Tuesday, December 25, 2018 @4:44 am

I was sleeping, and I heard this knocking sound, but then I heard the Lord say,


If you answer the door, I will give you all eternal life and a home with Me in heaven above, My children, My daughter, who loves Me your Father.   You are wise by opening the door and following after Me, your Heavenly Father and King.   Those you walk after Me shall have life everlasting and shall never die but live forever, but those who see Me as only a myth shall never see the light of day, but they shall burn in hell for all of eternity with the devil and all of his imps, who would rather laugh at Me than to listen to Me, who created them and gave them life.

I am everlasting life, and I give it freely to all those who are willing to receive Me as their Lord and Savior, King and Master.   I will never turn anyone away, if they will bow down and accept Me, by acknowledging that they have sinned and have fallen short of My glory, and repent and ask for My forgiveness.  Nothing is ever too hard or difficult for Me, their God, to perform.


I have done so many miracles.   I’ve turned the water into wine. I’ve healed and cleansed the lepers.  I’ve opened the eyes of the blind.  I’ve made the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.  I’ve even multiplied the bread and the fishes on a number of occasions.  I have made the crippled to walk and healed the paraplegic.  I cast out demons, and I have raised the dead by calling out to them by name.

There is nothing that I can not do. I have split the waters open and had my people walk out of Egypt onto dry land and caused plagues to come on the Egyptians so that Pharaoh would let My people go.  I fed My people in the wilderness with manna that came down from heaven, and even brought water out of the Rock to give My people something to drink to quench their thirst.  I Am a mighty God, and there isn’t anything that I can not do or perform.

I closed/shut up the mouths of the lions while Daniel was thrown in the Lions den. I was with Meshach, Shadrach and Abed-nego in the fiery furnace, even when they turned it up seven times hotter.  I was with David, My shepherd boy, when he killed the lion and the bear while attending his father’s sheep.  The list goes on and on.

I was the miracle that brought life to the widow and her son, who fed My prophet Elijah.  It was I who saw the widow lady give her last coin that was in her pocket, while others gave from their much wealth.  I gave sight to the blind by spitting on the ground, and making mud to put on his eyes, and then I told him to go wash in the pool of Siloam; and when he obeyed, his eyes began to see for the very first time ever.


This is the loving God that I am people, not this cruel God that enjoys to see people hurt and tied down to a bunch of ridiculous laws and regulations.  I have come to a people to give them a hope with a promise and a future.  To bring them life and life more abundantly.  I have come to give them a bright future, one that is full of promise and hope that shall never run dry.  A promise not to die but to live and to see the glory of My kingdom, and to rule and to reign there with Me and My Father, which is in Heaven, this very day and morning.


I am your ‘El Shaddai and your bright, shining star that your daughter bought you and your husband, as well as your daughter Abby yesterday.  You are very special to Me, your Heavenly Father, and there’s nothing that I would not do for either one of My children who put their faith and trust in Me, their Lord God of Heaven and of earth, today.

Hold on and trust in Me, and see if I will not open up the portals of heaven and pour out upon you blessings that shall never run out.  This is the Father that I am.   The only thing that I ask is that you are obedient and faithful to Me, your Heavenly Father.  Trust Me that “I am who that I say that I Am,” and nothing more and nothing less.  “I Am who I Am,” My children, My people, My church.  I have so much to say and to tell you.  Will you listen and hear Me this day?


My time is running out, and although I am just around the corner from you,  I have yet to answer those unspoken prayers, and those prayers that are in search for people to answer them that still in need, need help, need to be heard, and that are lost.   My children are not listening and need to get busy.   They need to stop being selfish and need to get on the road to get My lost lambs back into My shepherd’s flock, where they will be safe from the wolves that are trying to eat them alive.


There is coming this darkness that no one will be able to stop, but Me Myself. When that day comes, every eye will behold Me and My Father, for We are one and the same.  Whatever My Father tells Me to do, that is what I do.  For I always do that which My father directs and tells Me to do and say.  I am obedient to My Father, even as you shall also be obedient to Me, your Heavenly Father.  I and My Father are One; there is no separating us.  I and My Father are one; there is no one like Us in all of the universe.  We are inseparable.  We have so much love in Us that is why you are all here today.


This is why I have allowed My one and only begotten Son to die such a cruel and excruciating death on the cross to save you, My people, from dying and spending your eternity in hell with the devil and his followers.   Hell was never intended for you, My children/people/ church / creation, but you didn’t heed My call to you.  I told you the commands in My words, My TORAH, and you were no different from My first Adam that I breathed life into in My Garden where I placed him to be with Me that day so very long ago, My children.


Don’t continue to be like him, but come back to Me and be My obedient sons and daughters of My TORAH.  Follow Me and study My Laws, for they are health and life to all those who hunger and thirst after them with all their heart, soul and strength.  You shall not die but live, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day, says God, your King, Amen.


I love you, oh so much; don’t ever forget it, says God your Father.  I’m waiting at your hearts’ door.  Will you open it and let me in?  For I stand at the door and knock,  and if any one hears Me and opens it, I will come into him and sup with him, and he with Me (Revelation 3:20), for I have come to give you life and life more abundantly (John 10:10).  6:11 am Tuesday

7:37 am Tuesday 12/25/18

I am this God of the Bible who did all these things and more, and I am this God who wants to be your more than enough as well.  Will you let Me or will you keep pushing Me, your God, away like in times’ past?  What will you choose today?  I’m still standing at your hearts’ door.  Will you let Me come inside or will you keep telling Me no?  I don’t have much more time for you to decide and make the right choice. Time is coming, My friend,  like I’ve said before to the end.  I so long for you to see My day?  Like so many others, they have waited too long and haven’t that option left.


Oh, how I love you, My child/ children, if you would only just give Me a chance.  I am a good, good Father, and I want for all of My family to know of Me, not just about Me and what I can give them.  I long for a relationship with My people.  I want to get to know each one of you this day.  Come and sit around My table, and let’s talk about things that My word says about Me, and how I saved you from your sins, so that you could rest and be in My Kingdom with God, My Father.  Oh how exciting it will be, My friends, to be all together worshiping and praising My Father for all the great things He has done to bring us to this very day, Amen  7:51 am

7:54 am


For do not sleep, nor slumber, for you don’t know the time nor the hour that I will come.  So stay alert and aware, for I will come as a thief in the night only to them/those who are not looking or are prepared for My returning, says God.

As I was laying my head down upon my pillow, all tucked back in and comfortable, the Lord begins to speak to me again. “Do not sleep or slumber. ”  And as I tell Him,  “I’m tired,” I hear and was awakened by this large sound of a balloon popping in my ear, and it startles me to where I’m awake and am writing once again.  He, God, says,


Just as what you’ve heard and felt, and how your heart is pumping hard right now, so this is how My children who don’t know Me are going to feel when I come back, and they are all left standing still with none of their families left for them to be with.  And as scared as you were by this, My daughter, the world will be much more terrified. My coming will be that fast.  Just a split second, and you who are waiting and watching for Me will be where I am.


It don’t take but a second, so be on the lookout always, and be sure you are in the right place, so that you will never be caught off guard.  I don’t mean to scare you, My daughter, but it was very important for you to get the picture of what I meant by quick and alert.  Stay faithful and alert, for you don’t know the day nor the hour the Son of Man shall come.  Oh, house of David, your savior, your King, is soon to be announced and riding in on a white horse in the clouds for all mankind to see.  Open up, Ye gates, and let the King of Glory come in, Amen. 8:37 am


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