Tuesday, October 8, 2018 @ 5:38 am.

God wakes me up to the question, “WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE COCOPAH?”  God then went on to say,

It might not mean much to you, but to a Cocopah or to their people/nation, it is everything, they would tell you back.  Oh, I know you didn’t ask the question, My daughter, but there are many that have, and for that reason, I’ve had you write this all down.


A long time ago, when I brought My people here from far away lands, they sailed across the ocean blue to find land that they could call their own and live and dwell freely, so that they could worship and support their families off of the land that God has created for them to do.  It wasn’t an easy journey, but they made it and survived most of them.  So many, though, did die along the way from this or that, but the majority made it just fine.

They, the Cocopah tribe/nation, never gave up, but they relied and trusted in ME/US, their God, and never doubted that WE would get them to safe grounds, so that they could resign on to make a home for their families from the land that they have claimed for their very own.  Yes, they have come a very long way across the oceans blue, but they didn’t care just as long as their families and loved ones could once again be free to  live and worship their one and only God of Heaven and of Earth.


They desired to be One people, One nation under One God, where they could worship freely without being persecuted and told what to do, but then after they got to where they were and got all settled in on their land, then others came, and they, the Cocopah, tried to be friendly with them, but they only tried to take more than their share and the circle of life started all over again.

[God begins to identify with the tribe]


All we ever wanted was to have peace and live on our own land to worship the God of creation.  We just wanted to live away from all the upheavals and uncertainties that were before Our Tribe, Our Peoples.  Why did it have to be such a hard thing to find peace that surpassed all understanding that our God was all about?  We smoked our peace pipes and banged on our drums, but it didn’t seem to help us at all.  Things just got worse for us, and we didn’t know which way to turn.  For out of fear, we only came to another place of persecution as we had left, but maybe as time would tell, it might even be even worse than what we had ran away from back in Jerusalem in the first century when we had to make a decision to not worship our God of Israel or die under the authority of Rome and her people.


We were being killed and burned alive at the stake for believing in a God other than the ones they told us too.  We were Jews, and we would not bow down to them or give our Allegiance to none other but OUR ADONAI, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.  We found a group of believers who were going to escape by ship/boat to an unknown land to find safety and security for themselves, and we paid the price to go with/along to risk everything and leave all to find a new land that we could raise our families in the knowledge and understanding of Torah and the Scriptures that were all ready written down for what seemed like forever, but after leaving our homeland, we then landed on dry ground after what seemed like eternity for each of us.

We hadn’t a clue where we were, but at this point and time, we didn’t really care.  All we care is that we made it and found land, and it looked good and productive, and there was trees and green grass and the rivers flowed, and there was much that looked good to the eyes.  We didn’t have much to work with, so we had to create and make things with our hands.  We relied on our ways and customs of the day, and that is how we started to beat the odds.  Our hands and feet tilled the grounds to find food and shelter for our families.


It was a land of good soil, and we were able to grow and feed our families from it until the WHITE MAN came and kept pushing us further and further away from what we came to know as our land.  They would say they were going to help us and teach us their way and lifestyle, but all they wanted was our good soil and running streams/rivers where the fish and the antelope/buffaloes roamed.

Why couldn’t they just leave our peoples alone?  Why couldn’t they just give us the peace we so desired from the very beginning?  We were willing to share with them.  Why were they so desperate to have it all for themselves?  Where was this peace and love that OUR GOD had given to us in them?  These other people came from some other place and saw that we were doing good, so they wanted to see who and what we were and where we had come from.


Everyone had an agenda to get from us.  We didn’t mind sharing with our neighbors, for that was one of the BIG TEN given to Moses on MT. Sinai back after God delivered the children of Israel through the running waters of the RED SEA upon dry lands.  God parted the RED SEA to save the children of Israel, our people, from the hands of Pharaoh so very long ago in Egypt.

They made little tiny shelters for their animals and for themselves during our wanderings in the wilderness, and so when we came to our lands here, we did the same, but sometimes differently with what materials we had we made use of it accordingly.


We used our talents to help us survive and live off of the land God created for us, His people/creation/children, to use and take advantage of.  We never wasted anything.  We only used what was needed for the time.  We sang and danced before ADONAI, our God of Heaven and Earth, and kept ALL of HIS WAYS that our forefathers have taught to us.


We never desired anything other than to worship our ONE TRUE GOD and HIM alone.  Freedom never comes easy, and we were still fighting for it up to this very day on the RESERVATION where they, the white man, has stuck us to live and then try to say, we are our own people and we can do what we want, but they just never stop lying to us and think we are STUPID, but we are not.

We understand the white man very well indeed.  We only allow the white man to rule us because, otherwise, they will kill us, and we won’t allow them that right.  We are God’s children from way back, and we will continue being HIS children/people until we die and forever.  We will not give the white man no more of our dignity.  We are going to keep the rest and fight back until we are no longer able to.


We are a strong people/nation. We may not be the biggest, but we are one, and we are always as big as we let ourselves be.  GOD formed and created each of us to be His chosen Royal Nation, and we will continue to fight and survive because WE are a MIGHTY ROYAL NATION who will serve and rule one day in OUR FATHER’S TEMPLE back in JERUSALEM where it all started so many years ago before we were persecuted and forced to be slaves, and even killed, for our faith in God of Heaven and Earth.

“Heaven is MY HOME and Earth is MY  FOOTSTOOL,” says God Almighty.   Without either one, we couldn’t exist.  We have to have both, which is how WE created life to be.

[God goes back to speaking as Himself]


I love all My dearly beloved PEOPLES/TRIBES/NATIONS.  Don’t ever doubt MY LOVE for you all.  I’m coming back riding on My White Horse to take back MY TEMPLE and RULE MY KINGDOM with an IRON ROD.  Those who love ME now will be with ME then, and those who don’t love ME will not be.  Oh, how I love and want all to be with ME, but I know it isn’t possible.  Oh, My little lambs come unto ME your CREATOR, your MASTER, oh, how I long to hold you in MY ARMS.


Oh, House of DAVID, how very long before you say, “Blessed be the name of MY GOD.”  Oh, House of Jerusalem when will you say, “Blessed be the name of the LORD GOD of ISRAEL.”  Oh, little town of Bethlehem, for out of you came the Messiah, and you too will rejoice to see MY DAY, which is not to far away.

Remember to KEEP MY DAY HOLY and SET APART, for you are a HOLY PRIESTHOOD, and you are A HOLY NATION, set apart for and unto ME, your GOD of ISRAEL, this very day, so start living like it, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords this Tuesday morning, My daughter.


You have done well in writing this down and telling My chosen people to get ready, for the Day of My returning is right around the corner.  Prepare yourselves and get ready, My Bride, for the day is not far but very close indeed.  I love you, My little lambs, for the Day will come with or without your knowledge.

Open up and read My Words, for they are Life and Breath to your very bones.  Life to those who walk in MY TORAH, and DEATH to those  who throw it aside and make light of it.  I would rather you be HOT or COLD.  LUKEWARMERS are no better than DUNG/POOP in the streets.  They stink to ME and MY FATHER.  They make US want to puke and vomit you up.


Why do you continue to ride the fence knowing this?  Why do you not feel it necessary to be obedient to ME, your GOD of Heaven and Earth?  I created you from the dust/dirt of the Earth, and My Spirit brought life to you.  Oh, how WE rejoice in your day, but you keep playing with fire and choosing to get burned.  It will happen just the way I have said and spoken.

You have a choice, My dear ones, so choose and pick well, for the day only comes as a thief in the night to those who don’t prepare and keep their candlesticks/lights burning brightly, GOD.  10/08/18  @ 7:11am.


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