Wed., March 2, 2016
3:16 am

Cast all your cares upon Me, and I will take care of you, My daughter of the Torah.  I love you so very much.  I long for our talks with one another.  You are not wooing Me back.  You are falling back into your old ways.  I love you, My daughter, and I need for you to open up your heart to Me and allow for Me to bless you with a blessing that will surpass all that you have ever encountered before.  I know that you have been encountering some things that are not pleasant, but hold fast to Me and I will take care of you, but you need to keep your faith strong.

You are going to have to buckle down and keep trusting Me, and not fall apart when hard times arise.  You are going through trials to build you up and to see what you are made of.  Don’t falter and don’t sway, because greater am I that is in you than He that is in the world.  The devil comes but for to steal, kill and to destroy, but I come to bring and to give you life and life more abundantly, says God Almighty.  Don’t feel depressed and don’t get down on yourself, you are My child, and I love you so very much, and I will take care of you, says God. You are not ever alone.  I will and am always taking care of you for you are precious to Me, and I will never leave you alone.  How much more valuable you are to Me.  If I take care of the sparrows and cares whether one of them falls to the ground, how much more will I keep you in the palms of My hand?

Don’t worry about what people will say or do unto you.  Just know that you are important to Me, and I have big plans for you so get on board and let Me take you and your husband on a trip/ride of your lives.  I know you keep asking how, and I keep telling you to trust Me and leave it in My hands because I hold the whole world in My hands, says the Lord God of Israel.  Why do you not trust Me?  Why do you keep limiting Me?  I know you don’t understand the multitudes of what I am asking of you, but that’s okay.  In My timing, you will see what and how I will work this all out for you.  It doesn’t make sense to you right now, but keep believing Me, keep preparing and keep your eyes focused on Me, says the Lord God, and I will bring to pass all that I have told you before.

Know that you are wise and you are strong, and just remember that I need for you to pray and woo after Me like never before.  Times won’t be getting any better, My child.  You will need to stop procrastinating and start to proceed with what I have taught you to do.  Life isn’t getting any better but will just progress to getting worse.  Trust Me, get My Words down in your heart and do it fast.  I love you, My child, My children, of the Most High God.  I am not playing around.  I mean business and I need for you to mean business too.  I need for you to spread My Words like never before.  Behold, I come quickly, and many are out there that are lost to Me, and if not told of Me will never know what a Good, Good Father I am.

My heart longs for them like never before.  Don’t get Me wrong.  I have always loved My creation, but the time is almost here, and I know that their hearts are far from Me, and I want for them to hear about Me from you and your husband.  Tell Me that I can trust you to be obedient, My children.  You can do this.  I have total faith in you both.  Don’t doubt yourselves.  Believe that I am with you and that I will never leave you alone.  I come quickly, says the Lord, and many that say that they are mine will be turned away because of their misconceptions of Me and My Torah.  Keep following Me and keep following My Torah.  Keep My words and follow them because they are life and breath to those that do.

I have not come to demolish any one of My sayings in the Torah.  They are Me.  Why would I destroy Myself?  That is nonsense.  They have Me so confused.  They don’t have ears to hear or eyes to see because they are blinded by their own foolishness.  If they would only pray to Me and ask Me to give them wisdom to know what is right and true and lasting and to have good judgment and self-control, I would be so happy to give them the understanding so that none should perish but have everlasting life.  The problem is that they are too much into themselves and what they can gain from Me to see the error of their ways.  They are too much into this for what they can gain “the grab and go” message that they have become so blinded and cannot see where they have gone astray.  In the meantime, they are leading millions away from Me and My heart aches.  I have given each and every one free choice to decide what they want to believe, so this is out of My hands.

Pray hard, My children, that their eyes may be open to this false doctrine of man, so that they won’t miss out on the best of eternity with Me and My Father in heaven.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken their hearts and come to them quickly because the time is just about here.  I love you, stay faithful and obey like never before.  You did well in waking up and wooing after Me, says God.  I am always right with you.  Trust Me, even when you do not feel or sense My Presence in your life.  These are only tests to prove your love for Me.  Grow, My daughter, and stay faithful, and you will live to see marvelous things I have stored up for you in My plans for your life.  Silver and gold you might not have, but such as I have give I thee in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get up and walk.

Thank you, Father, for our visit this morning.  I’m sorry I broke My promise to you.  Please forgive me, Lord.  I repent and will do better in Your Son, Yeshua’s/Jesus’ name, Amen.  I love You, my Lord.  Your daughter of the Torah, Karen. (4:08 am)


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