Monday April 9, 2018 @2:03 am.

God says to pray to Him and to inquire of Him, so that we may learn more that there is in the Word of God and of the things that are of Him this day.
2:26 am


“Oh, taste and see that the Lord God is good, and make melodies unto the Lord, O Most High.  Sing unto Me/Us and rejoice, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven / God.  Trust in the Lord with all of your hearts and lean not unto your own understanding, and know that I AM the Lord God that heals you.  There is no one else who can do this, only Me, thus says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, this very day/night.

  • Why is this so very hard for you to accept?
  • Why is this not your everyday way of thinking?

Trust Me, your invisible God, who is Spirit, to answer and provide for you each and every second of your day.


You cannot change any color of the hair on your head, No, but it is I.  Oh, you think you can by worrying about this and worrying about that, but that is a whole other story.  I AM your Lord God Almighty, your EL SHADDAI, your ALL SUFFICIENT one, Your ADONAI RAPHA, your healer, this day and for always.  TRUST ME, for there is NO ONE who compares with ME/US in ALL the UNIVERSE.  Why don’t you trust ME?  For I have not failed you, but I always keep My promises to a thousand generations.


What is it that you seek from Me?  You have been told everything to do in My very Words.  Seek Me with your whole heart, My children/My child, there is nothing I will not do for you, if you would just ask Me, according to My Words.  Have faith in ME/US and doubt not that I can perform it, and you shall see it come to pass according to what My Word says it should.  Nothing is ever too hard, for I have said it and I have spoken it, and it shall come to pass according to My Scriptures, says God Almighty.  You ask Me why I have repeated Myself, and I say out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, My Words are established. Trust US to do everything WE have spoken unto you, my sons and my daughters of My Torah.  There is nothing ever too difficult for US to handle or to do.


It is all about faith and trust without doubt and wavering.  When you doubt and fear, you cancel out your prayers and put up blockers and road traps, where you hinder and cancel your prayers to come through the spiritual side, and they are hindered and even cancelled.  Trust US to know this, for WE are very real, and WE are wanting to do and to answer your prayers.  But you cannot quit, and you cannot doubt and lose hope, for these too hinder and block your prayers from reaching the throne room of heaven.


Trust Me, Obey Me, Seek Me with ALL your heart and lean not onto your own understanding, but acknowledge Me and seek Me with your whole hearts, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, this very day.  STOP your worrying, STOP your complaining and bickering, for you cannot turn one hair of your head a different color, but it’s only I that can do this.  Yes, you think by your worrying you have this power, but you don’t, My Children/Child, it is only I, your God Almighty, who holds the whole Universe in the palms of My hand.  I have also placed you right where I need for you to be, so stop your bickering and complaining that nothing is happening, and nothing matters.  You don’t even have a clue what is going on behind the scenes.

You don’t have the BIG PICTURE of what My Kingdom involves, so STOP your bickering and complaining, and do what I have called you out there to do, and you will see My glory take place when it is time for it.  No doubting or worrying can change the color of your very head, only your Lord God Almighty can do that.  Oh I know you think your children and grandchildren have done that, but who do you think that you are to think you can turn even one strand of hair white or grey, since only I can do that, and not any amount of worrying or anything of your power can do that, for I AM your Lord God Almighty, and I change NOT and I won’t ever.


I hold the whole universe and beyond what you can even fathom in the palms of My hand, and that is also right where you are at as well.  I AM immense and huge as you, My people /children, would say, but you haven’t even a clue to My immensity and vastness.  Your small minds could not be able to comprehend ME/US because you are so small and finite in your thinking and comprehension.  That is what makes ME GOD, and you My children/creation.

You can’t even begin to comprehend ME/US, so stop trying, for I hold the whole Universe and beyond in the palms of My hands.  I know the end from the beginning and the beginning to the end, there is nothing I cannot see all at the same time. You cannot surprise ME, for I see it all, My dear loved ones of My Torah, My children who say and call Me their Lord God Almighty.  My children, Trust Me and Obey ME, and don’t doubt Me, but seek Me with your whole heart, mind and soul, your very being.  I love it when My children trust Me and Obey Me and seek Me, even when life looks bad and throws them a hard curve ball.


My children stand firm and strong, even in the most difficult circumstances and trials.  They are few in numbers, but they are out there.  Pray hard and seek My face, for many will try to say they are Mine, but in the end, this is where it counts and makes the difference.  My sheep hear My voice and listen, follow and obey My commandments; ALL of them, not just the ones that are easy and do-able for you at the time.  But My true disciples, children, sons and daughters, are those who walk in ALL of My Torah from beginning to the finish, from Genesis to Revelation in your Bibles that you have today.  All of My Scripture is God-breathed and is for doctrine, reproof, and for correction, for instruction, so that the man of God can be fully furnished unto all good works (2 Timothy 3:16-17).


Yes, My child, you have done well by being obedient and waking up, even when you were fighting it.  Yes, you were oh so tired, but I tell you the truth, there is coming a day when sleep will be a time of the past.  You will have to stay awake in order to stay alive.  Oh, don’t be afraid, My dear children, for I will always be there right beside you, protecting you, and caring for you, but you will have to be on guard, for there will be those who will be out searching and looking for you to hurt you, and even to try to kill you in that day, not far ahead. Don’t worry or fret, for I have you in the palms of My hands, for I love you with the love of the Lord, as what you have sung many times in your past.


I AM faithful, and I expect you as well to be faithful.  I AM trustworthy, as I expect you to be trustworthy too.  Do you see what and where I’m leading with this?  Do as I do and do as I say.  Imitate Me and My Father up in Heaven, and you will do good, very good.  Fear and doubt are not of US, so leave them alone, and trust and obey US in ALL that you do and say, My son and daughter of My Torah.  If everyone would follow this OUTLINE that I have spoken here this very night, you will do very well.  My son, you know very well about OUTLINES and things of this sort, so you understand ALL so well.  Take heed to all that I have said this night, and you will see great and mighty things to come, says GOD.
Monday @ 3:26 am.


I was dreaming, and we were in two huge semis, and we, Chris and I, were driving. I was in the front semi and he was behind me in another semi.  At first, we were going at normal speed, and it was just straight roads, but out of the blue, the roads started to change to some twisting, deep inclines and sharp curves. The trucks were going super fast, and I put my foot to the brake to slow down.  I couldn’t keep control anymore, so we both pulled over to the side of the road where there were tall mountains on both sides of us.  As we went to get out of the trucks, the doors were clear as glass, and they came right off of the hinges on both sides. The weird thing was that when we got out of the trucks, the trucks changed, so that there was only now a white minivan.  We didn’t understand this, but we knew we had to get away from the highway.  We just sat the doors against the mountain next to the vehicle. They seemed to be huge like the semis we were driving before stopping.   When we came back from someplace up the mountain, we lifted the doors up and they attached quite easily, and weren’t even heavy like before, very weird.  Wasn’t hard to do, but what was the significance of it, I’m not sure.


In my dream, we had to climb up to the hill and when we got there, there was a whole lot of college-aged kids.  We had to then climb back down a bunch of steps, and then at the bottom, there was a big living area space.  But to get there, we had to jump down because there were no more steps to walk down.  I said, “This is not going to be good,” and these young college-aged guys just had these looks come over their faces like I had just given them the best comedy show of a lifetime, lol.  We walked around this room with the young people all around us, and to the right was a huge kitchen, but we didn’t go in there.  I don’t know why because God keeps trying to WOO after me to wake up, but I’m wanting to find out what’s happening and why these young people are all hiding out from their party, if they even are.
I finally get up because God tells me to “ARISE FROM MY SLUMBER,” if I want to see the things of His Kingdom, so I wake up reluctantly because He reminded me how he raised a man from his sleep, so we could once again talk with him.


God says, “if you want to get to see these things happen that you pray about, you must stay close and faithful to Me in ALL areas of your lives.  You must not slack concerning all My benefits of Your God Almighty.  You must walk steadfastly and wholeheartedly towards Me, and seek Me, Your Truth, every day, not just when we feel like it, or when we are having a good day.


God says, “You need to do this when you feel good and when you do not feel good.  You need to be consistent in and out of season.  Trusting and Obeying Me doesn’t mean if you feel good, do it.  It means do the trusting and obeying when you feel good, so when you don’t feel good, you are still able to trust Me because you are being faithful stewards and children to Me, your Heavenly Father in Heaven, who loves you so very much.  You are in training, ALL of you, my children/my creation.


“You must be like a soldier in My Army.  Up early and to bed early, so that you can arise and start ALL over again.  Be alert at ALL times because you don’t know what kind of attacks may come your way.  This is what you need to get prepared.  You need to be able to withstand all of the fiery darts of the enemy that will come your way.
“That shield in the sky was NO ACCIDENT. That is My sign to you, to be always on guard and on the lookout.  Make sure you don’t leave it behind, for you will need to be protected from this enemy called satan. He is out to destroy all that he can before his time is up.


“Your husband in your dream that day was not him, but someone who forgot to put on his shield that day, and because of that, the things you saw in the sky that day that you called lasers or flickering lights were really his evil forces, you would call his imps/demons, attacking him.  So he fell to the ground dead because he was not sufficiently prepared enough to withstand the forces that came against him.


I know there was more, but for now, it is enough, but the meteor that you said you also saw was a huge, bumpy rock with lots of roughness to it.  Also it has a function as well, but not now.  Everything has a purpose and a meaning, just remember that.


Just pay heed to my sayings and My wooings, and know that you are in training for days like in the hospital last Sunday when you were called out of your comfy little trailer, where you just wanted to kick back and eat your dinner, says God. 6:03 am.


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