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I’m in this dream, and it seems I’m there helping this young woman get prepared for her wedding day that is soon approaching.  But there’s this problem: this family has two other daughters that are quite different, to say the least.  I am supposed to be bunking with the younger one, and she is quite the selfish spoiled type that doesn’t want anything touched of hers or out of place.  She is very touchy and loses her temper quite easily without the sign of any notice.  She seems to have some issues that are mere nonsense and not called for, but I put up with her, only because of her sister the bride that I’m helping, but is not always around.

While this young girl is away, I am told to not go into her room, and if I do, I’m not going to be allowed back in when she returns because of not obeying her wishes/orders.  When her older sister returns, she tells me not to worry, but it does hurt my feelings a bit.   Then this young woman takes me to this store to try on some dresses, and she is walking around in her undergarments trying on dresses and she finds one that is fitting quite tightly, but she is liking it quite well. She is also aware that it is fitting a little snuggly, and it is not moving quite like she has wished for it to do, but is willing to get it and work on it for the BIG DAY!


Then this is where God comes in and says, “This is what I want for My Bride to be like.  I want My Bride to be preparing herself and counting the cost like this young woman was.  She knew that it was what she wanted the dress to look like, but at the same time, she also knew it wasn’t perfect and needed some tweaking or adjustments set to the dress to make it look like she had imagined it to look.  As it was at that moment, it was a little inappropriate to wear at this present time.   She was counting the cost ahead of time to make sure she would have the needed time to make the alterations in her life.   She was willing to pay the cost and take it home to do what needed to be done, so it would fit her at the appointed time that she and her fiance’ had decided upon.”


I had told her she looked beautiful and radiant as she danced around in it, even though it wasn’t my type of wedding dress/gown.  That wasn’t the important issue at hand.  What was important was that she was happy and felt like a Queen/Princess for this day that she’s been preparing for all of her life, and she wanted ME there with her to make and help her with the final touch ups that would bring her to this glorious day when she would no longer just be her daddy’s little princess, but the Queen /Bride to the man she fell in love with and would be giving her life to down at the altar one day very soon.


“Just as it is with US, My church and My Bride.  You too as well will have a BIG DAY event happening that is around the corner.  You too need to be making alteration plans for your garment that you’ll be wearing at this special gathering of ME as your GROOM.  Are you taking this event seriously or are you just taking it as just as Oh another day in your busy life there down on the earth I created for you to live on?  Oh My Bride, open your eyes and see how beautiful you are to Me and My Father which are in Heaven this glorious day of this HIGH SABBATH.  It is like none other, for it is HOLY as I AM and your Father which art in Heaven is this very day is.


You have just kept one of our anointed appointed/commanded FEASTS, and it is like none other for we have used this time in history as a teaching learning time for you.  We have done so many great things on this day for reasons you may or may not know, but will surely come to know very soon.  The FEASTS that are coming up are also very important FEASTS for you also to keep and also to count up too.  They are ALL special and have a purpose to them, and this is why we put and gave them to you, My Church, My People, My Bride.  They are not a waste of time, for they each are very important and have great value as the Pearl of Great Price did in My WORD.  Nothing is by accident or coincidence.  Everything has a reason behind it, My creation/children.


  • Why haven’t you figured this out yet? Why is it taking you all this time to see that ALL of MY parables are for a reason to get you all to do some thinking?
  • Why don’t you think and see that if I repeated myself time and time again, that it was necessary for you to put two and two together and make four, and know that it might be important to remember and take note of it.

I just don’t get why you all say you love Me, but just don’t want to think/study My Words to figure out what I might be trying to get across to you?  Not even My own disciples could always get what I was saying.  Oh generation of vipers and snakes,  a generation of wickedness and shame.  How long will it take for you to listen to Me before you get left behind and burn, and find yourselves in the lake of fire and brimstone?


I tell you the truth this day, it was never ever meant for you, but only for Satan and his angels that betrayed ME, but when Adam and Eve sinned against US in the garden that day, the world took on sin like it had never ever seen since.


Yes, I fulfilled the promise to Abraham that I would take the punishment for him if any one of his descendants would break the covenant that day, but sin is still able to ponce at your door, but now you have ME as your Advocate, your Mediator, who stands before the Father making intercession for you when you find that you have broken one of Mine/OUR Commandments in My Holy Book called your Bible.


The Laws that WE gave to Mosheh/Moses on top of Mount Sinai are still as valid today as they were back when WE gave them to him.  I don’t know why you, My Church/My People/My Bride, would think any differently.  I have spoken in My very Word, that writes about ME that not anything has changed or been annulled or destroyed, but what has been fulfilled was to make clear the understanding of what the religious leaders have destroyed by adding other bondages upon you in My Words.  They were never meant to be added to hold you back and put burdens upon you, like you had when you were slaves like in Egypt where I had brought you from.


But WOE unto them who still do this even today.   My Words, My Commandments, are not meant to harm you or cause you to be burden down, but they are to help you and to keep you in perfect peace.  They are to lead you and to guide you in ALL understanding, and to point you to the Truth, which is ME.  They were never supposed to save you but to help keep you clean and healthy, and to show you how to live a Holy, Righteous life without sin always knocking on your heart’s door.  My LAWS are GOOD and PURE and HOLY, and if you walk in them, you too will be as WE are, My dearly beloved ones of MY TORAH/SCRIPTURES.


I tell you the truth, until Heaven and Earth both disappear, they are there to help you, not to harm you or cause enmity between one and another, for thus saith God Almighty this very day.  Come and dine with Me, My children, My Bride.  Dance before Me and sing unto Me melodies before My very throne.  Come into My house of Prayer this Sabbath morning and give your Alms to Me, as well as your hearts.  Bow down and worship your King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and give honor where honor is due, My People, My Creation.  For out of My Holy Hill, I speak this out of My mouth. I proclaim this to all of your generations to come.


My time is very short and even shorter. Will you take heed or will you be left behind?  Yes, that is a book series that tries to tell of My Second Coming, but Oh will they be disappointed, for I have told you over and over in My Word how it will be, and if you would just hearken to My servants, I have set before you, you would know this.  Take warning, for many will be left behind because they have not listened and not understood what My Words have said.


For context is everything.  Those who have misapplied and misquoted My teachers of My Laws will be in danger of hell fire.  For ALL SCRIPTURE is inspired from OLD to NEW.


Take heed lest someone lead you astray for false teachings from My WORDS. Pray and seek My Holy Spirit that you may not be led astray.  For there are many false spirits out there who are lying to you this day.  Test the spirits to see if they be of ME.  For if they are of ME, they will testify of ME and My Words.  They will tell you to follow My TORAH, as well as ALL of My Words, from beginning to the end.  They will not delete what they don’t like and add what they do like.  These are WOLVES in SHEEPS’ clothing, masking themselves to be wise, but all the time trying to get My Sheep to do things that feed their bellies.  DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR LIES AND SCHEMES.


For if they are to do or to go someplace for My Kingdom, I shall provide for them.  They will not have to keep begging My Sheep /lambs for money.  BEWARE of them, for they say that they have a call on their lives to go here and to go there.  This is all their doings.  I have called each person to do a particular call, and that is My commission to all of you, My children. Will you each step out in faith and do it this day before it is too late?  “STOP RUNNING!” STOP RUNNING after your own tails and do something for others, instead of always trying to please self and make self-feel better.  Self is Selfish and only tries to better Self. STOP RUNNING away to feel better about yourself, and stay and draw close to ME first, and I will take care of your marriages and your families.  Get on Board. Satan wants for you to be ALL messed up and falling apart.  If he can keep you where you are, he’ll always be happy.  But Stop, and don’t listen to him any longer.  For he is death, and death cannot live with ME your GOD.  Death dies and goes to the grave where there is fire and brimstone.  But if you have lived for ME and MY Father up in Heaven, there is ETERNAL LIFE abundantly for ALL of ETERNITY.


You get to choose for yourselves.  Choose life today, and as the young bride was choosing her wedding gown/dress, you too need to count the cost of how much oil you’ll need to be prepared for My soon arrival.  Trust Me, your God, you don’t want to be the ones standing on the outside of the ARK when the door finally shuts, as in the days of NOAH and the great FLOOD, that encamped all around them.  Oh, what a horrific time that was.  No one could reopen the door, and they all were caught unprepared, for they didn’t take seriously the warning signals that NOAH or his family tried to give.  They all perished, just like you all will do, if you just read this and do nothing with it.  For in that day, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth that no man can tame or put out.  Oh, what a terrible day this will be for those who take NO WARNING call, GOD .  7:46am.


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