“The Secret to Soaring like the Eagle”

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015

I don’t want for you to hover over My people Israel like they don’t know what to do, but I want for you to trust Me, says God Almighty.  Lean on Me and just like the eagles that soar way up in the sky, that is where I want for you to put your trust in Me, says the Lord.  I wish that all of My children would trust Me and be obedient as you are, but they are not.  They don’t appreciate Me, and they most definitely don’t trust Me or obey Me.  Even after all I’ve done for them, they still won’t believe Me, says the Lord.  I have put within you this day, life and death, so choose life for it is your best choice, says God Almighty.

I want for you to be in good health and to prosper, but there is just one problem with that.  When My children prosper, they seem to withdraw their need of trusting Me and relying on what I want for them to receive.  Why is that My children/people?  Why can’t you trust Me and still allow Me to be first in your life with all the blessings that I love to pour onto you and your families?  Why can’t you, My children, be blessed without turning your attention from Me?  I say this not once, but several times: Trust Me, obey Me.  For how much more would an earthly father, if you ask him, for a good gift turn around and would give you a stone.  Not so, and so much not so with Me, your Heavenly Father.  I wish above all things that you, My people, would trust Me always, says God, because I have so much that I want to bless you with, but I am not sure I can trust you with it.

You need to not listen to what you think what I want, but to know what I want for you, says God, because they are not the same, My children/people.  Anoint your heads with oil and let Me or allow Me to come and rest My anointing upon you, so that I may be able to be among you and dwell in My Holy Temple and take up residence and live within you because I have to live amongst Holy people.  Take up your cross and follow Me, and I will make you My disciples, My apostles, My emissaries to go about My people, My lands, My tongues to proclaim that I have come, and that I have resurrected for such a time as this.  I was so with My daughter Esther, and I will also be with you, Karen.

Trust Me, both of you, because people will try to pull you from Me and try to tear your character from you just as they were trying yesterday.  I tell you the truth, that if it happened to Me, the Son of Man, it will most definitely happen to you also.  Don’t let this trouble you, for I know your heart, and I know that you were obedient in everything that led up to the accident.  You heard My voice, child, and you were obedient, and it worked out for your good.

Don’t doubt yourself because that is not from Me, says God Almighty, but from the devil and his imps.  If My people would get to know Me like I so desire for them to, they would know the difference in our voices.  My voice always brings such peace, but the devil’s voice brings just the opposite.  It brings questions of doubt to your mind, which when I speak, it never brings questions, but it always brings comfort and reassurance that you are doing well.  Allow yourself always room for Me to dwell in and to abide with you because if I am not there, the devil will come in like a thief in sheep’s clothing and snatch everything which is of Me out.  He loves to pick at your heart and your mind and to put ideas of doubt and worry there instead.  No, that isn’t Me, says God.  That is the deceiver of the brethren, not Me, says God.

I am a good Abba, Father.  I only give good gifts to My children, which bring life everlasting and encouraging words that bring comfort to those that are in need and want.  I tell you the truth, My children, trust Me and obey Me, for there is coming a day and it is much closer than it was 2,000 years ago, that I will return unto My church, My Bride, and take you unto Myself, and love you like you’ve never been loved before.

For this to happen though, you must trust Me, you must love Me with your whole being.  You must not let anything or anybody detour you or make you doubt or fear.  For doubt and fear are not of Me, says God, but of the devil, the deceiver, and it is at enmity with Me and My Father God.  Don’t let this fallen angel, which tried to take over heaven and My creation of angels, take you over by his conniving antics and schemes.  He is very good at what he does because he has had over 6,000 years of practice.  Yes, I say practice does make perfect, but just be careful, says God, that you are practicing what is good, according to the Torah, not the other ways of man and the devil’s ways.

Choose the right road to travel, that would be the one less traveled on, the straight road which leads to life everlasting, which is full of blessings and curses.  I so desire for all of My children, Jew and Gentile, would live together in peace and harmony, but that isn’t and can’t happen quite yet.  Yes, it will happen before My great returning, but all of this has to happen to bring about My return in the clouds.  Just rest assured that I come only to those as a thief, who do not know Me or My voice.

I am no thief, for you will see My day approaching because you will see the signs of My words in My Torah, and they will be just as My Father proclaimed them to be from the time He spoke them out starting in Genesis all the way to Revelation.  So don’t be led astray by people who tell you I come as a thief in the night to snatch you away.  What kind of Abba, Father, would do that to His children?  Am I, and would I, change My character from a loving Father to a unloving Father?  I do not come to bring harm to you or to scare you, My children.  I say DO NOT FEAR, and DO NOT DOUBT ME, says God.  I would not cause harm or fear upon or amongst My true friends.

Which one of you would do harm or damage to one of your own children by putting fear and doubt into their hearts?  I tell you the truth, I would not and do not either.  This is a lie, another lie that Satan wants to deceive you with.  Don’t allow him an inch.  He’ll take from you everything you let him take, and then he’ll take more until he has you so consumed with all negativity and everything that is not of Me.  My children, this is a war, a battle.  Trust Me, and I will be by your side fighting along with you, and you will always rise above because I will NASA you; I will carry you and lift you high up into the sky soaring with the eagles.

Trust Me, serve Me, this day, says God Almighty.  I am the El Shaddai, the Prince of Peace, and the Bright and Morning Light.  Yes, My daughter, I am even the rainbow in the sky after a storm or light shower.  I leave you with My shalom peace.  Rest in Me, and you shall rest with Me and My Father one day very soon.  I have you in the palms of My hands and there is not anything too hard or too big for Me to take care of, says the LORD God Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  My Spirit I leave with you to help you and to carry you into your daily lives today and tomorrow and who was in your yesterday.  We are all three in one, we cannot be separated or removed from – You’re mind isn’t capable right now to understand, so just put your trust in Me and you will have what you need when you need it.  I love you, God.


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