Monday, August 6, 2018

I had laid down to sleep, and God awoke me to this:

Why do My children/people keep trying to test Me?   Don’t they know who I AM and what I can do for them?   For I AM a Great Big GOD, and  I can do whatever I please to do.  I don’t have any limits to the things I can do or perform.   I AM the One who gets to call the shots, not you, my friends.   I have a plan for each one of your lives, and they are all written down and already organized in my plan and scheme of things.  Stop fighting and acting like you already have everything planned out because you don’t even understand for the most part.  I saw and had created you in my plans before the world was put into place/orbit.   I can see you in the past, present and future all at once.  Nothing is out of My reach.

I AM huge and out of this world, so to speak in your small intellectual minds.  You think you have a clue of what’s going on, but you don’t even comprehend the magnitude of My greatness.   I have great plans and a great destiny for all of you.   You have a choice in how you want to play it out.   You think that it’s fine to gamble and play your deck of cards, but do you really?   You drink, you gamble, you play around, and do drugs, but at what cost, My friends, My children, My people, My creation?  How long do you feel that this will all work?

How long do you think you can play with fire and not get burnt?  Make up your mind, Who are you going to serve, My children, My people?  For you cannot serve two Masters.  You will either serve the one or the other, but you cannot ride the fence.  My Living Manna fell down from Heaven and fed My people Israel in the wilderness, and My Son, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, the LIVING WORD of GOD, came down from Heaven to feed your SOULS.  The bread that came down from Heaven the first time fed your bellies and you still continued to whine and complain.  My Son came, and you ridiculed and killed HIM.

Why My people/children, do you keep denying and forgetting to praise Me for the goodness that I AM?   I keep giving, and you keep taking, but give nothing back in return.  You selfish and arrogant generation of people, when are you going to stop giving My name such a bad rap? When are you going to stop profaning and polluting My Holy name and return to ME, the one who loved you so much from the very beginning.   Slow down just a minute and breathe, and set your feet on the firm foundation of My Word, and taste of Me before telling ME that I’m not good or that I don’t exist.   How stupid, How dumb to judge Me before you even get to know Me your God.  For I formed you and put your first air into your lungs as I created you while in your mother’s womb.  Your tiny, almost invisible body already had a heartbeat and was pumping oxygen into your very lungs.  You were not just some clump of tissue inside there;  you were a living 100% human being at the time of conception when your egg and sperm met for the very first time.  You were NO accident; you were planned from the foundation of the world like I’ve said before.

You are special.  You have purpose and have a destination that will outshine all of the people’s beliefs of you.  Have faith in yourself, know ME, your KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORD’S fully, and seek a relationship like you’ve never sought before.   Just trust the impossible for just a moment, and pray and seek My face, and see if I’m not real.  Yes, I know what I said before about why you are always trying to put your Lord Jesus Christ to the test.   Stop wallowing and bickering in your shoes, and open up the very WORD that you say isn’t true, and pray and seek ME, and let ME your God prove you wrong.

You already know I’m right; otherwise, you wouldn’t be trying so very hard to disprove ME your GOD.  The devil/enemy is laughing at you because he knows you are foolish and stupid, and you are, but he doesn’t care who he hurts.  He knows his finish, and he hates ME that much to steal you from ME.  He is hopeless, My children, but you’re not.   You have a heart, and yes, it is full of wickedness, but you don’t have to allow it to eat you up alive.  Don’t follow your heart, like a lot of folks tell you to.   It’s bad advice, for they want to do things their way, and that makes them think it’s all right, but it is not at all.

Following your evil heart will lead you down the road to HELL and DAMNATION.  Open up your eyes and seek God’s Word and His commandments.   The Word, which is Life and Light, will guide you to understanding wisdom and knowledge,  and to know what is true, lasting and right.  My teachings will make you stronger and smarter than your teachers here on the earth you call home.   My Word will enable you to grow into a full blooming plant that stands upright looking for the strength to grow and live.  Never doubt My Words to you, my children/child, and know that nothing ever is too far from your grasp or reach.  Hold on tight and enjoy the ride of a lifetime with Me, your Loving and Gracious God, who desires so much to get to know you.

Time is running out, and I’m starting to see the light from under the bridge.   When you see the light, you need to prepare for what’s coming up next.   Darkness is, but for a short time longer, and then My return will be soon here.   Don’t let the LIGHT come back without being ready or prepared for your GROOM.    I come not to a people who are lost. but to a people who desire to know ME and have a loving relationship with ME.   My Bride knows MY VOICE and is staying up preparing herself and adorning herself for her KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.

Stop playing games that will keep you from ME.   When I tell you to prepare,  I mean just that. NO SIN will enter MY KINGDOM.  In the days of sacrifices, NO ANIMALS were allowed to be killed if there were any kind of blemish or speck on them.  They had to be thoroughly checked and examined before they were accepted.   Same with you,  My child/chicken.   You need to also be freed of sins and impurities, and be blemish free,  for I AM a HOLY GOD, and I desire for My Bride also to be Holy as I AM Holy, says God Almighty.  My Word states that to be in My Presence, you have to washed thoroughly in My blood and be cleansed in My Holy Running waters,  and be sanctified through the renewing of your mind, spirit and soul.

NO ONE can enter into My presence if they have not done these things.  It is required to be Holy before your Lord God.  The song goes like this:  “Clean before the Lord I stand and not one blemish do I see.”  1:53

1:57 am

DO NOT DOUBT, DO NOT FEAR, for your adversary the devil roams around seeking whom he may devour.  Don’t let him; don’t allow him any room or avenue to come inside to pick your lock.  DO NOT play with things like the Ouija Boards or Tarot Cards or any kind of Witchcraft, Fortune Telling/Cookies.  They are avenues that seem harmless but is so very dangerous.  You think that getting your fortune told or your palms read is just something fun to do?  Think again.  It is all lies of the devil,  and his imps are trying to get you bound by his traps.  When My Word says not to do something, there is plenty of evidence why it’s not a good idea to do it.

We are to obey and be faithful to the God of the Universe.  He says NOT to take His name in VAIN.  He says to Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and soul.  God says to NOT make unto HIM any graven image.  He (GOD) says to keep the Sabbath HOLY and SET APART.  GOD says to love and obey your parents, if you want a long life.  GOD says to not commit adultery.  GOD says to not bear false witness.  And First and Foremost, God says that I AM the LORD thy GOD, Thou shalt not have any gods before ME.

GOD says that these GREAT 10 are not to be dismissed or done away with, but they are HIS guidelines on how to live a HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS life before HIM.

They are the summary of the 613 Commandments.   If you can keep these, you are doing well.  The two that Yeshua/Jesus said are a summary of these TEN.   Don’t make MY WORD difficult to understand.

Life is complicated enough; we don’t need to add to it.

I LOVE you, MY people.   Stop and think before you react to what people all around you say and tells you, Amen. Monday @ 2:24 am.



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