Sunday, November 5, 2017, 1:12 am.

Do you care that I want you to search after Me, and follow Me, where I choose for you to go?  What is it that you want Me to say to you, My son and My daughter of My Torah?  REACH for the sky and tell Me your God, what it is that you would have Me do for you in this season of your life?  REACH for the sky, I tell you, for this is the promise that I have made to Abraham your father so very long ago, when I called him out of his country with his father Terah (Jethro).  Come make melodies unto Me, clap ye your hands and be glad for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.  I’m calling you out for such a time as this to spread My gospel to ALL of mankind.  Not to tell them anything new, but the same O same O, that I’ve told you before in times past.

I need for you and your husband to get ready for I’m preparing you to move on and go to places, where I will send you.  It is My plans and desires for you to teach all peoples what I’ve been telling you all along.  Nothing different but quite the same.  My message doesn’t change and neither do I, says God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  What it is I can not tell you as of yet, because I need for you to be obedient and follow Me in the way that I lead you day by day.  Don’t fret or be weary for this, says God Almighty, trust Me, for I know what is best for you, My children of the Most High God, of My son, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Why is it that you are concerned about your DNA?  Do you not know that you are My son, and that I have called you to be My child?  Trust Me to know that I have you in the palms of My hands and I can and will lead you on this journey by the outstretched arms of My Wings, saith the Lord God Almighty, your El Shaddai, the God of more than enough, says God.  Trust your Adonai to take care of you, for I careth for you.  Like I care for the sparrows and the birds that fly in the sky, so shall I provide and care for you and your wife and family.  Just trust Me your God of plenty.  Your God is more than enough.  Yes, that is who I Am, don’t be afraid or be concerned about this or that.  Know that this is My will that you love Me and My Father which art in Heaven.  We have not changed and I tell you the truth we shall never ever do so.  People change and seasons change, but My Words nor I will ever change, says the Lord God of Israel.  My Words and Commandments stand firm forever.  They are My foundation that I established everything on.  My Covenant is My Word, and My Words, My Covenant.  Trust Me! Know Me! Tell everyone you meet about Me and My goodness/greatness.

I love My children,  My peoples,  from ALL NATIONS of the world.  Let them know about Me!  And that I am coming back for them.  So Trust ME , and that I Am coming back for them.  So trust ME, prepare yourselves for My returning, for it is very, very soon.  Stop and count the cost today, and ask yourself the important question?  Do you love your Father more than yourself?  More than your things and gadgets?  More than your family and friends?  More than anything that you hold precious to your side?  More than the time you spend on pleasure?  How can you say you love your God, if you aren’t willing to give up everything to follow after Me and My Kingdom?  You say that it isn’t for everybody, but that is where you are wrong.  I told and called everyone to leave family, homes and jobs to go out and make disciples of all nations of the world.  Not only a few but all.  I tell you the truth, My children, if you truly love Me, then you will obey Me in Word and in deed, and stop making excuses for why it is that you can’t do this or why you can’t go there.  It is a choice you’re going to have to make, My children of My TORAH.  You can’t do what you want and still stay in the boat.  You have to decide which side of the fence you want to be on.

The easy road or the not-so-easy road?  I have given all My creation the choice to decide.  I trust you; choose the side which leads to bringing more into My Father’s Kingdom.  I know that most of you are not prepared for this, but I say unto you, trust Me and I will open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out abundant blessings that you will not be able to contain, if you only believe that I Am big enough to explore this theology with you.  I’m not a small God, but I Am totally the opposite.  I live outside of your time and nothing you can ask Me is too difficult for Me to bring or fulfill in your daily life.

Hold tight to My Tzitzit [fringes], and I will bring healing to your bodies, if you can just believe enough to receive.  Your God has spoken and He will bring it to pass, only believe and don’t doubt or worry, for thus says God, I can not allow these into My Presence or into My Kingdom, for I AM a Holy Righteous God, and I desire for you to be also.  Just follow and seek Me, and ALL things will work out just as I have said, My children.  Let it be so, amen  November 5, 2017 @2:04am, Sunday.


Come Before Me and Let Me Wrap My Arms Around You

November 5, 2017 @6:57am, Sunday morning

I was again awakened to these Words from the Lord Himself.  Come before Me and let Me wrap My arms around you, for I Am a Jealous God.  Dance before Me, jump and sing praises unto Me, the Lord, your O Most Holy God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  There is a reason you wrote down Jethro, for out of his flocks run streams of living waters that will make your hearts delight in Me, says God Almighty, your King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Your Righteous Father loves you so very much.  I need for you to run to this water stream and delight to know Me, and flow in the streams that I shall show you, My child this very day.  There are things and peoples there that are hungry for Me and My Father who have been praying for someone to come and show them the way to My Kingdom.  All who are thirsty shall make their delight in My Laws, My Teachings, and will be satisfied.  Know that I Am this God who loves you more than life itself and am willing to provide for all of your needs, and yes I can take care of your wants as well, if you choose to follow and obey ALL of My Teachings and Sayings to the T/Letter.  There is nothing absolutely nothing I won’t and cannot do, if you follow and choose to run after Me says, God Almighty.

My lambs and My flocks will never go hungry and neither shall you, My children, who are following and seeking after My Torah.  Yes, you have so much to learn and so much to do, who doesn’t?  Everyone who chooses to follow and walk after Torah and Us have much to learn, so allow Us to teach you and guide your very steps.  For We love you and We care about ALL of OUR Creation/Children, who seek after Us and want to know more of Us.  All My people are the Apple of My eye, so don’t fret or worry, for I hold the whole universe in the palms of My hands.  I know you are afraid and I know you are confused, but rest assured that this is not too hard or difficult, if you put your faith and trust in your Adonai, for I choose you this day to bring a hope to My peoples, for great is the Lord and greatly to be praised and adored.  November 5, 2017 @7:26, 61 degrees outside 🙂


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