2/24/18 Monday @ 8:55 am

I Am the Word of God who became flesh, and who came and dwelt among you, My chosen, set-aside people of My Covenant, which I gave to My servant and prophet Moses (Heb. Mosheh) up on top of Mount Sinai.   I am the same God who saved My family from death by having them build an ark, a very large boat, to save (Heb. yosh’ia) them from the coming destruction that would destroy the entire earth with My living waters.  I Am also the same God who planted and saved them by planting this huge, floating object on top of Mount Ararat, where it is now, even unto this day, frozen and hidden beneath the surface of the snow and ice.


I am coming again, and just as many of you think you can not see Me and say that I don’t exist doesn’t mean that it is true.  My Words, that my prophet Moses wrote about Me and of My friends before, are all true and reliable sources.  For they spoke of Me and they trusted Me without having to see Me face to face.  Why is it, My people, who say you believe, can not do the same thing?

Why do you throw Me, your God, to the side and ditch Me like I am a bag full of trash getting ready to be picked up and thrown into a garbage truck?  Is that anyway to be treating your King of Kings and Lord of Lords, My people/church?


Come be real, and come back to your first love and do your first works over.  Repent before your God of heaven and earth this day, because judgment is coming very, very soon, and when it does, just as Noah and his family found out, there is no way to escape My wrath and My punishment.   For when that day comes, you will wish and pray that you had never been born, just as My word says, if you would just take the time to read it, you’d discover it tells you just that.

You think “you are all that,” and you have it all figured out, My friends and people this day, on your calendar month of December 24, the day before that day you coerce Me into that pagan holiday you celebrate each year.   Stop it, right now, before it is too late!  Just like it was for My son, Noah,  who built the boat for me, and no one would adhere/ listen to him, for they thought him to be crazy too, just as many of you think and believe that My daughter here is today.  She is being obedient to Me, her God of heaven and earth here today, where she is sitting, writing and warning all of you to repent and turn your lives around, before this great catastrophe comes and wipes you clear away, like a mighty rushing wind.


It was also the sound of a mighty rushing wind that they heard in the upper room that day and also at the foot of the Mountain where I tried so hard to talk with you, My people, but you were too scared to listen and to hear me then, just as you are too afraid to hear Me now.  But why won’t you listen and hear My words of warning, My children, my creation?

My words are My love letters to you, My people from all around the face of the globe.  I’m telling you the truth, and you will not listen.  Oh foolish generation, you ask for signs and when I give them to you, you do not listen.   I’ve sent you a boat, just like I have done in Noah’s day, and just like them, they just laughed and ridiculed him, for they could not see what My son/ prophet was seeing through his eyes.   For his eyes were fixed upon Me, his one true God of heaven and earth, this day My child/children.


Wise up, and seek the counsel of the Lord your God, and walk in His ways, My church/ people.   Stop and don’t linger, for this time that I have been talking about is soon to be at your door.   Just as it was for Noah and his people,  it will happen again the same way, except there will not be a flood of waters this time,  but I will descend out of the Heavens, like a dove, just as I saw My father descend out of the heavens and landed on Me that day so very long ago, when I was baptized and anointed with oil by My forerunner, John the Baptist, that day in the Jordan River, when they all heard My Father say, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”


Then My people/church, I took on My royal garment and was your Levitical priest and King all wrapped up in one.   Then I went into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil to start My ministry that I had been sent to this earth to perform.  This was, and has always been, to fulfill what We had promised Abraham so very long ago when We stood and walked through the pieces for him while we had put him in a deep sleep.   Otherwise, this day could have never come to pass as it has today, My people, who say you are of My Kingdom.


My day has been a long day coming, like you all say, but My Father and I don’t want and wish for any to perish, but to have everlasting life for all of eternity.  We know this can’t, and won’t, be the case, but We still wait and pray for them to change their hearts for you, My friends, who are waiting on your loved ones to come into the Shepherd’s flock/fold.


My children, My creation, are both stiff-necked people who are stubborn and persistent on having it your way or no way.  Why is that, when you see the evidence, the signs and the times right in front of your faces?  How much more time do you need to see before you will allow yourselves to accept Me, for who I’m trying to show you that I am?  Really, people who are so smart and intelligent can’t believe Me when I tell you these things in My word, which are life and breath to those who would just believe,  listen and follow Me, their God, that is the way, the truth and the life.


I give myself to them all freely, but then, there is a cost to continue on this journey with Me, their God of the Universe.   My children, come to Me and adhere to what I say and tell you in My words, My holy Scriptures, of My Torah.   These words are living and breathing.  They are the veins in which My blood flows from and carries you to reflect Me and My very image.  I want you to know that I’m in every single word that you read in this Bible from cover to cover.  Don’t doubt this, but know that I am with you, and that I am a rewarder of those who diligently search Me out.


I am the way, the truth and the life, and no one can come to the Father, unless the Father first draws him first to Me.   I am the aleph and the tav ,  I am the first and the last.  There is none else besides Me.   I am this House that you need to come to and present your gifts and homage too.  I am this One who deserves all of your praises and worship that I require of you this very day.  There is no one else like Me in all of the universe.


Never doubt this nor be afraid, for I come as the Light of the world, and all others are only masquerading and pretending to be Me, but they are only “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  They are not Me, but imposters and are only trying to lure you away from Me, the One and Only True Lamb of God, who has come to save you (Heb. yosh’ia) from the sins of this world, and to give you a home with Me and My Father forever, amen.

10:32 am, Monday 12/24/18


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