a-daughter-of-the-kingMonday, December 25, 2017, 6:30 am.

I had just stepped into the shower, and God impressed upon my heart to sing my usual song. Remind you, I hadn’t sung it for some time.  Avinu Malkeinu, “My father and My King.”  Then He said,

My daughter, stop your feeling guilty of what you are doing.  I have called you and your husband to this walk together.  There is nothing wrong in what you’re doing, but everything right in My sight this very day, My daughter of the Most High Holy God.  What you knew from the past was pushed on you because of what everyone else believed, not from what you knew or believed.

From the very beginning, My daughter of My Torah,  I found you and called and formed you in your mother’s womb, for such a time as this.  There isn’t any accident that you’re here letting and sharing God’s Holy Truth to the tribes and nations of the world.  Do not be afraid of what family or outsiders think of you this day.  Let it all run down the back of your neck and run off.  If it was meant for them to know, as I have shown you, I would have made it so.  But it’s not for everyone to know the intricate secrets of My very Words.  They are only meant for those that are truly hungry for Me and My Word, which I tell you again are one in the same.

At first, My child/daughter, you didn’t understand all that it entangled, but now you are becoming much more aware of who I am to you and who you are to Me, your Heavenly Father.  I put you in the places that I have for such a time as this to fulfill the prophecies I am about to bring to pass.  Nothing, my child, is a coincidence in My Kingdom.  The reason why when at first you became aware of the lies you had been told you didn’t understand more is because the Holy Spirit hadn’t yet come upon you and wasn’t in you as it is now, My daughter of My Torah.

When you became my child, I was molding you and preparing you for this very day.  You were meant to be exactly every place you were.  None of your puzzle is by accident.  Your Father retiring and going to Florida and changing churches was My plan and desire for you, My daughter Karen.  Even your name is important to Me and to your God in Heaven.  My Father and I have such great plans for you and your husband, but it all takes a walk of faith that most are not able to walk because it takes a picking up of one’s cross daily and making a decision for US.

It means denying one’s own self and likes to take on what means everything to US, your Heavenly Father in Heaven.  Yes, your name does mean “pure, holy one,” but even much more.  Your name also means, “light.”  That day upon your bed, you poured out your everything to Me, and that is when I was able to come and to reveal Myself to you and to restore all that was stolen 100%.  That is what I long to hear from all of My children.  I desire to know each of them like I did for you that one snowy day back in Oklahoma, while you were laying upon your bed feeling lost and without hope.

You seeking Me was not by chance, but was on purpose, child.  Like I said, I have been with you and watching you from before your birth.  Your mother was the vessel I used to bring you here to Me this very day.  The enemy tried everything to kill you, but I AM God, and he was not able to do it.  Just as he wasn’t able to take Job’s life either.  You are special to Me and I do want for US to be One in all things.  I desire to have a relationship like we had in the past where you and I would chat nightly.  I wish for US to get to know each other better and meet in the secret places once again.  You have so much to learn, and I want to be the one to teach you what the Father would have you know for such a time as this.

Don’t let what you had done in your past get in your way.  I told you before, it wasn’t your fault.  You didn’t understand what they were telling you and trying to teach you.  It was all mumble jumbo to you.  Yes, you knew and understood that it wasn’t My birthday, and that it was a pagan holiday,  but you were like all the rest of My so-called church today where they think “the end justifies the means.”  You know that it doesn’t because I have revealed it to you and your husband and a select others.

They have blinders over their eyes because they refuse to listen, and ask of Me and My Father to give them Our Holy Spirit to enlighten them and bring truth to them.  They are all comfortable seeking their own truths and doing what pleases and pads their own pocketbooks to care or to bother with what matters to Our Hearts.  They say they do, but if they did, they would quit their pagan practices and truly seek after Righteousness and Holiness, and follow and obey All of OUR Commandments in the manual, We gave to you all to obey and to read.  Holiness, is what We long for, Holiness is what We seek, Holiness is what We want from ALL of OUR Creation/Children who say they believe in US.

They are lost and without HOPE, without the Holy Spirit.  They need to seek and receive My Holy Spirit that I came to die, so that I could give and send back to each and everyone of you, My so-called children of the Most Holy God, who reigns supreme in Heaven above.  You are not lost to Me, if you will REPENT and seek after Me with all of your hearts.  Let US Guide you into a beautiful Kingdom where you’ll never grow old or weary.  Time is coming to a close/end.  Will you heed this call or will you continue to do things your own way?  The choice, My child/children, is all up to you.  God.


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