lies are never gooThursday, June 28, 2018 @ 9:00 am.

I  just woke up, and as I was sitting here at my computer, this picture showed up, and God tells me to respond to it, so I did,  not knowing what to say. The words in the picture were these:  “DON’T EVER LIE TO SOMEONE TO PROTECT THEIR FEELINGS.  THEY DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH.”  Wow! To my amazement, I didn’t know what to do with this, until the  Holy Spirit started to quicken me to speak.  He said,

Because your sins shall always find you out, and that person you are keeping it from will hurt so much more than if you would’ve been upfront in the very beginning, amen.

God is faithful, so give all of your worries, doubts and fears over to the one who loves you so very much.  Keeping life’s troubles and secrets to yourselves only makes for more trouble over the long haul. God says,

I want for this to stop this very day, and for this to be the healing point, and to give it all over/ up, and move on to what I have planned for you all along.  I want, and will turn, what seems to be unbearable and terminal into something beautiful and creative to shine out of the darkness

God has ways that are beyond what we can ever think or imagine. Let us give up our past offenses and mistakes, and move on to where God would’ve wanted each of us to be.  He says,

We need to grab ahold of the hem of My garment, My tzitzit, just as My Son continues to wear on His garment, and claim this once in a lifetime healing of your hearts, soul and minds for yourselves. Let it go and move on, and let Me grow you and bloom you into a Lifetime piece of Pottery made by the Master Potter’s hands alone.

God so loves each and everyone of us. Let Him do this for each of you today, so that you too, can move forward and live in His Shalom Peace that God has given us all to walk in by accepting His One and Only begotten Son (Yeshua/Jesus) our Lord and Savior, our King of Kings and Rock of all Ages.  He is coming very very soon.  Are you ready to meet Him today, my friends and family? 


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