Out of the Abundance of Love

The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015
11:11 pm

Hold fast to My teachings and My laws, says God, and I will bring you up out of the miry clay and set you up onto My holy mountain to stay.  I am and won’t hold anything back from My children; that is, of course, My good thing.  That which is not good for you, I will cast away from you, so that you won’t be hurt or harmed in any way.  I desire to be your Lord and Savior.  I desire to be everything that you have need of.  Cast everything at My feet, says God, and call out to Me, and I will answer you and keep you from all harm and danger.

I love you and desire to give to you all that is holy and righteous.  Good gifts is all that I delight in, and the best gift that I have given to My people who ask for it is My Holy Spirit.  My Holy Spirit is a Comforter.  It is the very Presence of peace in all situations.  My Holy Spirit brings to you joy and peace, patience and goodness, love and self-control, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness.  There is nothing of Me that you should be lacking in if you really choose to live for Me, says God.  I have given you My Manual to live by.  That is My Word, My Scriptures.

I love for us, My Bride, to become intimate with Me.  I desire for us to please one another in talk and communication.  How else are we to be close if you, My dearly beloved ones, don’t open the Scriptures that I have written down for you to ingest and to memorize, so that in the hard times, you will have Me always with you.  Yes, My Word you will not always have with you, just like My commandments they are already taking them away from among you.  Don’t think that they won’t take also your Bibles away too.  If they did it to the least of these My brethren, how so much more will they do and try to do to you, My children?  So I say unto you, if you truly are My children, says God, get My Torah and My commandments written down in your hearts to where dust and corrosion can’t destroy it from your hearts.

I need for you to not withhold anything good from among your friends and family because they need to get to know Me as you have gotten to know Me.  I am Faithful, and I am truth, says God Almighty.  What I say I don’t say lightly, but I tell you the truth, Come to Me and dine with Me, for I will not leave you thirsty or hungry.  I am your Shalom and your very peace that you need.  You won’t find peace in any other source but through Me.  I hold life and death, and I love you with a love that no one else can fill.  When My love grabs a hold of you, you will know it is I, for I get into that inner hole in your heart and I just fill it until it over floods and runs over to where you can’t keep it to yourself.  When I get you 100% you can’t keep Me to yourself.  You no longer can be selfish because you realize it isn’t about yourself anymore and that it is about God and about touching the kingdom of God and His people.

We are Kingdom people, so we should be living likewise as children of the King.  I want to bless you and to prosper you, not so that you can be selfish and boast and brag, but so you can help those that can’t help themselves.  My Word says that the poor will always be among you.  It didn’t say you would all be poor, because if you were all poor, how could you bless those that have a need?  Money isn’t bad, it is bad when you use it for unhealthy things.  Trust Me when I say, help those who need help and leave those alone that will not listen and harm themselves.  I don’t want My people to enable those, but to love them, because I love them and gave My life for them also.

Incline your ears and hearts to Me and know that I love you with all that I AM, says God.  Listen to Me, and you will stay close to My side, and you won’t stray or get lost.  There isn’t anything I enjoy more, My children, than to have a relationship with you.  It makes My heart pleased to see My family not arguing and fighting with one another.  My laws and ways/commandments are not burdensome or heavy.  They are easy to those who choose to obey them and want a close relationship with Me.

Don’t taste or play or pretend you will be all right by doing wrong and sinning for a time, and then come back running and the door will be opened for you.  Playing with danger is destructive and dangerous and you will get burnt, and you don’t ever just hurt yourself but the ones you say you love the most.  Don’t fornicate and commit adultery, it hurts Me.  I say again, keep your eyes and hearts steadfast on Me, says God, and don’t prostitute yourself around, for I HATE SIN, and sin will destroy you and all relationships.  Trust is so hard to rebuild.  Hear My Word and do them.  I love you, God.  Amen.  (11:53 pm)


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