FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2018 @ 4:29 am.


In my dream I was in the mall by myself sitting at a table.  There was an older man there who I knew from church.  His wife wasn’t with him, and I thought it was kind of strange/weird.  He started to compliment me and went way out of his way to build my ego and make me feel beautiful.  Until another woman showed up, then he took everything he was telling me and poured it upon her.  She was loving it as I was, but then it was as if I didn’t exist anymore.  She was even ignoring me and thought she was all that, and didn’t even look at me, but just was enthralled with this man.  At the time he was doing it to me, I didn’t think anything was wrong.  But now it was obvious that he was being a groomer of young children /woman/girls, trying to get our trust.
God then said to me:

AT WHAT COST are you going to allow this sort of thing to continue in your life?  Are you going to stand up and believe what a man says about you, or are you going to believe what I your Heavenly Father says about you, my dear ones/children?


That wasn’t the end of my dream.  As I was in my dream still, I saw and met up with a friend of mine who was a pastor’s wife, and I asked her if she remembered the man I had seen before, and she said, Yes.  She was pushing a stroller with some off-brand blocks in it. As I saw them, it brought back a memory about what my daughter had done with all the blocks we had; she had sold them for maybe $5.00, which was just pennies in comparison to all that I had invested in them.  My friend was very understanding as well.  Then the other woman who had been receiving all the compliments shows up, and I asked my friend there what I should do, but instead of waiting for her to respond, I go ahead and just tell her what I was going to do, but then I went on and just told her that I’m going to confront him, the man I met before, and tell him how he had hurt me when he dumped me for this other woman.

Now that I’m saying this, it sounds very weird indeed.  God, please reveal to me what it is You want me to see and get from this?  Holy Spirit, I praise You for loving me and wooing me in Jesus’ name.   @4:49 am.

@4:56 am


God awakened me again, and said,


Men like this seem so innocent at first until they have gotten your trust by building up your self-confidence/self-esteem. Then once they feel that you have bought into their lies, then that is when they are able to pull you in.  The thing is that not all of it was lies, because each of you are beautiful, but that is how the devil, the deceiver, grabs ahold of you and bites you.  He puts his bait out there and throws it in, and slowly draws it in just a little bit at a time, until he snags the catch.  It doesn’t happen always the first time, but he doesn’t stop, but just like a good fisherman, he keeps pulling it back in and casting out again until he has caught what he has gone out to get.


Sometimes the catch is too small, so it’s not worth keeping like you were in your dream, so that is why he went after the other woman because he knew he could get what he wanted from her, until he had done all that he wanted. Men come in all different sizes and shapes and colors, and so does the deceiver, the devil. He puts out traps so craftily that we’re not even aware of them until it’s too late.  Therefore, be wise My little lambs and count your blessings that you were able to get away from the enemy, the wolf. They come all dressed up in My clothing pretending to be Me, but they are far from it, My dear daughters and sons of My Torah, My Scriptures.


I know you’ve been hurt, but trust Me, your Heavenly Father, that is all taken care of.  The men that have hurt you are no longer able to do you any harm.  They have been found by Me, and the damage has been done, but it’s not over by a long shot.  They will pay a great price for what they have done.  Not just to you but to others besides you.  My LOVE is so great for you, and they took advantage of you and to others besides you.  You were young and very beautiful, just like the man said who was standing in the gap for the one who hurt you that day.  It was not this person you saw, My daughter, but another one that claimed to be Mine.  It is such a wicked thing that one of My own children/sheep would do this to another innocent lamb.


They have been deceived by Lucifer himself and have put aside the things of GOD to find pleasure in things that feed their flesh instead.  Don’t let or allow someone to deceive you any longer, My daughters and sons, for the enemy satan roams around like a prince in sheep’s clothing, trying to deceive you into believing he’s something that he’s not to lure you and sink you until he catches you by a little tug of the fishing line.


To those who are not educated or fluent in My Words/Scriptures/the Bible, it’s really easy for him to do this.  But for those who are educated and fluent, it’s not so easy.  But beware, the enemy is real good at what he does, as the other woman’s husband is good at the fishing that he does.  The other woman represents all those who are not strong in My word and are at risk of being lured away from Me. So My little ones, be very careful, and be on the look out for both satan and the predatory wolves around you this day.  It doesn’t take much sometimes for you to not see it coming, but trust Me to tell you that I love you so dearly, My daughters and sons of My Torah/Scriptures, and I want for you to know My children that you are exactly what this man at the table said that you are, all of you. Words spoken can be very true, but they can also be very hurtful, if taken out of context.  It is very important to be on the alert and to not let someone lead you astray.


Do what My Word tells you to do and nothing more. Be wise and alert, for your adversary the devil is out there searching and seeking those who haven’t a firm foundation in My Word/Torah.  Those who have some knowledge, but they haven’t the understanding to know what it really means, but know just enough to get them in trouble.  Satan loves to keep their minds all filled up with hate, bitterness, and strife, so they can’t think for themselves.  He loves to keep them at odds with Me, their God, and try to blame Me for not answering their prayers.  Most of the time they don’t even pray before saying I haven’t answered.  Trust Me, I love you and have always been there for you, seeking you out and protecting you from the evil one.


So be aware of satan’s attacks on your life and the predatory wolves he uses. You are My child, and I do care for you.  Stop troubling yourself by everything you’ve gone through.  It wasn’t your fault, so don’t allow the enemy or anyone in your family or friends to tell you otherwise.  They are just human and are being fleshly, and they need to get real with Me today, and stop playing like they are one of My Children.


I desire for My children to obey Me and to worship Me from their hearts, not their heads.  For My true worshippers aren’t afraid to be heard or seen in front of others.  For those who are embarrassed of Me, I also will be embarrassed of them before My Father which is in Heaven this very day, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  True believers in Me have and desire a real relationship with Me, their God Almighty. Those who are Mine don’t have to hide Me like I’m lost.  They will shine their light to the lost and dying world, so that others will see it and will come to know Me also.


I love you, My sons and daughters, so come running to Me, your Lord God, and I will open My arms to you and receive you unto MYSELF.  STOP blaming yourselves and allowing others to blame you any longer for it is all under MY BLOOD that I shed for you so very long ago upon the cross on Mount Calvary.  Those who are MINE will not continue to cause one of MY Children to hurt or be in pain from their past.  Trust ME and know that I AM God, and that I AM He who takes away all of your SINS and remembers them NO MORE, GOD .  @5:48 am.


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