Thursday, November 9, 2018 @ 1:34 am.

I was still asleep and dreaming when out of nowhere, I heard a loud voice quite different from times passed.  It surprised me so much that I jumped up out of bed to find my glasses and cell phone.  Then I proceeded to get my notebook and pen to write down what God had revealed to me.


My family was all in church with Chris and I. The Pastor had stopped preaching and was waiting for some people to come back in and take their place,  but mainly one in particular.  In the seat/row ahead of us were other family members who I won’t mention by name, as well turned and said, “Well, I guess we won’t be leaving anytime soon, lol.”  This person wasn’t really happy, but I said back, “Well, it could’ve just as well been you we were waiting on,” and as I did the person came and took their seat on the side next to the isle.


God says more clearer than I had ever thought possible than ever before, but still not externally audible,

Oh, stop your bickering, My people, My children, and wake up and smell the coffee you’re about to be brewing.

Then I tell God,  “Okay, I’m up and I’m tired, and I haven’t had a great day.  Yes, I’m happy you’re answering my friend’s prayer, and yes, I am going to pray, and yes, I’m sorry for feeling like a spoiled, selfish brat child.  Okay, thank you, Holy Spirit.”  Then as I finished writing all that down, God say this,

Why is it that every time you don’t get your own way, you start bellow-wackying to one another and start your little fit-throwing tantrums?  Remember Me, God?  Have you forgotten who I AM, or has it been that long My dearly beloved ones of My Torah?  Yes, I AM asking the questions?  I have warned you and told you plenty of times to come sit down next to Me, and you keep forgetting or just keep putting Me off to do your own things.  How does it make you feel when I don’t perform your little-oh miracles right on the spot, like you want for them to happen?

“Oh, Okay God, so is this some kind of punishment to why what I thought should’ve happened but didn’t?” I asked.


YES and NO, My daughter of My Torah.  You see when things don’t follow and line up in the Spiritual Realm, it messes up the physical world and things are put on hold until plan B or C or even D comes back into place or play.  You see My child, it is not as easy as you think it is.  YES, I AM God, and I AM ALL SUFFICIENT and I’m very LONG SUFFERING too, but you see when I call the shots, I expect for them to go MY WAY, not yours.  Even a little twist of this or that can mess up something, and then I have to call ten thousand angels, so to speak, and go out and fix the problems that My so-called church says they are have made.  YES, it sounds like I should be able to just snap my fingers, so to speak, but NO, it’s not as easy as you say to your friend and acquaintances about things in your life. Because that is how it seems to have happened for you, but even those times, My daughter, there was a whole lot of work involved with a whole bunch of angels who helped to get it done in the time span that it took place for you.

You’ve got to see, My daughter, I want to help each and everyone of you, but some jobs are harder than others, and it depends on each one of you to be listening and doing your own parts in My Kingdom.  Like My pastor had taught you the other day in leadership that I’ve already paid the price for all of you, and it doesn’t need to be done over.  It was all finished in a sense right then and there while hanging on the cross,  I said, “It is finished,” and I breathed My last breath of air.


What we’re all waiting for now is for you, My children, to get in order and into line, all together as believers in the faith, and to gain this mustard-seed mountain moving faith and tenacity, and to store up and bombard heaven’s gates/doors with powerful bible-believing faith in order to tear down the gates of hell and the demons that are warring out there against you all; that is, all those that say you believe in Me, your God Almighty.


You cannot see them all the time, but they are so real, as I AM so real.  Neither one of us are fake or phony.  We existence, and we are at war against each other, and satan is not happy at this moment, as he never is, when one of My creations gets saved and starts wanting to live for Me, their God of Heaven and Earth.  He knows that it’s another soul that will be lost to him, and he can not stand even the thought of Me, Jesus Christ the Messiah, happy for one measly second.  Now are you getting the picture of what I’m seeing and dealing with, My daughter Karen?  I know your heart, and it is pure and holy and almost blemish-free, but you still have a whole lot of pruning and trimming left to go to be as I AM, do you see this, My child?


I know your heart, like I’ve said, and I know what you have need of, and I AM going to fulfill it and make it happen, but according to My purpose and plan.  It will be in your time, but you must be faithful as I’m faithful .  Keep persevering, keep obeying, and telling others too as well.  For the day that you’re looking forward to is also around the corner.  In time these things that you’re waiting for will take place as I have spoken to you and to your daughter, Abby.  My times and places are not as yours, but I AM calling on My people to help Me and My Father get this work done.

There are fewer and fewer people these days, and so it gets harder and longer to get things done.  Keep sharing the love of My Father to the NATIONS, for the world doesn’t ever give up, My daughter or my son.   You do make a difference.  You’re vote and your prayer does count, maybe not where or how you picture it, but OUR KINGDOM works so much differently, My children, My kids.  YES, you are My kids, and I love you so much, so never ever forget that.


You get angry, and that is not a SIN.  I got angry, and I sinned not as well.  It is how you handle your anger that turns it to SIN.  Know the difference, and you’ll do well, My children, “My kiddos” as you call your grandkids.  I know that you are missing everyone, but hold on My daughter, for it won’t be long before we are all together once again, singing and rejoicing like never before in one great big, happy family.


You say, “How can this all be true if the way is so narrow and few are they that find it?”  I say do you not know the plans I have for you, says God?  Plans to help you, plans to prosper you, plans to not bring any harm to you and so forth.  Let Me, your God, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, keep the tracking and the plans of My people who will make it and those who won’t.  That is My job, not yours, my daughter of My Torah.


I told you before, My ways are much different than yours, for who can know them, besides Me?  Do you get the picture I’m trying to paint for you this early morning?  Yes, my daughter, those who think they are mine will be very surprised when they reach the end of days, and others might be very surprised to not see some of their friends who they thought were living righteous, holy lives, but actually were not.

My child, NO one really knows anyone for sure.  I’ve told you before, there are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing sneaking around, prowling behind closed doors, acting like the devil himself hurting My children, who haven’t even gotten the chance to know ME yet.


YES, some, or should I say MILLIONS, die everyday before they can be born.  They get killed and murdered by people who say they are helping people.  Some of these people call themselves doctors.  Oh, you who are doing this, STOP IT!  STOP IT!  This day, they are alive and crying out from the inside, saying, “I want to live!  Don’t kill us!  You are hurting us!  Mother, Father, please help us, we don’t wanna die!  We love you and want to see you face to face, and learn all that there is to know about God, My Heavenly Father, so please stop them!”  So please make your voice count this very day.  Voting can change what is happening to all of them.  2:31 am. Thursday 11/9/18.


I had posted a prayer on FB for a close friend, and then God brought to my remembrance a song.  The song goes like this:

Lord, I lift your name on high / Lord, I love to sing your praises. /
 I’m so glad You’re in my life. / I’m so glad You came and saved me. /
 You came from heaven to earth / to show the way,
 from the cross to the grave / from the grave to the sky /
 Lord, I lift your name on high.”    Amen.

Time 4:02 am .


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