Jesus says to the Church, “Repent and Quit Being a Judas to Me.”

Friday,  December 21, 2018 @1:00pm.

While working out at the Fitness Center here where I now live, the Lord spoke to me and said,


You know I didn’t call you to be a people who do things all by yourselves.  You were never created to be on your own doing things/life without Me, your God/Father.  You were made and created for a purpose and a plan.  You were created to be and do Oh such great things in and for My Kingdom, My people.   But you have forgotten who you are and have left Me to go down this oh-so-ugly road of doom and gloom.  This road that you are taking only leads to one place and that is Hell, My children/people.


Why have you forsaken Me, your One True God of heaven and Earth? Why have you turned your backs and heart from the only person that loves you, and who has died and given it all up for you, My children/people/church?   Do you know that you are NO different from Judas Iscariot who betrayed Me with a kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane that day when the Roman soldiers came to arrest Me, while I was praying with My disciples and apostles.  You, My Church/People, have done this same thing to Me, your God of Heaven and Earth.


Yes, heaven is where I am, and the earth is My footstool.  I came to this world as an infant baby, but that is not how I am this very day.  Why do you keep putting Me back there in the manger or back on the cross?  Yes, both times are very important to Me, but neither one was pleasant, not as you make them out to be.  I had to leave everything that I loved and held dear to Me to become what you know Me to be.  It cost Me My everything for what you get to experience today.

Why don’t you appreciate that?  Why do you take it so lightly?  Do you know that I loved My Father and My Father loved Me?  It broke His very heart to see what His people had done so long ago.  Don’t you understand the love a Father has for his son or even a daughter?  It is incredible.  Can you even fathom what My Father must’ve gone through while His One and Only Son was being cruelly abused and lashed with whips and even spit upon?


You have no idea what He agreed to when He stood and took the place for Abraham that day back in Genesis.  He put him in a deep sleep so that he couldn’t do his part, for if he had, mankind would have all died because of their sins they had done from the very beginning of time with Adam and Eve.  Because My Father is such a loving and gracious Father, He stood in the gap for him that day, so that I could come and re-do what was broken from the garden when Eve and Adam ate of the forbidden tree, which the devil coerced her with a lie.  From there sin entered the world, and by My coming as a baby, I took back what the enemy satan had taken from Us, God’s creation, all of it.

My birth, My life, My death was all programmed out before the world was spoken into being.  There is nothing that My Father and I didn’t already know would happen.  God and I, His Son, saw what you were all doing before you were even in your mother’s tummies.  Yes, that is pretty profound, isn’t it?  But it’s so very true indeed, My sons and daughters of My Kingdom.


Will you hearken unto My daughter’s words she is writing here today on the eve and preparation of My Shabbat/Sabbath?  You have been given your free choice.  I have seen it all played out before you were ever created or conceived.  I know the plans for you, declares the Lord.  Jeremiah 29:11 says,  “‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  So you see, My children, My church, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that I can’t and will not do for you, if you trust Me and obey Me and keep all of my statutes, commandments and precepts.


All of My commandments are all good, holy and righteous.  These, My children, were never made or given to save My people, but to keep them holy, pure, and righteous before Me, their holy God.  These were guidelines and teaching tools to give to them to show them what their Redeemer and Savior/Lord likes and dislikes.


We are so vast and huge that your minds cannot even fathom Us.  We are more than enough, We are your El Shaddai, and there is NO ONE like Us in all of the universe.  We are ALL that there is, take OUR WORD on it because We are TIME and SPACE, and if We are not there, it doesn’t exist either.  Yes, I hear your minds running to and fro wondering and pondering on this and that.  Trust Us/Me, and stop wasting your time and focusing on what something is or is not, and turn your focus instead on the fact that I, your God,  loves you, oh so very much.


You were bought with a price, My children, My sons and daughters of My Kingdom.  So go out and fight for your King of Kings and Lord of Lords this very day.  In My Word/Torah, it says to fight the good fight of faith, and before that, Timothy says to flee [or run away from] youthful lusts, and to follow after righteousness, Godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness.  Yes, My daughter, so many others as well didn’t see or remember this as well.  My church, My people, need to get back to the basics and come back home and read your bibles, study them and show yourselves approved each and everyday you wake up, My dearly beloved ones.


My Torah/Word speaks of the Fruit of the Spirit and how the Spirit and the flesh are at war with one another [Galatians 5:13-26].  This war that Paul is talking about with your flesh and the Spirit is very complicated for most of the church today, because they don’t understand which LAW Paul is referring to, and they assume he’s talking about My LAW, but that is just crazy.   I would never do away with MYSELF.   It is NOT MY Law, but the LAW of Sin and death.  The same LAW that I promised Abraham that I would take on for him, if anyone in his lineage would disobey and sin.  Do you see My church?  Open up My Word and get back to the correct context of My Living Scriptures, My Torah.

My church has forsaken My LAWS, My very Torah and, therefore, they have rejected Me,  just as Judas betrayed Me with a kiss.  You are NO better than him today.  You make Me just want to vomit you out of My mouth and puke you up and throw you away, like I wanted to do in the time of Moses and the Children of Israel so long ago.  But Moses came back up to Me on My Holy Mountain, and pleaded for your case, and I repented and changed My mind/heart.

I had not sinned.  NO, that is not what that means, My children, My people.  It just meant that I was a Loving Father, and I just showed you My chesed (grace) and lovingkindness.  Apparently, all of you church-going people today think that My grace is only in the New Testament.  Not so, I was so full of grace in My first covenant and, maybe even more so, than the Newer one.  But you are all so very mistaken to think you have conquered what I’m about.


“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive,” My people, My church.  My church is so very lost and needs a Savior, but the one you say you have is NOT really Me.  You have left your Savior that bled on the cross over 2,000 years ago for your sins and infirmities, and you have picked up a different Christ with the same name to please yourselves and make your flesh of sins more comfortable and pleasurable.

This Jesus that you are serving in My Church today is not the same Jesus who was born to the Virgin Mary by prophecy of the Archangel Gabriel.  This Jesus that’s preached by many pastors and TV ministers is a FRAUD and an IMPERSONATOR.  He is NOT ME, but some religious man who seems to accept all of your worldly religious holidays that the world accepts, and you are all comfortable with Him because He brings you this Christmas Spirit that lasts and lasts, and it comes earlier and earlier each year, and yet you say that I’m in it, but you could barely tell anymore.

You say you do it to bring people inside the church, and that it’s a great witnessing tool for Salvation.  Really?  How foolish to use Me when My Word clearly states that I don’t like it when you leave a pagan city and take how they worship their god, their beliefs and practices, the same ways as them, and then use them with Me when you move on into your own lands that I have promised you to go.


This is clearly what My Church and My People have done over the years.  They have polluted My HOUSE of WORSHIP with all of these pagan idols of worship and call them okay.  They look at them and idolize them to the point of disgust.  I am a JEALOUS GOD and won’t have it anymore.  Who is going to fend for you now?  Where is your MOSES?  Who are you going to call to save your behinds from being wiped off this planet you call home today?  I am calling out to you, My Church, My Bride.   Are you going to heed this call of My daughter Karen, or are you just going to believe she has lost her marbles and is just insane?


My Father and I are ONE in the SAME.  We have given to you our Holy Spirit which will come and live on the inside of you, if you would just receive Us, and We would be so happy to give Him to you for just the asking.  It is quite simple, My friends.  Nothing with Us is hard.  You all make it that way.

My Father and I have given to you the days and the times, seasons and the years to do the things that are important to Us both.  Why do you not accept Our words? Why don’t you accept Our FREE gift of Eternal Life?  Follow after Us, and you shall live.  Walk away, and you shall die in your sins.  Pretty simple, don’t you say?

Yes, you do have free will, but why would you want to take the road that is broad just to die and go to Hell, when you could choose to pick the narrow road/path and be with MY FATHER and I who created the universe and everything that you can feel, touch, taste and see?  Everything that is, We have made for you to enjoy and cherish.  There isn’t anything that hasn’t been created that We haven’t already thought of.


We have given you the FEASTS and FESTIVALS that you have in your Bibles.  They are not just for the Jewish people, but they are for everyone, all mankind, to do and to enjoy.  They are My FEASTS, says the Lord God, they belong to Me, and I tell you to do them and to enjoy them.  I have given them as a sign to know the times and the seasons that I will come to you and be with you.


I am NOT hiding like you are, My church/people.  Come out from amongst her and be joined once again to Me, your God of the Universe, and I will be your God and you shall be My People, ISRAEL, My Firstborn son.  Oh how I long for this day.  Be holy even as I am holy, says GOD ALMIGHTY, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, THIS VERY DAY.  2:55PM.


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