Sunday, January 6, 2019 @ 10:30 am.

Woke up from my comfy bed this morning and the first thing the Lords says to me is “Spend time with Me”. There was a reply from me, but I chose to leave it out. What I want for you all to do is, is fill in the blank page with your respond to the Lord Jesus, for yourself. Tell HIM your heart and what it is that is troubling you or what it is that you need God to work out on your behalf this very morning/moment for such a time as this.  I know for me, I didn’t have to think very hard before things just came flooding in from all 4 corners of my mind. Sometimes the Lord just wants us to be quiet before HIM and let HIM do all the talking and other times HE just listens to us and hears our heart cries and tells us child it’s going to be alright. Just trust ME to have your back. Just trust ME the one who holds the whole world in the palms of my hands.  Sometimes, HE just wants to hold and cuddle us like we like to be held and cuddled. Sometimes, HE just wants for us to pay attention to HIM and give HIM quality time like we like sometimes. You know my friends it’s not always about the length/quantity of time we spend together with someone that counts but the quality of time well spent with them.

Is our relationship with Father God, Quality time or Quantity time? Do we think if we read a bunch of pages in the bible in the morning or before we go to bed and get a quick prayer in that we are doing something great/grand? Maybe we should think about this a bit longer. How, about in our relationships with others. Do we want to just do, do, do all day and go, go, go all day and at the end wonder what in the world did I even accomplish but to keep busy and never accomplish really anything but say I was with this person or that person and they should just be happy about it.

I’m starting to rethink a few things and areas of my life, by hearing this, statement/question come from the LORD the other day.  AM, I spending the time with HIM that HE desires or that I desire to give to HIM? This brings up another good thought. I was just talking with someone the other day on the phone.  This person asked me why that they had to always call me. I thought very quickly and my response back was because I thought that is how you wanted it, because you are always so busy.  Then the person said I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad. I brought this up because sometimes in life we allow ourselves to be so, so busy that we haven’t the time to do this friendship/relationship the right way.  Sometimes we keep doing what we think is right without asking the other person how that it is making them feel. We start taking advantage without sometimes even recognizing what were doing. In the process we end up hurting the ones we say that we love and adore.  I think that is what God is trying to get across to me this morning back on the 6th of January.  People and friends, look how much God loves you and I.  He has taken the time to commune with me, to tell me His heart while I was still laying on my comfy bed all cozy just waiting/listening to hear the voice of my Father, before I put my feet to the floor to start my busy day.

How does this have anything to do with anything, someone might ask.  I really can’t give you a answer other than what I say makes sense to me.  I know that when I sit back in my chair and have a book in my hand to read or if I’m just sitting and thinking about life with a drink of something in my hand.  I start to wander off in my mind to a place of loneliness maybe or maybe to a happy place when I’ve had all of my children and family around at the same time. Or maybe a time when I was praying for someone and I saw the Lord heal and restore them to health by and through the HOLY SPIRIT. We can take authority over what we think by not allowing our minds to go to those places.  We  need to be consciously aware at all times that the enemy is real, and would just love for us to go on a warpath down the wrong avenue of our minds.  We can direct where we decide where to launch our thoughts and where we lay down to rest them.  Life is a journey and I’m liking this journey more and more everyday that I take the responsibility for my actions and of my consequences for them. God promises to be with us always and that I’m very thankful for, trust me.   This is something to ponder on and I would like to challenge each of you to challenge yourselves as well.  This is way more than I expected to say but I feel that the Lord guided me here to share more of what I’m about. I’m no better than anyone here reading this blog. I’m just thankful that God chose to use me to help someone, if only one, blessings and shalom. Love you all very much.