Friday, August 10, 2018 @ 8:19 am.


In my dream, I couldn’t find a place or door to get into the Sanctuary, because they had taped them off due to the service being already started, but I went through one anyways, and I got pulled from the doorway and was dragged out.  I was then accompanied by some church people, especially this one tall man that was domineering over me, telling me to leave.  I could see my husband and small granddaughter, but there wasn’t any way to get to them, except to get in the way of their cameras. My grandchild was misbehaving, and I went to get her, and because of the services being live streamed, they wouldn’t allow us to leave the sanctuary due to the counting down.

This was an outside ordeal, and I was just trying to get to my seat.  My granddaughter had got up, and that is when one of these two older ladies thought she was making too much noise around them and she reached out and slapped her face. I had turned just in time and saw it all, and when I did, she gave me a dirty look.  I stood up to tell her that she didn’t have the right to discipline her, and they both got up and left.  I went and took my granddaughter back to our seats and let what they did go. I prayed and asked God to help me forgive them for they knew not what they were doing or had done, just as Christ Jesus did for all of us on Calvary 2000 years before.



After waking up from this dream, God said to me:

My people say they love Me, but their hearts are so far from Me, their Loving Omniscient God.  I love them, My people, but it’s more important to them how they run their religious programs than in helping My children, who are seeking a loving relationship with Me their Omnipresent God of Heaven and of Earth.  Yes, Heaven is My home and Earth is My Footstool.  How long will My people/creation take before they realize how much I do really love them?

My house of prayer is not to be a place of show and lights.  My house of prayer shouldn’t be a house or Den of Thieves and Robbers.  My house of prayer should be open to everyone who wants to come and listen to My Word be preached and taught.  It should not be limited to just a few arrogant individuals who think they are just there to boss everyone around, nor slap and hit your children when they are just a new convert.

This lady who you saw in this dream was the devil himself, proclaiming to know Me, but her heart and life was so far from Me, her God Almighty.  Yes, my daughter of My Torah, her love had dried up, and she was just putting on a show for others to see.  When she slapped your granddaughter, she was showing her true colors, and I don’t mean race here.  She was showing you, as well as others, who she was imitating.  And I tell you the truth here today, my daughter of My Torah, unless she repents of her unbelief and of her religious spirits that have worn her down, she will not have any part in My Kingdom, but in the Kingdom of her father, the devil, where he will spend his eternity with all of his imps and those who choose to follow him to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone forever.

Yes, that is what I have said, so stop and don’t deny that it is a real place and all, because it is, My child/children.  The enemy would love to convince and persuade you otherwise, to believe that you are just in the ground forever, but this is so not true.  Another lie that he has convinced you about is that there is nothing after death, so you might as well have all the fun now and live it up and do it good.  He (satan) would have you believe that what you thought about Me is all a bunch of parables and phoney religious doctrines of men, but that is also a bunch of hogwash and lies from an old devil who is trying to make Me, his Creator, pay for what I (God) did by kicking him out of heaven and his position there.

I say that he has made his choice, just as you get to do.  So why are you choosing to make such a bad choice, knowing that he has put on wolf’s clothing to disguise himself, just so you can walk around and play with your sin cards and things of this world you call home today.

I tell you, My friends, if that is what you want to be, then pick yourselves up this day and shake off your shoes, and come running back home to Me, your God of Heaven and of Earth.  Yes, the two witnesses I have set before you this day to show you and to prove to you who I AM, My dearly beloved people/children of Mine.  Yes, My people Israel are the Apple of My eye, and anyone who joins herself or himself to them are also My chosen people as well.  For I have spoken this, and I shall bring it to pass, as I have spoken and written in My Word/Words are never old or done away with.  For they are profitable for doctrine, for correction, for reproof, and for the training of righteousness, so that the man of God will be perfected for all good works, Amen.


Thank you, Yeshua, for if you hadn’t been obedient to Your Father in Heaven, we would still be dying in our sins and going to hell in a basket.  I owe my life to You, dear Jesus, and I want You to know I’m so very thankful and grateful for what You’ve done for me and my family and friends, even if we aren’t biologically related.

God, I hear you, and I have spoken and written your Words down to the very letter T.  I have done what you have asked, my God.  Let your daughter know that this will not come back void, but that your Word/Seed will be planted into good soil/ground and reap and harvest a hundredfold. I pray in your name, Jesus Christ (Heb. Yeshua Hamashiach), our Messiah, our Elohim (God), and our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  8.59 am.


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