love ME, you will keep and do them ALL.  Not to be SAVED, but because you LOVE ME and want to be OBEDIENT to Me, your Creator, your Father, which is in Heaven this very day and for always.

I AM ETERNAL, and I have always existed.  I have NO beginning, and I have NO ending, unlike you.  You can not pick and choose which of My Commandments can stay, and which ones are abolished.  They are Eternal, just as I AM ETERNAL, My church, My bride, if that is what you call yourselves.


Clean up yourselves, purify your hearts and come back to the altar where you first met Me, and do your first works over by repenting, washing and cleansing yourselves in My clear flowing waters of My Words and in baptism, and I will once again receive you unto myself, My little lambs, who have strayed and fallen short of My glory this very day.

Come running back to Me, your Holy God, and I will carry you just like a Shepherd would carry one of his sheep, who would stray off and fall down or break a leg.  Let this be an example of how much I love each of you, My children. Even if just one of you strays away, I AM always right there with you waiting for you to call out and ask Me to help you and to forgive you.  All you need is to repent and acknowledge you were wrong, just as you would to someone that has hurt or harmed you by saying or doing something that has caused you an offense or heartbreak by cheating or committing a crime against you.  This is what I AM talking about My people, My church, who are fornicating and committing adultery on Me, their One True, Invisible, ALL-knowing God of Heaven and Earth this very Sunday, you call your day of rest and your Sabbath.


I AM not pleased with you My church people, My so-called set apart ones, who say you desire Me as I desire you.  Show yourselves approved like My Word says to do.  You cheat and you lie about Me, your God, who is a Holy God. You say, I have changed My Mind, and that My Son’s death and resurrection makes it all okay?  Well, I AM telling you, it is not okay with Me,  and it has never been.


I AM warning you to get your lives in order before it is too late, My daughters and My sons, who say you love Me and keep My commandments, but prove to be liars, thieves and robbers, and are practicing and teaching others to do likewise.  It does matter to Me, and it has always mattered to Me.  I have sent you a prophet and prophetess.  I have sent you teachers and preachers to help you, but you reject them and say, they are not telling the truth and are false teachers claiming to tell and preach things against My teachings in the Scriptures.


You, My church, need to hear and grasp hold of My Prophets and leaders I have writing and broadcasting to you through Face Book and on YOU TUBE or wherever you are hearing about ME.  If they preach about Me and My Torah that it is for today, and that I have not changed My mind concerning it, then you’d better take heart and listen, and follow them and get some of the dust and dirt in your faces.  Cover yourselves in their dust they are kicking up, as you follow and seek truth, because truth is what you need to gain ETERNAL LIFE in Me, for I AM The WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, My Church.  My Words stand forever.  Paul was a man like you and I, and he was preaching to the Gentiles, and he was very hard to Understand, but was preaching of Me, and following after Me, and doing everything that I did, so learn from Him and understand that he was answering the questions of the people.


Just like Me, you do not have everything written down that I did and said.  Paul said and did so much more that you don’t have too.  He was preaching and teaching about Me and was very Torah Observant as I am still this very day.  How can I not be, it is who I am.  Paul was and also will be a Jew, and the same is for Me, your God of Heaven and Earth this day.  Stop trying to change Me, My people, who say you love Me.


My question is, “Do you truly believe who I say that I AM, or are you just saying and confessing it because you want to keep your prospects open, just in case these bible-believing people might just know something?”  Funny humans, when will you ever learn to trust and obey like that song you used to sing in your churches so long ago?  You might want to bring it back.  But I guess it’s not one that draws much attention and brings in the offering and tithes that you also claim to is for today, but it is from the OLD TESTAMENT.  Stop using Me as a buffet table for your disposal.


You can not have it both ways.  Stop polluting My Holy Temple, that you say that you are My church.  You disgust Me and make Me want to puke you out.  Lukewarmness is stinky, like I said before, like a dirty toilet bowl.  CLEAN IT UP and RETURN TO ME, your Holy, Righteous God, who created you all to worship and to praise Me your GOD.  I created you because I wanted a family to love Me and have a relationship with Me, your Father.  I didn’t need you; I wanted you.  Love Me, Keep My commandments and you shall/will do well and prosper, and be in good health, My children, God.  10:36 am.


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