Saturday August 4, 2018 @ 5:54 am.

I’m laying in bed, and God says,

It’s not how you drive your car that matters, but how well you’re obedient to Me, says God Almighty.

God says this car He’s referring to here is your body.  Our bodies get old and start to fall apart and to disintegrate, but God says, ‘

Do what it is you can do to help preserve it, and then I will do the rest and take care of you.  Show forth My love to this world that is all broken down and crippled from all of life’s flaws and diseases.  Jesus says, “I AM the WAY the TRUTH and the LIGHT, and no one can come to the Father,” unless I draw Him and seek Him out.  Trouble not yourselves, My children, My child.

If it were not so, I would have told you so.  Believe in Me and the works that I do, and you shall do greater things than I did while on the earth with you and My disciples so long ago.  I’ve done it all for you, so won’t you do it all for Me as well?  I came into this world, not to do My will but My Father’s will who sent Me.

Yes, I and My Father are ONE, but I gave up My divinity and My will, to please My Father up in Heaven, so that you might have life and life more abundantly.  Why do you doubt Me, My sons and My daughters of My Torah/Scriptures?  You are not Mine any longer, if you choose to continue in this sinful lifestyle you are living.  I did not come into this world as a baby and grow up to be an adult like you this day, for you to reject Me and My Father.  We loved you all so very much, and our prayer is that you will love us back in return, our creation, our children. We have such hope in each of you, but it has to be your decision to walk daily, and to pick up your own cross and follow and walk after US in this world you call home/earth.

We are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  Whoever chooses to seek after Our Righteousness shall find it and rest in sweet peace, and our joy shall be your eternal rest.  There is NO doubt that you are troubled and trying to find this joy unspeakable and full of glory, but you first must REPENT and SEEK ME, your GOD, that you’re running from and blaming Me for everything.  I was not the cause of your pain, nor was I there allowing it to happen behind closed doors.  This wasn’t My fault, nor was it your mother’s or your dad’s fault.  It was the man’s fault that they had entrusted you with that day so very long ago.  I know your heart, and it is very hurt and bruised from all the hurt that was put on you at such a young age.

It was not your fault, and you did not cause it to happen, NO matter what you seem to remember or think you did or did not do.  This man did not listen to his conscious and didn’t heed My call over his life.  He chose to not be obedient to My still small voice, and he acted out of selfishness and pride. He has been lost to ME ever since and has been in much pain and agony.  He is and will suffer much hardship, if he doesn’t take heed to My Holy Spirit.  He will be punished for what he did to you, as well as others in his own household.

Nothing gets past Me, nor My Father which are in Heaven.  It cost him his family and his marriage.  My child, I love you, so stop blaming yourself and Me, your God of Heaven and Earth, this very day.  Stop trying to disprove Me, and run back to Me with your arms stretched out on bended knees and REPENT, and do your first works over.  Nothing is ever too big for Me, your God, to do or perform.  Seek Me with your whole heart, mind and soul/spirit, and know that I will forgive and accept you back into My Kingdom.  Cry out to Me with a humble heart, and know that when you do, I will hold you and love you, just as you have always dreamed about.  I AM right here next to you, My child of My Torah.

I know how you love My Words and My music.  Don’t give this all up, My child.  Nothing is ever over, unless you really want it to be.  You have not committed the unpardonable sin that My Word talks about.  You are hurt, and what the enemy satan has fed you about Me is a lie from the very pit of hell itself.  My Words, ALL My Words, are Truth from the beginning to the end.  The Bible is ALL about Me and My Kingdom, and My love for My people.  You have ALL the Evidence and Proof that My life existed there in My Holy Book, the BIBLE.  ALL of My Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine,  for correction, for instruction in righteousness.  It is a book of instruction and a guide to show you how to live a good, Holy life in My Kingdom, not only in this life, but in the one to come.

It is not too hard for you; you can do it.  For I have called you out, even before ALL of this happened.  I have set you apart for such a time as this to proclaim and preach My GOSPEL to ALL mankind.  This is why satan, the devil, has been after you for so long.  He knows what kind of Collateral Damage you would be doing proclaiming My name to the world.  He, the devil, is trying to hinder you, even to the point of trying to kill and take your life.  You know this to be true.  You have had dreams about this.  Seek after Me, your God of Heaven and of Earth. Pray like never before. Ask of Me, and I shall tell you many things that I long to tell you.  Open up your heart to Me this very day.  I love you so much, and long for a relationship with you, My beautiful creation.  You are Mine, and not the devil’s.

I bought you with a high price.  Trust ME, Obey ME, and know that this is the truth.  Do not allow satan, the father of all lies, to rob you from My hand today.  Arise up, My child, and know that this is just the beginning of a new life.  Don’t turn your back on Me but come running back, and I will catch you with open arms, My sweet loving child that was hurt and broken so long ago and afraid to tell, not knowing what would happen.  That man can not harm you any longer, so put it to REST and FORGIVE, so that you can dwell in the shadow of MY WINGS.  You are safe, so trust Me your Creator, your God, the one who nestled you inside your mother’s womb so long ago.

Yes, I predestined you and knew you before you were a glimmer in your mother’s eyes.  You were meant to be, so don’t doubt your existence.  You are special and have a purpose.  There is a great day a coming and know that it might be very hard to hold on tight and remember all that you have studied and read in My HOLY WORD.

I AM the RESURRECTION and the LIFE, no man can come to the Father, unless HE (GOD) draws Him first.  I AM drawing you, My child.  Stop fighting with ME, and ACCEPT ME now before it is too late, and My Second Coming comes to you as a thief in the night.  My Revelation is truth, and I will be coming back for a Church/Bride who is without spot or blemish.  Will you have My Mark, or will you take the mark of the beast instead?  Both are very real.  Stop playing games, so that you can deny the sin that you’re wanting to keep performing.  SIN does not enter into MY KINGDOM.  Purge yourself this day, and REPENT and be BAPTIZED for the remission of your sins, and become My child of MY TORAH.  It’s not too late to change your stinky thinking and come and follow ME, and let ME Rock your World and heal you from top to bottom.

I AM a LOVING GOD, but I AM also a HOLY GOD, and where I AM, you cannot enter unless you are HOLY, PURE and RIGHTEOUS and without sin as well.  My Son YESHUA/JESUS made this all possible with the BLOOD HE shed for you on the cross over 2,000 years ago.  That blood never runs out.  Cover yourself in My blood and purify yourself in My Living Waters and be cleansed and purified today, and become a fisher of men in My KINGDOM to bring other lost and hurting people as you once were to ME, Amen.  Hearken and Listen up, God.  Saturday @6:57 am.  Shabbat morning.


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