Wednesday, November 07, 2018  @ 1:36 am.

Don’t be so precise, but just be the real deal, My people, My church, My bride, for what does it matter or profit a man if he gains the whole earth and loses his own soul?  Seek righteousness and live for Me, says God Almighty, for in doing so, you save your own soul.  Turn from wickedness and love people, says God Almighty, and you will do well.  Love people and hate wickedness, for in doing so, you will save your own soul and win many for Me and My Father, God Almighty.


We desire for each of you to do well and to seek first OUR KINGDOM  We know this isn’t going to happen, but We desire it just the same though.  Free choice has been given and has been ushered.  My Father and I are sad that you’d rather enjoy SIN than accept what is the better gift of RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE and JOY.  Sin is only pleasant for a season, and then it is no longer joyful or fun.  Why waste your life by chasing after it?  Come unto Me and let Me, your God, show you what it is that you’re missing out on in OUR KINGDOM.


Don’t wait for the ball to drop like at your NEW YEAR EVE PARTIES you attend every year or watch on your television screens.  These parties don’t last, but MY KINGDOM will last forever and for all ETERNITY.  Why not be happy all the time?  Why not fall in love and stay in love with Me, your Heavenly Father God?  Why don’t you love Me like you love the things of the world?  Why don’t you care about Me, your God, like you do the bottle you pick up and drink, or the pipe you smoke to get yourselves high?  Tell Me, oh tell Me, what do you expect from Me, your God, to do?  Do you want for Me to step out of the Heavens and pick you up, and shake and rattle you, to show you I AM REAL?  Would that even do or really make a difference, My so-called children, My creation?


You say, “Show Me a sign, show Me a miracle, and I will believe.”  REALLY, is that so?  I did that already to a people, and they denied Me to My face, and they whipped and slashed Me with a whip of glass that tore Me to shreds and made Me unnoticeable to the public who watched Me be crucified.  Don’t tell Me that you would believe if only I came riding out of the clouds/sky and riding on even a white horse, like I will do one day very soon.  You lie and do not tell the truth, My people. You only deceive yourselves.  You don’t believe it when I tell My servants and children who you do know to write down My truths and lay them right before you on your very own FB walls.  Why, would you believe Me if I would show up and act and say what I’m telling them to tell you this very day and very moment?


I love you, My church/My people, but show Me just a little bit of courtesy please, and acknowledge that you are just cowards and not looking for change, but you are just comfortable doing “the same O-same O” as always, and are not wanting to stick out and be the different ones, but happy just being the popular ones, for this season and for always.  Be real, you aren’t looking for Me, because you really don’t love Me.

You love the idea of Me that you have in the backs of your small, intellectual minds, the same thing as everyone else does, and that is that I’m really not real, and that I’m really not ever going to be returning, like the BIBLE clearly says that I AM.  So that is why you keep changing My Words and making excuses after excuses why you don’t have to follow what it says anymore.


You have made and turned My Words into a laughing stock.  You take and choose and pick whatever you want to, to comfort yourselves and your pocketbooks, and delete and add what looks good and doesn’t go along with your doctrines of man for today.  You have lied to so many of My children who really want to live for Me, and you will be held accountable in the end, unless you uncover your lies this very day, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, My children, who hold a big price on their hands for leading My dearly beloved creation/children down a long winding tube straight into HELL/FIRE and BRIMSTONE this very day.

This is a BIG DEAL to Me your Father in Heaven.  My Words all are very important, and it doesn’t matter if you believe so or not; they are just the same.  Your lives are coming to an end very soon.  Do you want to be wise or foolish in My sight?  My sons and daughters, you say you love Me.  If you do, then shape up, wise up, for the Day of MY RETURNING is approaching, just as My SERVANTS are warning you here today.


It’s not a “Hocus-Pocus kind of day” like the one that has just passed.  Even then, you didn’t take heed of how important it was to not celebrate the pagan celebration of Satan himself, nor to avoid the abomination that My WORD says that they are.  It is very dangerous, My children, to “play with fire,” as you continue to do and to think it is all fun and games.  It is a very scary thing that you, My people, are doing.


Don’t you care that I’m telling and sharing My very heart with you this early morning here in Phoenix, Arizona?  My daughter has hearkened to My wooing.  What are you doing at this very moment?  Did you hear Me when you laid your head upon your pillow, or did you not care about anyone other than your selfish self?  I’m telling you the TRUTH, BELOVED, are you going to wake up and smell the coffee?  Oh you know you’re going to BREW it as soon as your feet hit the floor.  Don’t fool yourselves into believing that’s what My daughter is writing down is just “phony baloney.”


She has been changed, and she is My daughter of My Torah, and she loves Me and wants for all My children/peoples/nations/tribes to know more than just head knowledge about Me,  but to actually know ME in their hearts.  She is My disciple, and she does follow Me, like some of you think you do.  Wise up, drink your morning coffee, and spend some quality time with Me.  Lay down all your preconceived ideas at the foot of My CROSS, that you say you love and worship more than you do ME, your Heavenly Father, and seek MY HOLY SPIRIT, the one I sent back for you to wait on and allow Him to give you clarity, wisdom and understanding to read My WORDS, ALL of them, without doctrinal ideas and memorabilia, and see if what MY son and daughter aren’t actually telling and sharing the truth with you this very day.

I love you all so much, because if I didn’t, would I keep having My daughter wake up from her needed sleep to tell you how valuable you are to ME this very day?  She loves you and ME, and she is allowing her fingers to go numb for you because she knows how valuable you are and what a testimony you’ll have once you find My truth here in My Scripture/Word.


Nothing is ever a waste of time when one of My children get an “Aha moment,” and then the light bulb comes on, and then you can’t shut them down or turn them off.  They are a lightning rod, so be careful for they will influence you and try everything they have found.  Truth is only through the Holy Spirit, and He can reveal it to them, so pray and seek Me, your God, and I will, in turn, keep pricking their hearts.  They have the final call, but I never give up trying, for I love ALL of My creation/children who call out to ME for help.

The number is getting fewer, but there’s always hope for you to make a difference, so My sons and daughters, seek truth, and you will never be left standing alone when I return to call My Bride Home, God  @ 2:31 am.

Thank you, Jesus, for wooing me, your daughter.  I love you so much. I thank you for loving all of us so much.  I trust you to keep us and to provide, amen.

3:22 am.


Why is everyone so particular about what they are going to wear, what they’ll going to do and say, even about their hair, but less worried about I, their God, thinks about them?

You would think what I, their Creator, would matter mostly, but not so at all.  Why do you think this is the case, My people/children/creation?  Do you think, that just maybe, you are like the others who only think Me to be “just a fairy tale” or “a crutch,” or even just a fable of old times past to scare people into behaving and living a life of mere good manners and behaviors?   I’m starting to accept that you don’t trust Me enough to count the cost and consider MY WORDS to be what your parents, and even your grandparents, used to tell you.


You think you have it all figured out.  You think it’s all some sort of a CONSPIRACY to get you to behave and follow your orders.  Now that you’re all grown up and on your own, so to speak you feel as though you can leave all the make-believe stuff alone, like the Fairy Tales, Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, and even the Big bad witch of the west.  Why believe in Me when you have been told all of your lives that these heroes of yours were true, and then find out they weren’t, and now out of the blue, they still want you to believe “the man in the moon,” as they call Me is also true?  Why would they when all you do is lie to your children because you think it is fun and only games.


Telling someone that I AM real, just like those pagan celebrations you bring into your homes and churches, and you say they are just fun and have NO harm, but this is a lie and they’re very detrimental to your young ones’ minds and even their souls.  They are whole beings.  You put your child in the laps of people/man that you don’t even know and then tell them to sit and behave, like “good little boys and girls,” and Santa will bring or give them a treat for being good.

These men are no more than money-hungry perverts who are only out to harm and destroy your young ones.  Don’t you understand that this isn’t good behavior for you as a parent to do to your young ones who are innocent before Me, their God.  How can you as parents say this is not harming them?  Yes, maybe all aren’t bad, but I say you are very lucky if you are able to get one who is these days.  My point, My children, is that you can not play with fire.  These pagan activities are not good and have not ever been.  I have warned you time over time, but you don’t listen and heed My calling.

Wise up, My Children,  for the Day is soon approaching, and you will not make it into My Kingdom doing that which pertains to SIN and the Abomination of Desolation.  You say, “What is that exactly?” and I say back to you, to be obedient to My Very Teachings and Sayings in My Torah/Commandments, and you will never need to find out.


Obey, Trust and follow Me, your God, into ALL the world, and I will make each one of you MY FISHERS OF MEN THIS DAY.  It wasn’t just for My 12 elite disciples who walked with ME.  It is for all of you who will leave wife, mother, father brother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousin, you name it, and come follow ME into all the world. Yes, even husbands too.  No one is left out, My friends.  I need all of you to work for MY KINGDOM to make it work.  I need all of you to get MY lost lambs back into the flock before that Dark Day approaches, and time will be NO MORE as it is.


I keep WOOING you, I keep TELLING you to tell others, but it seems as if you are all asleep and too tired to even care anymore.   Why are you so selfish and only care about yourselves, and what you can get from ME, your GOD?  Why don’t you follow even the TWO COMMANDMENTS that you say I told you to keep?  “Love ME and Love your NEIGHBOR as yourself”?  I wasn’t telling you that these are the only TWO I wanted for you to keep.  I was summing them all up in these TWO PILLARS and the TEN  were a summary of the 613 COMMANDMENTS that were given to Mosheh/Moses at Mt. Sinai that day so many years ago to a people called “Israel,” who was too afraid to accept them on their own accord.


They weren’t ready to be a nation yet, and they disobeyed Me time and time again, just like all of you people do who say you love Me and are saved, or should I say, you think you are saved.  I need for you, My so-called church, to be HOLY as I AM HOLY, says God Almighty.  You need to reconcile with Me, your Heavenly Father, and become spotless and blemish free, like you once were when you gave your life to Me, and then be baptized for the remission of your sins this very day, so that when that day comes, you will make it to your Heavenly mansion in the sky with ME, your ETERNAL HEAVENLY FATHER, who is HOLY and JUST,  as you, My child, should be likewise.

Open up your hearts to ME this very day, and let Me tell you of My Goodness and Unending love, that you sang about yesterday morning.  I AM a GOOD, GOOD Father, and I love to bestow good gifts unto those My children who love Me and follow Me, and Keep ALL of MY Saying to a THOUSAND GENERATIONS.


My sons and My daughters, trust ME, your God, to know what is BEST for you and trust Me that I will only do that which pleases My Heavenly Father up in Heaven, where one day you will be, if you follow the teachings in MY WORD/SCRIPTURES.  ALL of My Words are profitable for doctrine and for reproof.  Second Timothy 3:16-17, “ALL Scripture,” not bits and pieces to your liking.  NO, “ALL” means “ALL,” NO COMPROMISING, My children.  This is NO game to see how big you can grow your church.  This is not what I’ve called you to do.


I have called you to go and be MY EMISSARIES/DISCIPLES to the Jew first, and then to the Greek, and to the uttermost parts of the world.  Why, do you continue to stay put and build, build, build and take My children’s money for what I have told you to do elsewhere?  STOP disobeying and follow what I have taught you in My very Words.  It is not about you or you building bigger buildings and cathedrals, but about winning souls/people for My KINGDOM, not yours, My church, My servants, My slaves.

Open up your eyes, for the fields are plentiful, but My laborers are few who will go and bring them in?   We have already enough buildings that are empty and without souls in them.  Use what you already have and feed MY SHEEP, FEED MY LAMBS who have strayed away from the flock and are lost dying and hurting for feeling like NO ONE CARES about them.  It’s not about the numbers; it never has been.  Why, oh Why church, can’t you understand this?


Oh you of little faith.  You go after the speck in your brother’s eye when you have a plank/log in your own eye.  Remove the beam from your own eye, and then go to your brother and tell him what he is doing wrong, so that you may win him over and not lose him.  I love you, My little lambs, so let’s get on board for the Day of My RETURNING is just around the corner, and I AM Happy, OH So Happy and rejoicing to see you all FACE TO FACE, GOD.  4:14 am.

4:28 am.


I speak the TRUTH.  WHY don’t you LISTEN?  I speak the truth.  Why don’t you adhere to My sayings and to My teachings?  Do you not UNDERSTAND?  Do you not care?  Why is it that you think you know more than your KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS does this very day?  A smart child reads and studies to show themselves approved.   Didn’t and haven’t I already spoken and said this all before, and you’ve just turned and shot Me down like it wasn’t truth?  I AM the TRUTH and the LIFE, no man, no one, can ever come to the Father, unless they come through ME, the SON.  ALL other ways are false, phony and lies straight from the devil himself.  There is only ONE WAY and I AM IT.  ALL other ways that people try and tell you about are lies straight from the pit of hell itself.


Why would you rather follow someone who lies to you and says things that aren’t real?  What have they ever done for you but get you into trouble and into mischief?  Stop believing what people want you to believe, just so you will hang out with them and party.  Believe and trust in Me, your Heavenly Father, who only wants to give you good gifts from above.  For that’s where your treasures won’t ever rust, corrode and grow old.  Build your treasures up above, so that you won’t have to worry about your tomorrows, for your tomorrows will take care of themselves, amen.

I AM your Father, and I love to give ALL MY Children who call out to Me and obey ME and MY Teachings good gifts.  What Father does not?  Let your YES be YES, and your NAY be NAY.  Don’t be wavering to and fro like the sea and be tossed about like the wind.  This isn’t a good place to be.  Always keep your promises, even if it makes you look unpopular.  People will respect you more for it.  Don’t make promises if you don’t plan on keeping them.  A person that can’t be trusted is worthless and good for nothing/anyone.


Promises are important to keep.  I, your Father in Heaven, keep ALL of My promises in My HOLY Tanakh/Scriptures.  There is not one that I have not or will not keep.  You can count on that.  I love you, My children, won’t you love Me, your Creator, back?  I long for the day that we’re all together again as when I walked amongst you all.  I will never forget when we were all praying in the garden and the soldiers came in and took ME and arrested ME for doing absolutely nothing wrong, and I was betrayed by a kiss from Judas, one of my chosen disciples.


This is how I feel much today by you, My Church.  You say you love ME, but you do not do or say what I have told you to do in MY WORDS.  You do what you want and not what I want.  You say I have taken care of it by my cross, so you don’t have to continue what I taught and preached about.  This is HOGWASH to the core center of My being.  I told you I hadn’t annulled or done away with anything that I came to fulfill what the Temple priest and Rabbis of the day had added and taken away from MY HOLY SCRIPTURES.  By doing this, they made My people slaves to them once again, like in the days of Moses when he led My children Israel out of the Bondage of Egypt and from Pharaoh their king.

I AM not happy with what MY Church has become.  Wise up, My children/People/My Bride, or I must say you will be lost from Me and My Father forever, and that is exactly what that means, My people.  Forever does not change; it is forever and ever.  My WORD and I are ONE in the same.  You cannot say you believe one and not believe the other; that is NONSENSE.

Oh you Fools and Hypocrites!  You who say you believe, but the truth is no where in you this day.  You are all white-washed tombs, full of dead man’s bones.  Can these dead man’s bones live again? asks God.  Only if they are sincere and repent and be baptized in and through My blood and my living-flowing waters, says God Almighty, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, this very day, says God.


God, gave me a song to My remembrance, and it goes like this:

Therefore, the Redeemed of the Lord shall return, and come with singing unto Zion an everlasting joy shall be upon their heads. They shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.  Therefore the Redeemed of the Lord shall return and come with singing unto Zion an everlasting joy shall be upon their heads, amen  (Isaiah 35:10; 51:11) 5:10am

6:31 am


Why, Oh Why, My Church, My People, who say they are MINE, why can’t you be as hungry as My daughter of MY TORAH is right now?  Her stomach/gut is so hungry and it’s keeping her awake.  So why can’t My people stay awake for just a measly hour or two and devour My Words like you can eat at a buffet meal at a smoke house/Smorgasbord, or even the Sweden House restaurant where she used to go to eat, while growing up in Lansing, Michigan, after attending church service at Mt Hope?

Instead, My people are starving spiritually while they are over-stuffing themselves and committing gluttony.  Why is that, My children?  Why would you rather feed your flesh than your Spirit?  Don’t you know without your Spiritual life, you are dead.  Your body can only profit as long as your spirit is alive.  Take care of yourselves, and you will prosper and live long lives.  Don’t take care of yourselves, and you will die before your time.  The choice is up to you, My children.. You are given one earth suit, so take care of it and use it well and to your advantage.


I will tell you again, I love you, so look to Me, the author and finisher of your faith.  Let not your heart grow weary or tired.  Believe in Me and the works that I do, and you shall do even greater works, says God Almighty, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, this morning.  Arise and Shine, and give God the glory, glory, amen.  Sing and shout praises unto Me. your Adonai Elohim (Lord God), your Almighty One, who sits on the Right hand of your Father God in My KINGDOM.


ALL the angels and Seraphim and Heavenly host are bowing down and exalting Him and giving Him praises daily without a complaint or a sigh.   Why do you have so much trouble giving your KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS the praise due His name?  Examine ourselves, and show yourselves approved like I said before.


You are My children, but only if you obey ME and Worship ME, your KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS this very day.  This is not negotiable; this is what is and will be, says your Master and King this day.  Don’t slack and Don’t slumber, for if you do, you just might not make it into My KINGDOM, says God Almighty.  For MY KINGDOM is a HOLY KINGDOM, and it isn’t made by human hands, but by everything that is written in MY WORDS, amen.  6:52 am.


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