Thursday, April 5, 2018 @ 9:14 am.


After dreaming several different dreams about family I began to wonder when I would see or talk with them all again.  Some had already passed on, but others were just in different places.  One dream I was in my home doing what I used to do for a living and that was D.E.S Child Care.  This one mother had brought her child back to me to take a picture, lol I felt so humbled that she had thought about me over all of these years.  Thing is the child hadn’t grown but I had.  We sat down to talk and out of the blue, I had other mothers coming in and dropping off their children for me to watch.  Then as my children got home to help me like usual, a lady that was in charge of the Food Program came for a Recertification.  It had been years since I’ve been doing my Licensed Childcare and it was as if I had never stopped.  I asked her questions about the different foods that were allowed and offered.  When she told me this I started to get excited about working again but after waking up, I knew that this wasn’t a possibility here where I am living now.

I then started to remember another dream.  Both of my parents were living in Mexico someplace, and what was interesting is,  my dad had told me never to go there.  I went to call using my cell phone and remembered that I didn’t have that plan on my phone, so I hurried and ended the call.  I wondered if I would ever here from them again.  Then that dream ended and then I was in a Hotel and Abby was getting ready for a school prom or something.  She told me she knew that it wasn’t the normal dress attire, for the season we were in but it would be in about five months.  But I chose to keep quiet  because I didn’t feel like it was worth the battle. She already knew, so why make a fuss.  Not sure why she mentioned five month for but it was a dream.   I didn’t question her because I was still thinking about my parents in Mexico.


Even before the first dream I mentioned I was making homemade pizza.  I had the dough already made but noticed there wasn’t enough of it two make two of them.  As I started to work with the dough and stretch it out it started to multiply and I then made the second one and had plenty for both.  I thought to myself how awesome it was and when I awoke, it reminded me of how Jesus with His disciples at several occasions had several miracles in which there was increase to feed the multitudes.


I thought at first that my dreams were absolutely silly and nonsense but I enquired of the Lord and He reminded me that it doesn’t matter how far away our families travel from one another that we always have DIRECT ACCESS to the Father up in Heaven and that is what counts most of all.  I share this with you because even though we feel that at times we are all alone, were really never are alone.  GOD our Father is alway right there next to us seeking out a relationship to us with an open hand calling and wooing after us.   Jesus longs for us to grab a hold of Him.  It’s important that we keep the line of communication open so the line doesn’t get tied up with knots like the phones we used to have on our tables or hanging on the walls 🙂


God loves us friends so very much.  Jesus is the best gift that we could ever ask for.  If we trust God and rely on His will, He will alway comfort us and bring about His peace to each of our lives.  If you do not know about this relationship I’m talking about here this night/day then just close your eyes and repeat these few simple sentences:


Father God in Jesus name, I know I’ve made a wreck of my life.  I’ve tried to do life on my own terms and it led to nothing but ruin.  Lord I humble myself to you as I’m reading this here post and I Repent of doing life my way. Dear Jesus I no longer want you to be in the passenger seat.  Please forgive me Lord of all of my sins and wrong doings.  Take full control and charge of the drivers wheel and please take me on this journey of a lifetime that my friend here has been talking about.  I release all of the baggage I have picked up over the years and I leave it all at the foot of your cross, Jesus.

I release all of it Lord,  those sins , I know and those I don’t know.  I admit that I am a sinner and in need of you.  Wash me clean by your blood that you shed for me on the cross so long ago.  Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God and that you did arise from the dead and because you arose and ascended into Heaven, we have that promise that at your Second coming, we who have been faithful and have continue the race to the finish line will  rise also to meet you in the clouds of glory.  I believe and accept you as my Lord, Savior and Master in Jesus name I pray amen.


After you have done and said all of that, please find a Whole Bible believing church and get yourself fully immersed, baptized in water if possible .  Then I recommend that you seek and ask God the Father to fill you also with His Holy Spirit and with Fire as He did that day in Act 2:38 where they spoke in new tongues as the spirit gave them utterance,  just as they did in the Upper Room that day on Pentecost.  I’m so blessed that you have started this new journey, race with Jesus.  God is faithful to keep all of His promises to a thousand generations. Shalom/Peace my friends of God’s Torah/Scriptures.


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