The following is a message God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015  4:45 am

He (Jesus) has delivered you and has called you out, says God.  He has saved you and has washed you in and by His blood.  He has satisfied you; He has set you apart for such a time as this, which for what reason and understanding you will know when it is time, says God.  I have asked you to do things that seem hard and difficult because I know you can do them with Me to back you up.  I have allowed things to happen for you, My child, to grow and to put forth effort to stand up and take a stand for Me to prepare you for what’s coming up ahead.  You do well by using your gifts for Me and calling EACH PERSON by THEIR NAME.  I AM has sent you there to Rosh Pinah for such a time as this, My child, My children, My daughter and My son.  Do what I have chosen for you to do, says God, and I will put My Spirit upon you and soar with you through it all.

I am happy for and with you, Karen, because I have seen your trust and obedience to Me and My Torah/commandments.  I have not made any mistakes or accidents, for I cannot do so.  I take whatever the devil and his imps mean for harm and turn it around for good to them and those who choose to obey Me, like you and Chris do, says God Almighty.  I want to bless you and prosper you in all things, says God.

Just trust your God and He will do for you everything that My manual/Word says that it will do.  What you heard someone say is hogwash and not so.  What he has heard might seem true to him but not true to Me nor My Torah.  Not everything you hear or heard that My people, Israel, would do is pleasing to Me.  That is what I was sent here to do is to fulfill My Torah, which they tried to destroy.  That doesn’t mean to destroy the very life and breath of one, but to make full the understanding of My words that the Temple prophets known as the Pharisees and the Sadducees were misleading and misquoting My God’s breath, Words which are Me through and through.

You say, My Church, that they have been done away with, but I say, “No, how can that be because I am still here.  You do away with My Torah, My commandments, then I do not exist,” says God.  I love My people, but you are so lost to Me, not lost to where you aren’t Mine, but lost to where I’m about to spit you out in disgust.  Remember, My church/people, I do not like sin or can live where it is, so choose you this day if you are going to serve God or manna.  You know what I fed My children Israel and the stranger who came alongside them.  That stranger is the church today, who are acting the very same way as they did so very long ago when My servant Moses came up to talk with Me, just as I am talking with you here this day in the bathroom.  I will come to visit you anywhere you are, so choose well My daughter and make good use of our time together.  It is a good thing to give praise unto the Lord and to make music to the God of Abraham.  5:31 am


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