Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 9:00 am.

For I have tried to turn My People/Churches’ heart back towards Me, their God, but they are just filled with so much selfishness, greed and pride that they just won’t and don’t have time for Me, their God, in their lives.


I’m tired, and I am just about ready to give up on them, as I was the children of Israel there in the desert alongside Moses, who was leading My chosen people of all nationalities out of Egypt and into the promise land.  These Jews and Greeks alike would just not bend their knee to Me, their God.  They just kept fighting and blaming one another for this and that.  They just were never happy, even after I had delivered them from the bondage of being slaves to Pharaoh, their King, who suppressed them and wouldn’t allow them to worship Me, their God of Heaven and Earth.


My church, My people, don’t have this problem here where they are today, at least most of you.  But you have so much Freedom that you have gone overboard and are doing so much craziness with your Free Will/Choice and Grace.  You think you can do whatever you feel like doing, even if it goes against My Written Torah and spoken instructions to My people.  How long, how much time will it take, My People/My Church, for you to grasp that you are WRONG? and I AM RIGHT.  That My LAWS and JUDGEMENTS are Good and Everlasting and will not ever change to your way of thinking, not now, not ever.  Wise up and rethink, My Church, who has done away with what?  It’s not Me who has annulled/abolished anything, but the other way around.


You have killed Me all over again by deleting My Words, you call “LAW.” There are so many different words comprised of that one word you call “LAW,” and you have attached a negative implication to it by calling it “legalism and bondage.”  Not so, My Church of today.  You have it all so very wrong.  Why would a loving God, which I AM, give you such a thing after FREEING you from just that in Egypt, and then even saving you and delivering you through the waters onto dry lands?  It doesn’t make sense, or should I say, YOU, MY CHURCH, are very lost and messed up people who have lost their way because of FEAR and DOUBT of what could happen if you stood up and faced your Pharaoh, your King of the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church of today.


It’s time My People/My Church that you care more about what I think, do and say than about what they think, care and do.  Don’t you think so,  since I have control of your final destiny/destination?  Yes, I AM a Loving God/Father,  but you are acting just like My chosen elect few of Jews and Gentiles who kept challenging Me at the foot of Mt. Sinai, back in the days when I delivered them out of slavery in Egypt.  They kept whining and bickering about what they didn’t have and what they missed because they had to leave in such a fast manner.

You, My People, are NO different from them today.  You have such a greedy, selfish attitude: “I want this, and I want that. Give me, give me, give me,” that’s all the Christmas holiday is for you today and has been.


This Christmas holiday is NOT MY BIRTHDAY, and it never has been.  You have personally forced Me into it and you, My Church, are living a lie and telling it to others as well.  I have given you My Word, My Torah, and if you would only look at it and give it as much time as you do with this day, you call “My Birthday,” you would know it.

But you don’t just celebrate My supposed birthday, but you’ve made a whole season of it to fill your happy hearts with joy and peace you never have.  You run around like crazy men and women trying to find the best presents to make someone happy, and most of the time they’re not and are too afraid to tell you, so they pretend to like it until you leave.  Everyone is just out to wear themselves out just for the sake of this “Christmas Spirit,” and they attach My Wonderful name to it to make it all okay.   But it is NOT SO, My People of today, who some of you go to Church.  Some of you only come once or twice a year, and then call yourselves “a Christian,” but I say,  I do not know you,  and even if I did at one time, I do not anymore.

Why is it My So-Called Church of today that calls Me their God that they don’t want anything to do with Me until these holidays come where they’ve attached My HOLY Wonderful name too?  They put Me on a shelf gathering dust until they are ready to celebrate one of the world’s holidays that the church is trying to make holy just to win souls in My name.

It’s hard for Me to fathom that you would say that I was born on December 25th, a pagan infested day when such idolatry and fornication happened, where they polluted everything and profaned My Holy sacred name that My Father gave to Me when the angel Gabriel pronounced to Miriam/Mary that day in her room.   I tell you the truth, I was not born the way that you have been taught for so many years.  All of that was all made up by liars like yourselves.   They have taken what My Father planned out,  and they have polluted Me.   My Father told you in His Word/Torah which was given to Moses/Mosheh up on top of Mount Horeb/Sinai everything you need to know about Me and of Me, your God.


He has given you each a mind to study and to read, in order to show yourselves approved, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, amen.  But you choose to not do so because you enjoy being able to say it doesn’t not matter anymore, because of what I did on the cross.  All those other laws given to Moses/Mosheh were done away with when the veil in the Holy of Holies was ripped from top to bottom in My Holy Sanctuary.   What a load of crap, My people, My church.  That is not how or why that happened.  To say that My death brought an end to My law is just another lie of the church/ the devil.

My Father’s heart was mourning His One and Only begotten Son that day when I said it was FINISHED.  I didn’t say, I was finished, so you could not follow Me and Everything that I  taught to you and MY DISCIPLES.  Not true, how ridiculous, and you say you are smart people?   Prove it by starting to act intelligent then.  When I said it was finished, I was referring to Abraham back in Genesis 15.  Where I stood in the gap for Abraham, so that if anyone ever in his lineage would sin or disobey Me, their God, that I would come and be their Once and forever Sin Sacrifice for all of Humanity once and for all, because that is how much My Father and I love you then and still today.


OUR LAWS, OUR TORAH are NOT BONDAGE, NOR LEGALISM.  That is all a bunch of POPPYCOCK and NONSENSE, My Church/People.  You all forgot the warnings then, and you still do to this very day.  What I mean is Peter tried to warn you about Paul’s writings being hard to understand, but you think that you are all so smart that you have figured him out without even trying to read what he actually said.  You are so smart, ha-ha, that you think you can just read the surface and not put anything back into the context of the times in which Paul/Saul lived.  He was not only a Jewish man but he was also a Pharisee of all Pharisees as well.  He knew just exactly what he needed to do and say in his time to help the different churches.  They would write him letters, and then he would respond to them likewise.  You, My Church, haven’t a clue what this or who Paul/Saul is?


You have ditched Me and made him your God.  You have turned what I have called good, righteous and holy, and you have made it a lie straight from the pits of hell, and if you’re not careful that is where you will spend all of your ETERNITY.  Paul was a very Torah Observant Jew in his day and time.  He even went to the extent to show the religious leaders and people then that he still believed in the Levitical Laws by shaving his head bald along with four others.  Whatever your ideas of Paul/Saul are, you have been blinded and taken on a wild goose chase because Paul did not ever stop following Torah or going to the synagogue and worshiping Me, nor did he ever stop following My Torah/Commandments.  And not only did he keep them, but he also taught others, both Jew/Greeks to do so too.  This Law that was told was bad, was the LAW of SIN and DEATH, NOT MY TORAH that was given to MY PROPHET MOSES/MOSHEH up on top of Mount Sinai that day so very long ago.   That same mountain where I told him earlier to remove his sandals for the place wherein he was standing was HOLY GROUND.


This church of Mine today is trying every which way to make My Gospel watered down to please themselves and to make themselves look good.  But My Church/My People, all that you are doing is costing yourselves your Eternity away from Me, your God.  You can not say,  you LOVE ME, and then not want anything to do with MY FATHER and I in OUR KINGDOM.  MY KINGDOM is made up of those elect few who worship ME/US in Spirit and in Truth.  There are very few of you who still do.


So many have said, they (My gifts) are no longer active today and they died out when My Apostles and Disciples did.  NOT SO, another lie from satan and My Church people today. I do not give and then take away.  My gifts are irrevocable.  You do not lose them just because you fall away from Me, your God.  Did you just hear Me right, My people?  Yes, you can fall away from Me, your God.  But your gifts I gave to you are still yours.  Having My gifts means that you began the journey with Me as My child, but they are not a guarantee that you still are My child.  You can choose to leave this walk, journey you had started because it got too hard for you.


My church tries to do so many things in My name, but they have NO POWER anymore because they have left their first love and they have indoctrinated My people into believing in these pagan festivals and holidays that the world celebrates.  The church has adapted them and brought them into their churches with this idea to win souls for God, and thinks that it is okay to pollute and desecrate My HOUSE again to pagan gods all in the name of Christ’s Birthday and Resurrection.  Let’s not even begin with satan’s day of Halloween, All Saints Day, and changing it to “Harvest Festival” or “Hallelujah Parties,” and even “Trunk or Treat.”


Really, My Church, are you that desperate to be entertained? Haven’t I given you enough FEAST and FESTIVALS in MY HOLY SCRIPTURES for you to win souls for Me, your HOLY GOD?  Oh, I’m Sorry, that’s right, you say I died that cruel unspeakable excruciating death to do away with MYSELF and to let MYSELF out of the HOLY of HOLIES, so that you could get in and change, and do things anyway you see fit to do them?  OH NO I DIDN’T, MY PEOPLE, MY SO-CALLED CHURCH.  Stop profaning MY NAME and polluting My Altars and Desecrating My HOLY TEMPLES, which you are supposed to be now by the shedding of My precious blood and by the running waters that you were baptized into for the remission of your sins.


Be filled up and go to that place, like I told My Disciples, and wait, and you will be filled to overflowing, just as they were on that day of Pentecost so very long ago.  First, you must be born again, cleansed and washed in My blood and baptized in My living waters, or you cannot receive My baptism of the Spirit given to My disciples that day in the upper room.  It was and still is very important, My Church/My People.  Without it, you can not know Me or the deeper things of MY KINGDOM here where I AM.  That is why it was so very important for Me not to stay with you, but that I leave and return back to My Father, who is in Heaven, this very day.  I sent My HOLY SPIRIT back just as I told you I would.

Just like not all in My day followed and obeyed Me and My Father, so it is in your day and even worse.  Out of the many I had invited, I only had a few that remained, 120 to be exact.  Those few 120 went out ministering and filled with the glory of God, My Father, and 3,000 were saved and filled to overflowing.  Just the opposite happened back at Mount Sinai where I first wanted to give My Spirit out to them, and they all rejected Me, except a limited few, and instead of Living and rejoicing, 3,000 died instead.  Oh What a very unhappy day for Me and My Father that day.  Our anger and wrath spread great among them and still to this day because you, My Church, are acting the same way as they had.


You are rejecting Me, which is MY TORAH, and you are forever polluting My HOLY NAME by bringing and celebrating these pagan idols you set up in your homes and in your yards, just to draw attention to your neighbors and to your friends.  This is a HUGE MISTAKE you are doing and teaching your children and grandchildren to do.  STOP IT! RIGHT NOW!  Heed to the Call and Warnings I AM giving to you this very day.  Oh Wise up, My Children, proclaim ME to the Nations the way I have told and spoken for you to do.  STOP setting up for yourselves these idols that you worship in your homes, churches, and workplaces.  They are not of ME nor MY FATHER.  You are very disobedient children.  You say how the JEWISH people are foolish for not seeing Me your God as Savior and Messiah, but you too are so very blind indeed.  You have the Messiah, but you reject the TORAH/SCRIPTURES.  They have TORAH/SCRIPTURES and reject Me their Messiah, who it is written about right before their eyes to behold.


They wanted both PEACE and a KING who would RULE with a rod of Iron, but when I came and only brought love and peace, they rejected Me and killed Me.  But it’s the same with you My Children, MY So-Called church of today.  You say you accept Me, but only for your insurance policy, so when you die, you can get to go to HEAVEN and get this great big huge mansion that you have been told is waiting  for you up in the sky.  Oh will you be all surprised, My loved ones, who think you are all doing the right things in your own eyes.  For haven’t I told you in My Word/Scripture, that your heart is full of wickedness and who should know it, and you shouldn’t follow it?  For it will lead you down path/alleys, you shouldn’t be trodding on or about.


Oh My dearly beloved little lambs, for you are all very stupid.  You have all lost your way and lost your Shepherd.  You have strayed, but it’s not too late, for there is still some time to come back into the fold.  My SHEEP, hear My voice, and they who obey and follow Me in the direction that I AM going.  Those who are impersonators don’t hear My Voice and follow their own destination plans for their lives.  These are the ones who say to Me, I want this, I want that,  I deserve to be happy just as well as TOM, DICK and HARRY.  It’s not fair that they can do it, and I can’t. This is what I hear all the time in the Churches of today.  If Tom, Susan or Larry can do it, then I should be able to do it too.


NO, NOT SO, MY CHILDREN OF MY TORAH.  You are to be different, set apart, HOLY UNTO ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER, GOD, who brought you up out of Egypt/Sin and set your feet upon MY ROCK TO STAY.  I have freed you by My blood and washed and cleansed you in MY HOLY RUNNING LIVING WATERS OF BAPTISM FOR THE REMISSION OF YOUR SINS, all so that I could have a clean and purified hearts to come and to REST in on the Day of PENTECOST, which I sent back to you that day after waiting on your HEAVENLY FATHER.


You have not, because you have not asked ME, your HOLY GOD.  Didn’t I tell you over again to ask the Father, for Good Gifts and that He wouldn’t give you a stone?  This is who I AM;  I AM your GOOD FATHER, so ask of ME and I WILL fill you up to overflowing with MY HOLY SPIRIT in BAPTISM.  I will anoint you, just as I did MY Disciples and all those who believed that day in MY UPPER ROOM.  Jew and Gentile alike, it made no difference.  We are all about OBEDIENCE and TRUSTING your HEAVENLY FATHER IN HEAVEN.  Many were invited to come and to receive OUR HOLY SPIRIT, but only a small number came and waited before their God, who they just saw leaving them in the clouds.  He (JESUS) said,  I will return the same way as you saw Me leave, but these people, JEW and Gentile alike, still don’t believe what He’s saying because they didn’t believe and trust HIM in their hearts, only in their heads.

The ones who stayed and were faithful saw and felt the goodness of God their Father and experienced this FIRE OR THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND PROPHESIED  AND DID MANY GREAT WORKS.  As God says in HIS WORD/SCRIPTURES, we are not saved due to Good Works, but because we are saved, we do good works and deeds to show our gratitude and love for OUR GOD and for our Fellow man, amen.
Sunday, December 16, 2018 @11:09 am.


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