The following is a message that God spoke to me through His Spirit:

Wed., Sept. 30, 2015   @ 4 am

Take My pen in your hand and write down what I’ll tell you to write.  Allow Me to say what is on My heart to you.  I delight to know you and to get acquainted with My people, it seems so long since we have been close.  Our relationship isn’t what it should be.  Why does My people lack knowledge and understanding?  I tell you the truth, you should be smart and cunning, but you’re not.  You act like little children who have lost a marble game.  Step up and take action, and desire the heavy matters of My words and teachings.

Don’t allow your own thoughts to get the best of you.  Climb to the top of the mountain and call after Me and search the valleys below to see if I am there.  What you will find is that I am in both places at the same time.  I want you to chase after Me, but not because you have lost Me, but because you desire Me with outstretched hands and a heart that yearns for the best fruits of My kingdom.  Rely on Me and trust Me.  I never will let you down, for I am the One that loves you and will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness, says God Almighty.  Be careful, be patient, be kind and understanding, for you will need all these things.

Don’t sleep and slumber for when you do, you might miss out on what your Father in heaven has in store for His children who stay up and watch.  Behold the times come that you will need to watch and be ready.  For a day is coming, says God, that I will pour out My judgment upon all flesh, and the time is not far away.  Be very cautious and be very afraid, for I do come to a people who aren’t looking for Me, and that is a scary thing.  My children know My voice and look for Me, says God.  But there are many who say they are mine, but I will say, “I never knew you.  Get out of My sight.”  They said one thing, but did another.

People of God, blow the trumpets in Zion.  Let out a blast to call out to My nations that I am coming soon, and to tell My people to prepare their hearts.  Don’t be silent, for the Day of the LORD comes with great jubilee.  My moons are for signs to My people.  Trust Me, obey Me, in all that you say and do.  Don’t forget My Torah, for it brings life to your bones and flesh.  Arise and shine for My day comes soon.  I am so looking forward to meeting with you face to face, like I did in the days of My apostles.  I long to feed My children the Bread of Life that never dies and give drink to My beloved children, so they will never thirst again.

Be watchful and stay alert because the enemy is out there trying to take advantage of you in every way to snatch you out of My hands.  Don’t fall into his traps and deceptions.  For lo, he comes as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  You stay strong, My children, and do not fall for him because greater is My love for you than all the lies that Satan can plunge up.  Keep following and serving Me, says the LORD, and I will continue to keep you in My sheltering arms of love and mercy.

Continue in Me and let My Word abide in you and you shall have what you need according to all that My Words say you will have.  Be careful, for I say unto you, stay close and be strong, for there is a time and day in which you will need to be very close to Me.  Our relationship does matter.  How is it that people get all wrapped up in life and forget the very most important things, My love for you?

Children, learn to hear My voice because you will need to quiet down the storms in your life.  I’m not far from you.  I am as close as you want Me to be.  Children, listen, pray, trust and have faith that can withstand the storms and tests of this life.  I say this to encourage you to not give up and keep those lamps burning.  Amen.  (4:36 am)


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