“Why Won’t My People Love Me or Trust Me?” asks God

The following is a message that God spoke to Me through His Spirit:

Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015

I so want My people to trust Me; I so want My people to love Me, says God.  Why don’t they love Me?  Why don’t they trust Me?  Why won’t they be obedient to Me? says God.  I have given them My very heart, mind, and soul.  I have given to them everything that I AM.  Come, My people, trust Me and obey Me and keep what is important and treasurable in My eyes, My sight.  Call upon Me, and you will find Me.  I love you, My child.  Nothing is too hard or difficult for your Father to do.  I desire to give unto you the good things of My Father.

I have not come to do away with My Torah, but I have come to reaffirm what God has already set into place.  People have tried to destroy it and put it out from among them.  Why?  It is for their good and benefit.  Why do such a people hate what I have made for good?  Why do they try to take what I meant for blessing and put it to death?  It doesn’t make any sense, My people.  You are being deceived and lied to by the devil himself.  Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy, My people/children.  His only role in this is to cheat you out of what He has and will never see due to him trying to overrule My kingdom.

He knows he will never have a part in My elaborate kingdom that was made for you to rule and reign with Me in eternity, so his desire is to take you and everyone with him.  Yes, My children, he is selfish and he really doesn’t care anything about you other than trying to take you away from Me, says God Almighty.  He is out to tear you away from Me.  He hates Me that much, and because you love Me, he hates you too.  Don’t be deceived, My beloved sons and daughters of the Most High God, be on the lookout, watch, be strong and diligent, because the enemy is here.  Don’t be fooled.  He is a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing searching out this land to take all of you, if possible, with him to the place My Father and I have made for him to dwell in forever and ever, in the burning lake of fire and brimstone for eternity.

Yes, My children, this is real, and it is very close at hand.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.  I AM God; I change not.  If My Word says it, it will happen.  If My Word says it, I will perform it.  I don’t understand people.  I have given My people such intelligence, and they act so dumb and stupid.  This is harsh because I am angry at all of you who do not seek My Torah and commandments.  Why do you throw Me away like the trash in your homes?  Aren’t I more valuable to you than trash?  I have said, I am going away to My Father to prepare a place for you, and that where I go you cannot come, but I will come back for My Bride, says God Almighty.  I am preparing a place for you, My beloved children of the Most High God.

I and My Father are One, and we love you more than precious gold and silver.  Come to Me, My children, so that where I am, you, My children, can also be.  Yes, I did leave you, My children, because that was for your best, and a Father only does what is BEST for His children.  My Word, which I was in from the beginning of time, says that a Father only gives His children good gifts.  Why would I give you a stone if I say I love you, but in turn, you throw stones at Me and My Word all the time.  You say with your mouth and profess that you love Me and that you care, but you just carry Me around like a rabbit’s foot, hoping and wishing that I really meant that I will return someday, if you are all lucky enough to have faith.  Really? says God.  I am no rabbit’s foot; I am no lucky charm.

Get your hearts straight and in tune with Me, says God Almighty, because before you know it, you will be standing before Me, says God, in judgment of all that you have thought you did to make Me happy, and guess what?  I am going to say, “I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FROM ME,” says God Almighty, “NEXT.”  I mean what I say. Don’t take My words lightly, don’t abuse My Torah.  It was and is very good to those who seek Me and there will find Me.  Knock and I will answer, like I have said before, My son, My daughter.  I am not far from you.  I am as close as you want me to be, says God Almighty.  Trust Me with all of yourself, and I will do exceedingly above all that you can dream or think.

You have been chosen for such a time as this.  You are valuable to Me.  I have chosen you, you have not chosen Me, My people/children.  Just like Noah on the boat with his family, when they listened and obeyed and did all that I called them to do and obey.  I, the Lord God, shut the door, and they were saved, Noah and his whole family.  Just as Noah obeyed and trusted Me with his life and family, you also need to trust Me and obey Me, so that you can also be saved from this world I have put you into.  If what I had spoken to the prophets of old, why would what I speak to you this day be any different or have changed?  My Word then and now, My people, has not changed, you have.

My Word says, I AM the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  What don’t you get?  Are you stupid?  Don’t you know you rip a piece of My heart out every time I hear that come from the pulpits of My so-called cathedrals?  I say, I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth pass away, not one yodh or one tittle shall pass away from My law, says God.  I tell you the truth, be very careful not to lead one of My children astray.  I am the Good Shepherd, and I love you all, My sheep/lambs.  I don’t desire that any harm or danger come to any one of them.  This is My heart.  This is My relationship.  I am looking forward to be with My people, says God. (6:06am)


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