Wednesday, December 19, 2018 @12:49 pm.

Today, God said to me while I was cleaning up, “Why do you not adhere to MY WAYS and to MY LAWS?”  And then I responded back, “What do you mean, LORD?”  He then went on to say,

I tell you the truth, My children, until ALL of MY SCRIPTURES has been fulfilled and accomplished, not one yodh or stroke of a pen shall be deleted from My Torah/Scriptures, My child of the Most High God of all the universe and beyond this very day, My Torah-observant daughter.

“Okay,” I said, “so what do you need for us to do, my Father?”

I need for you and your husband to walk out just what MY WORD tells you to do and nothing more.  Don’t be like the hypocrites in the Temple where they would say and tell one thing and then do the total opposite.  These people are two faced/forked-tongued.  These people can’t see clearly and are blinded from coming and going.  My sheep/people hear My voice and obey Me.  They are what I call “Wise Sheep,” for they hear My Voice and they come running to ME and do as I tell them to do.  They are OBEDIENT and obedience ALWAYS leads to answered prayers.

I love My children who worship Me with their arms lifted and raised before Me, their GOD.  They are surrendering their hearts to Me, their God.  Open up your hearts unto Me and cry with a loud voice.

Then as I was writing down what God was telling me, He started getting really descriptive and poetic.  And anyone who knows me can attest, I am not poetic or descriptive like this.

Sing and dance before Me and make melodies like of a rushing mighty wind that is made by the rustling of leaves on a tree in the fall.  Oh, how beautiful you are, My daughter, My children.  You glow like the rivers of Lebanon in the springtime.  Oh how magnificent you are. You are a prized jewel and worth more to Me than gold and silver and fine choice goods.  You carry yourselves straight and tall like a cedar tree and who can find a wife finds a good thing.

God then turns His attention to my husband, Chris,

You have done well My son, and know that I have found MUCH JOY in whom you have become.  Never give up and know that you are on the right path and are moving along quite nicely.  Don’t slumber and don’t fall for your adversary, the devil, who sneaks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

God then goes back to speaking to the both of us.  He again in here alludes back to His initial calling of us.

Keep in My Word, My children.  Continue to grow strong, don’t delay and keep on the move.  Time is running short, and My people are in need of you to teach them and to grow them in the faith that they need to know.  Having a purpose and a plan is everything.  Don’t hesitate for this is vital to OUR KINGDOM goal.   Be the light to the nations that I have called you both to be and know that I too will guide you and lead you into the places that you should go.  This won’t be easy, but it also won’t be hard either. 

Just rest assured in Me, your God, to work everything out for your good and for OUR PURPOSE to bring MY KINGDOM down to this world, you call “home” this day.  Be of good courage and don’t ever give up, for greater AM I  that is in heaven than he that is in the earth below.  Rise up, and take the weapons that I have provided for you in My very words, and stand guard and girted in My Truth with the sword of My Spirit and the Shield of Faith.  Put on the preparation of the gospel of Truth on your feet.  Don’t leave off the Helmet or your Breastplate because every piece is much needed to keep yourselves protected and safe in the day of battle that is coming.  Don’t fear what the enemy is about to do, for greater AM I than he is on any oh day.

Remember this, and get this, because he will try and feed you fear, but fear is not of Me.  Resist the devil, and he shall flee in My name, that is above every name above the Sun.

I love you, so hold fast, be strong and bold as LIONS, thus says God Almighty, and you shall see great and marvelous things to come in your life span, GOD.  1:23 pm., Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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