October 7/2018 @ 7:28 am

God said to me today, “I want to fill you up with living blessings to overflowing.  I tell you the truth neither Heaven nor Earth shall pass away till every stroke of the pen has been done away with.”

I wondered about this. What do you mean my God? He said,


I tell you the truth,  not one iota or stroke of the pen shall be deleted from my TORAH, My words, till Heaven and Earth, My Two Witnesses, say so.  They are what determines how or when My TORAH or Myself will be done away with.  Stop thinking you or anyone can eliminate what God has ordered /ordained from before the very foundation of the world.


I have everything in the palms of my hands so don’t forget that.  I have plans for all of My creation, so don’t stop believing that you are special [different from everyone else] and have a destination/plan to play within its design. Shape up, wake up, for greater am I than he that is in the world.


Allow Me /Us to share with you all that which the Father has set out for you to accomplish.  Don’t get the cart before the horse.  Don’t get ahead of yourselves, let Me your God direct you and guide you to where you ought to go and be.  My ways are so much better than yours could ever be.  So don’t doubt or be persuaded to give up before you get to your destination place.  Yes, the road may get tough and bumpy along the way,  but hold on tightly and you will be just fine, My dearly beloved ones of My Torah.


For you are much stronger than you let people think you are or appear to be.  Have faith in and whatever I tell you to do.  Step out and trust the Great I Am, and He will guide you through every difficulty and obstacles/obstructions that may deter you from getting the job done to completion.  Don’t worry or fret about this small stuff, for they will take care of themselves in due timing.  Just know that when I have called you to do something, I will always be right there helping and guiding you through each and every step of the way.

There’s no need for doubt, My children, for if I tell you to go here or there, I will be there right alongside of you as well.  For I never will leave you or forsake you, My sons and daughters of the Most High God of the entire, big, humongous universe.


You haven’t even scratched the very surface yet.   I know this boggles your finite minds because you feel you have accomplished so much in your outer space.  I am beyond space and time, and you will never ever know the magnitude of what or who I AM.


For I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and that is all you need to know for now.   I will rule over My son David’s Kingdom in Jerusalem with an iron rod, and I am coming to complete the work that I’ve started so very long ago.   Don’t get me wrong, I am a God of Love, but there is a Justice to be done/served, and I am the one who will be doing it.  Yeshua/Jesus is my name.  I AM that I AM.  Yes, I was in the very beginning of all time and space.


I Am was with Abraham when we, my Father and I, put him in a deep sleep and walked through the pieces together and made a covenant with Him. This started our relationship together with you, My people.  Not the other way around.  My going through the process of the pieces showed you My very heart.  It was to tell and show you that I wasn’t finished with My people yet.  That I wanted to get back to the place and the plan that I had originally started with.

I made a promise/Covenant with your Father Abraham that if anyone throughout his generations would sin or break our Covenant that I would take their place and die just like these animals that were cut in half and in pieces.  Because My Father and I knew that already that this wasn’t possible for Abraham to do on his own.  We stepped in and made it possible.

Yes, We loved you all that much, knowing full well with all knowledge and understanding what this all amounted to, but We did it anyways.  That should give you an idea how much We desired to get back to where We started in the GARDEN, where we were able to communicate and commune with one another on a daily basis.


Although Moses, who led my children of ISRAEL out of Egypt years later, had a totally different purpose to fulfill.  He was to be My prophet/leader, and even My priest, to get My Laws, My Teachings, My Spirit into their hearts, and not on some stone tablets, but they were afraid, and that is why it took so very long.

My death didn’t dismiss what Moses, My servant, did on Mt. Sinai that day so long ago.  It’s nonsense, so utterly ridiculous, to even think so.  My Laws and teachings were given to you to help you grow and understand My love for you, My dear ones. They were set in place to help guide and direct you to know and teach you how to live a Holy, set aside, life pleasing before your Lord God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

It was never meant to beat you down like you were beaten In Egypt as slaves.  Why would your loving Heavenly Father free you from something like that only to take you back into it?  You’re right, I wouldn’t, so why do you treat Us as if we did by saying that My Son’s death did away with what brought you freedom from Slavery?  That is the farthest from the truth.


What My Son’s death accomplished and fulfilled was what happened back in Genesis 15 when I, Yeshua/Jesus took the place of Abraham.  My Father put Abraham in a deep sleep, and I, His Son, took His place.  So when I died on the cruel cross that day on Golgotha in Jerusalem, I was fulfilling My promise to Abraham and nothing more. Abraham could not have done it.  For only I, Yeshua HaMashiach [Jesus the Messiah], was without sin and capable of doing such an act of love for all of humanity.   Yes, I had to come back as a baby in a manger and give up/ lay aside My divinity to live as a man like you, so that I could fulfill the promise I made to your Father’s Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


My death on the cross brought so much pain and heartache to My Father and your Father in Heaven that He tore the cloth that was close and above His very heart that cruel, cold day while I was on that cross.  The VEIL was ripped from top to bottom, just as a good Jew does still today when someone dies.  I don’t know what or how you have come up with such garbage and such saying that I have done away with the very heart of who and what I AM.

My death on the cross, which you all seem to think I enjoyed, because you keep sinning over and over again, and believe that it’s okay to do so, because God doesn’t see your sins anymore because of what I did for you.  This is all a Poppycock and Garbage!  You have it all completely wrong, My little lambs.


You are no different than the Pharisees or the Religious leaders of my day.  You are all white-washed tombs. You think you have all the answers, but you are so so wrong. Listen up, for I have sent you the truth, and you will not listen.  Just as I have come and they did not.

When, O wicked generation, will you ever listen to the truth about what is written in the very pages of My Words.  I have given them all for you to read and to understand.  When are you going to do and read them for yourselves?  Stop allowing others, like the Religious leaders of my day, dictate what you can and cannot do.


Stop being afraid of losing friends and relationships because of following the truth.  If they don’t desire to know Me, their God, then walk away from them.  I tell you the truth, if they did it unto Me while I was walking amongst them, how much more will they do it unto you?  It was hard, even for Me, My dear ones.

People are always saying, “Oh, but JESUS was God, so He knew everything that he needed to win the temptations of the devil.”  Yes, I am God, but from the time I stepped down and became a baby born to my earthly mother, Mary,  I laid aside all my divinity and took on humanity.  If I hadn’t, there could never, ever be a way for you or your family to ever have an eternity with Us, your family in Heaven.


I lived this earthy life just like one of you. I had to learn and grow in TORAH each and everyday like you should be doing.  If I could do it, so also you can.  I learned and grew up following My Father’s Laws, just as you should be doing.  They are good for you and bring health to your very bones.


I did not die to do away with all that My Father has taught Me.  It’s so ludicrous to believe that what I’ve learned growing up was for naught/nothing.  My Father’s Heart is the very Laws you are trying to dismiss.  My Father God loves each of you so very much. Why else would He allow his only begotten Son that day to stand in the gap for Abraham and make covenant and then save you from dying and being lost without hope of a life with Us/Him?


We are all about Relationship.  Why do you think I try and wake you up in the wee early moments of your day, or when you shut your eyes when you are trying to go to sleep at night?  I long for you.  I long to hear your voice.  Do you long for Me your God, your creator of the universe?

Oh, you enjoy the things I provide for you. But soon as one disappears or you lose someone you love, you start blaming Me for being cruel and harsh, even mean.  You say, “Why God?  I needed her or him.  How can I make it here without them?”  And all the time I’m screaming back,  “I love you, daughter and son.  Reach out to Me, for I long to comfort you and to hold you.  Let Me fill this hole, this emptiness, with Me, your Loving, Heavenly Father.”

This world is just another way to show each of you how much We absolutely love you.  We have given you everything to enjoy.  But your Father and I long mostly for a relationship with our children/Creation.  Can’t you tell that about Us?  We have proven it and even given evidence to back it up.  We aren’t finished with you all yet? We have such high hopes and standards for our children/creation.


We are so excited to be able to share our a Feast and Festivals with you too.  We are a great big loving family who enjoys partying.  Why do you think We have so many times we tell you to get together?  We enjoy your attention and stillness.  Each week we have given you a time to rest and ponder on things that are important to you. This day is a SHABBAT for you to get close to Me and everyone else that is close to your heart, My dearly beloved ones.

This is the day I’ve set before you to remember to keep.  This day is My day.  You can not ever change it, for it is carved in stone and on your hearts, if you are My daughters and sons.  It doesn’t matter who tells you otherwise.  It hasn’t and never will change.  Sabbath was made for man, not the other way around.  God your Father knows what is best for you, so adhere to His teachings and learn from them all.  Don’t allow man to decide what is good or bad for you.  I’ve already done that and have made it clear in My pages of Scripture.


I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  No one is before Me or after Me.  I have created all things, and without Me, there’s nothing that ever existed or ever was.  I AM INFINITE and encompass all things everywhere.  I Am humongous and gigantic.  There never has nor will ever be or exist, that I haven’t already known about.  Nothing is ever knew under the sun.  It was and always has existed.


Everything is new to you and your finite mind, but to Me, your Eternal God, it’s not.  I like surprising you, and opening up doors and windows for you to see new challenges and opportunities.  This is what I do for those who spend time trusting and going out on a limb, so to speak.


I like for My children/ creation to step out of their shells/boxes and try new things that make a difference in one’s life and others. What would have happened if Thomas Edison would’ve just followed the crowd and not tried to be different and stand out?  It didn’t happen overnight, but it took many different opportunities and failures to succeed to have the light bulb and electricity. What about Alexander Graham Bell and the telephones?  All of these inventions came about because someone like you and I dreamed BIG.

I gave you an imagination when I created and formed you in your mother’s womb. You are no accident or some mishap.  You were designed with a purpose and with a plan before the foundation of the world, so live your life like you are unique and special because you are.  Peace and Shalom, all My beautiful treasures.  I always love our moments together and getting to know you more and more, God. 9:32 am. Sunday 10/7/18


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